View Full Version : World of Darkness: Rome. Artists needed

16-02-2006, 17:49
Hi guys

Ironduke, Myself and several others are putting together World of Darkness: Rome. And, like any good book, it needs pictures.

What we need is picures of Vampires to start with, as well as anything sinister or creepy looking you can produce in photoshop. things with people's heads missing, stuff like in the grudge (People with hands growing out of the back of their heads, that type of stuff). Basically, the sicker and the more disturbing, the better.

Anyone interested?

16-02-2006, 18:30
So tell us more about this project. What is it? What is the setting? background story? Anything?

16-02-2006, 19:40
yes, more info would be appreciated :)

i *might* be interested, though unsure atm

16-02-2006, 23:15
Are we to understand that only photoshop or other digital artwork will be acceptable?

17-02-2006, 05:27
is this for the new or old world of darkness?

17-02-2006, 10:56
new one, history and stuff is being constructed as we speak

21-02-2006, 02:03
damn... I don't play the new one.

haven't read anything at all....