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16-02-2006, 15:41
Alright so this is my warriors of Heoth army. I still have a few points left so sum suggestions on what to do with them would be nice. Anyway here we go:

Lords and Heroes

Eltharion the Swordmaster – 255pts

Lvl3 archmage - staff of solidity, seer – 270pts

Lvl2 mage – ring of fury, dispel scroll – 180pts

Lvl2 mage – ring of corin, jewel of the dusk – 180pts

Core 4+

6 Silverhelms w/ full command, full armor, banner of ellyrion – 188pts

20 Spearmen w/ full command – 250pts

20 Spearmen w/ full command – 250pts

6 Silver Helms w/ full command – 173pts

Special 0-5

12 Swordmasters w/ full command, war banner – 186pts

12 Swordmasters w/ full command – 186pts

12 Swordmasters w/ full command – 186pts

12 Swordmasters w/ full command – 186pts

Rare 0-3

Bolt Thrower 100pts

Bolt Thrower 100pts

Bolt Thrower 100pts

Bolt Thrower 100pts

Great Eagle 50pts

Great Eagle 50pts
Total: 2 990

Bingo the Fun Monkey
17-02-2006, 07:19
Before I'd critique this army I'd ask where you were placing your characters and also, as is the case with most elven armies, what purpose each unit serves. Right now I don't see why you are taking units of 16 swordmasters. A frontage of four will not grant enough attacks, despite the stupendous WS of your swordmasters. A frontage of 6 won't get you any real rank bonus either. Right now, from what I see, I'd make the swordmaster units smaller, I'd also drop the standard bearer. Use the swordmasters that you drop (i'd guess you'd drop 16 swordmasters) to beef up on your core. I'd increase the spearmen to 3 or 2 units with "detachments" of swordmasters as well as support (reavers, chariots, scouts/shadow warriors, small units of cavalry).

Additionally, i'd make the silver helm unit into two, drop the standards and have mobile kills to augment CR where you should forsee it's use (as any competent infantry general should know).

Not to be a critic, but you how far too few units for a 3k game. My orcs or billyjoebob's dark elves would outnumber your units and thus create the potential to outmaneuver you. If you use the small elite units wisely you should be conducting the flow of battle by where you apply your skilled pressure (namely the small units of SH, but also the placement of your elite infantry: the SM). Also 5 magic levels won't take you very far at 3k games. I'd drop the lvl 1 and captain for an archmage with seer, the blessed tome (ld9 for 6" is still great), and whatever magical doohickey you can equip him with (I'd use a lord level mage at 3k to MAKE the enemy waste points on dispell scrolls for early game and for massive augmentation of the lesser wizard's destructive power later on).

17-02-2006, 17:17
Thats an impressive number of swordmasters you have there. Eltharions a cool guy and with him allowing you multiple units of SMs the best way to get an MSU army with HE.

Nice to see list like this for a change. Bingo is about on par with his comments

I prefer units of 12 SM but 14 can work though they start to get hard to manouvre. They are just too tempting a target for enemy shooting otherwise. Deployed in 2 ranks of 6 they'll get a decent number of attacks ecspecially if joined by a character and a blademaster/champion dude.

Conversely I would go for two units of 20+ spears to give them more durability. Their job is presumably to lend static combat resolution to your swordmasters. Possibly even deployed in 5 ranks of 4, not something i'ld usually do with elves. Bear in mind his artillery though i wouldn't form up like that if you were facing dwarfs or empire with cannons.

I would reckon your better with 2 units of 6 Silver Helms. They would be more flexible cover a larger area of the board. I think that cav is too expensive to sit around in the second rank most of the time. In an infantry army it should be playing a supporting role.

In the character dept i would be tempted to give your commander armour of the Gods and a Halberd for a cheap effective and more durable swordmaster stand in at about 109pts. I would upgrade the level one to level 2 and drop the staff of solidity not my fravourite item and give him seer. That way your assured one of the mages will have usefull spells (Flames of Pheonix mmmmm i love the smell of ethereal flames in the morning). THe amount of magice you take is dependant on the atmosphere you play in. If you feel thats enough magic for you leave it at that.

That trimming would probably have saved you a little 300 pts to have fun with. Things to consider:
chariots a good addition to an infantry army
Shadow Warriors odd job men
Reavers they get around and annoy people thats always good fun
more of what you already have

17-02-2006, 19:39
alright i just edited it thinking about what you guys said. I went with the archmage and dropped the commander. Also what does MSU mean?

18-02-2006, 01:01
Also what does MSU mean?
Multiple Small Units, Many Small Units, Multiple Support Units, Many Support Units... the actual words vary, but the meaning behind them remains effectively the same.