View Full Version : What models did the old starter sets come with?

19-04-2010, 05:31
Does anyone have a listing of what models came in the old Lord of the Rings starter sets?

19-04-2010, 09:38
Green/1st: Moria Goblins (24) vs Numenoreans (8) & High Elves (16)

Red/2nd: Uruk-Hai (20) vs Rohan (12 cavalry)

Blue/3rd: Orcs (24) vs Gondor (24)

All these models were later released as boxed sets.

Ambience 327
19-04-2010, 16:19
To further enhance the answer:

Fellowship of the Ring Box (1st/green):

8 Numenoreans w/ Swords & Shields
8 High Elves w/ Elven Blades
8 High Elves w/ Bows

8 Moria Goblins w/ Swords & Shields
8 Moria Goblins w/ Spears
8 Moria Goblins w/ Bows

The Two Towers (2nd/red):

4 Riders of Rohan w/ Hand Weapons & Shields
4 Riders of Rohan w/ Throwing Spears & Shields
4 Riders of Rohan w/ Bows & Shields

10 Uruk-Hai w/ Swords & Shields
10 Uruk-Hai w/ Pikes

The Return of the King (3rd/blue):

8 Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ Swords & Shields
8 Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ Spears & Shields
8 Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ Bows

8 Orcs w/ Hand Weapons & Shields
8 Orcs w/ Spears
4 Orcs w/ Bows
4 Orcs w/ Two-Handed Weapons

19-04-2010, 23:45
Thanks for the quick replies! So the moria goblins from the first set are the same ones in the mines of moria?

Also, what was the terrain that came with each?

Caiphas Cain
19-04-2010, 23:53
Yes, the goblins are the same. The terrain is a statue of an old bearded man, a fallen statue of the old bearded man, a ruines set, and a fallen pillar.

20-04-2010, 00:49
So this set I'm guessing?


20-04-2010, 04:13
I actually got the FOTR box set for Christmas it came with 24 moria goblins 16 elves 8 men of numenor 3 ruined building pieces 4 dice and a rule book. they sell them on amazon i got mine for 44 USD.

20-04-2010, 20:21
The first two box sets came with the ruined building terrain pieces. The third came with the statues and a one ring if I remember correctly.