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19-04-2010, 01:35
Hi all,


Supreme Sorceress -Mahendra
Pendant of Khaeleth ; Black Staff ; Dark Steed ; Lvl 4 360

Master -Malkuth
Lance ; RxB ; Dark Steed ; Armour of Darkness ; Add. Hand Weapon
Pearl of Infinite Bleakness 160

Death Hag (K)
B.S.B. - Standard of Hag Gref 160

Death Hag (K)
Cauldron of Blood 200

Assassin (K)
Manbane ; Rendering Stars 145


RxB Warriors (10) 1x10
w/ Musician 105

RxB Warriors (10) 2x5
w/ Musician 105

Harpys (5) {a} 55

Harpys (5) {b} 55

Dark Riders (5) {a}
w/ Shields ; RxB 115

Dark Riders (5) {b} Fast Cavalry
w/ RxB 110


Executioners (12) 2x6 (K)
w/ Full Command 174

Witch Elves (12) 2x6 (K) 120

Shades (7) Skirmish/Scouts (K)
w/ light amour ; great weapons 133

Cold One Knights (5) 135


Repeater Bolt Thrower 100
Repeater Bolt Thrower 100

Hydra 175
Total Points : 2507

PD 6 (7-9 w/P.o.D)
DD 6

Master & SS w/ DR {a}
Ass. w/ Shades
B.S.B. w/ Shades/Executioners


Mahendra is not keen to share a close proximity with the khainite faction in her battalion, rather finding contentment seeking battle with Malkuth and a small bodyguard, leaving the rest of the force to contend with the enemy as they see fit. The disciples of Khaine are often left under the watchful eye of her Knights, lest their fits of ecstasy compromise the rest of Mahendra's machinations...


So the main battle plan, terrain permitting, is to have the Supreme Sorc, Master and Shielded DR take the left flank as a lure , screened with some Harpies,

To their right, the Hydra and a RBT to cover.

Center block of Exe's, WE, CoB and COK. Right hand has the Rxb's, RBT and DR w/ RxB.

IF they hunt the characters, they turn their back on the Archers and have a Hydra heading their way.

If they ignore the characters and go for the small anvil, turn three could lead to nasty magics up the backside.

Shades, Assassin on Character kill/Warmachine crew hunts.

Armies i'll be facing -Dark Elves,Dwarves, High Elves (what is the deal with the full on ASF??) and DoC (what is up with them never breaking and crumbling anymore!!)

Comments, Criticisms and Questions are all welcome.