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16-02-2006, 15:15
Hey all

Im thinking about starting a second army for warhammer (I have a large chaos army at the moment). Been toying around with the idea of fielding dwarves, and here is what ive come up with. My regular opponents play bretonians, vampire counts, empire, dark elves, ogre kingdoms, lizardmen, skaven and wood elves (pretty much everything). They always tend to be rather light on magic. Oh, and we always play 1500 pts.

Thane (144)
Great weapon, gromril armor (rune of stone and master rune of adamant), runic talisman (master rune of challenge).

Runesmith (149)
Great weapon, gromril armor (master rune of gromril) runic talisman (master rune of balance).

19 Dwarf Warriors (196)
Shield, full command

19 Longbeards (303)
Shield, full command, runic banner (rune of battle and stoicism)

10 Thunderers (140)

10 Thunderers (140)

2 Bolt Throwers (120)

12 Miners (187)
Full command, blasting charges

1 Organ Gun (120)

Dispel Pool: 5
Casting Pool: 2
Models in Army: 85
Total Army Cost: 1499

What do you think?

dwarf lord
16-02-2006, 18:09
I like your list alot 4 the mostpart. My only issues are the rune of challenge as from the list of opponets several heros will be able 2 kill the thane Id guess. I also prefer rangers to the miners but thats my personal opinion(both are solid). I would swap the rangers for the miners and use the extra points to add 2 thunderers to each unit letting you form them up 4x3 in cc as 2 hth units isnt alot in 1500 pts.

dwarf lord
16-02-2006, 18:13
Oh sorry, one more thing. Against most opponets I give my warriors great weapons instead of hw + shield. Against S 3 opponets the T 4 is usually enough 2 get you by. Ive ran the #s against almost every infantry unit in the game and the GW come out on top of the hw + sh over 80% of the time. I would keep the hw + sh on long beards though as they already have S4.

static grass
16-02-2006, 21:22
I would stick with the shield on the warriors. Sure they will never do any damage but your thane will.