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19-04-2010, 14:38
A quick question about some IG fluff, because I can't find the answer in the codex, which regiments are Harker and Marbo attached to?

I know Straken is the 2nd but are the other named characters left blank so they can be included where ever? or am I being blind and not seeing something in the dex? I'd like to know so that if I ran a Catachan II list and claimed it was keeping with what's written I can include the Harker and Marbo characters or whether I just go for a 'count as' option.

19-04-2010, 14:46
There might be something in Codex:Catachans, but there certainly isn't anything that detailed in either of there last two main Guard codexs for harker. Mambo is mentioned as being Catachan XII- middle of second paragraph on his page.

It doesn't matter though. Guardsmen are Guardsmen are Guardsmen. Which world they're from doesn't matter at all, let alone regiment.

I've never heard anyone complain about mixing two regiments from the same planet, or two different companies of the same marine chapter, or similar subdivisions of subdivisions of an army....

19-04-2010, 14:52
Thanks for the answer.