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Anvils Hammer
16-02-2006, 21:20
welcome to my fairly long term project- an imperial guard drop troop regiment.

the Temuchin 23rd "insert nickname here" drop troops.

I am aiming to make a 1500 point IG drop troop army, including lots of infantry, a few sentinals and air craft etc.

the regiment will be skulpted onto "blanks" made of cadian and catachan parts.

As for looks, image a combination of harakoni warhawks and steel legion, thats roughly what they will look like.

I will put a sketch up tomorow or somthing like that... Im going to do an intitial test skulpt tonight I hope.


drop troops
carapace armour
chem inhalers
special weapon squads

colour scheme- suggestions? Im currently thinking bone coloured armour and bluish robes, but Im really not sure.

now I need lots of suggestions.. conversions, paint scheme, details to skulpt in, tactical make up etc etc... I dont have much experiance with infantry armies, my last army was very very tank based.

so, advice, tips, suggestions etc on any aspect of what im about to do would be apreciated.

16-02-2006, 21:45
Wow, thats quite an ambitious project, though from seeing your other work I have no doubt you can do it. Will you be purchasing some Forgeworld aircraft, maybe Valkyries or Vultures? The name itself evokes an Eastern Russia/Asia feel, maybe even Mongol (although that feeling could come from Genghis Khans real name, Temujin). I have to say drop trooping Mongols sounds pretty scary though. I very much await seeing your initial test sculpt, I'll be checking this out regularly...

oh yeah, and chem-inhalers rock...


16-02-2006, 21:51
i think i know what you're getting at model-wise, some fluff would be nice, give me some more ideas.

For colour scheme go with colours that evoke the sky, a storm perhaps: dark blues with touches of purple, whites, greys. Or perhaps something bright to make them stand out, maybe something which will give the imagery of lightning emerging from the clouds?

so dark suits, with white weapons, like lightning, with markings in white and a lot of sharp jagged lines for camo and such.

Sorry, you'll have to bear with me on my though process, i'm an art student; what do you expect?

Keep us posted

16-02-2006, 21:53
Now that sounds like a cool idea ,Ive seen your work in the flesh and they were very nice so can imagine that you can pull it off with flying colours ,Looking forward to seeing the sketch and the test skulpt

The Dragon Reborn
17-02-2006, 06:58
wow you are really going all out warhammer this month

are you buidling this army with your desert board in mind?

Anvils Hammer
18-02-2006, 23:18
righty... Ive been playing about with small peices of plastic, and heres a test skulpt of what i plan them to look like,


Im not a great artist but I hope you get the idea..

things to note-
breathing tube connects respirator to back pack via gitar wire tubing.
-the trenchcoat is lined with chainmail
-short pattern lasgun- same as cadian but with the body of the gun trimmed down abit- this is a easy conversion to do with the plastic lasguns.
-added armour on right arm, groin, knees and lower legs.

you can also see some helmet sketches, im leaning toward having the air tube on the left hand side, and comms gear on the right hand side, but im not sure.

any suggestions/comments on the sketch?

now to busines...

how do my drop troops deploy??
ideas ive had-
-traditional parachutes..
-eysian style rocket packs
-rappeling from an aircraft (this would require very little modeling)
-drop cages... like a drop pod, but a little less sophisicated and dropped from aircraft flying over head.

I could do a 2 peice backpack, one backpact integrated into the model, with the air supply etc etc, and another one that purches on top of that, which would be an elysian style rocket pack... humm... any suggestions?


as for the regiments fluff... thats up in the air as well.
currently all i know is - relativly civilised society, very proud, very loyal to the emperor, they live in "cloud city" type contructs either high in the mountains or actually in the air, and they mine minerals from below the belt of toxic cloud that floats at ground level, this makes them experts at fighting in toxic enviroments and dropping into combat.

The wealth generated from ore trades allows the population of Temu to be relativly properous and equip their regimetns with the best equipment, but they still have ties to their tribal roots.

any more ideas about back ground fluff?

bty Aventinecrusader, your right on the money, "temuchin" is a mongol name for a group of approx 3000 warriors. Im taking all my names for this project from mongul history.

19-02-2006, 03:40
Thought I had picked up on the name...

As far as the sketch goes, I like it, the helmets seems like they could be easily converted with a couple add-ons to the Cadian gas mask helmet from Forgeworld. I like the cloaks alot, especially the chainmail aspect. I think airtube on the left looks correct, stick with that. I like the idea of rappelling, they could have a bundle of rope or something. Also the idea of "drop cages" really intrigues me, maybe you could do a sketch of one of these? I like the fluff ideas you have so far, and I love those Mongols, very cool ideas...


19-02-2006, 04:58
Rappelling sounds very cool... Something like what the Clone Troopers do in SW Episode 3 off an LAAT? Or something more like hanging off the end of a rope and just letting go and rolling off?

19-02-2006, 07:58
i like the sketch, i have absolutely no idea how you're going to sculpt chainmail on the inside of the coat, but good luck!

The fluff really appeals to me and it kind of work in terms of what the model looks like; a cross between a drop trooper and a sort of steel legion/ash wastes type thing.

If you want to for the mongol look, then find some images of mongols and mimic any particular patterns, like what type of knives they use for example.

The sketch looks similar to some conversions i've seen on warseer before, and i can tell you that the cloak idea will work really well to make them really stand out, trust me.

As for how they should deploy, they all sound good. Try sketching some drop cages and rocket packs to see which ones more feasible.

19-02-2006, 08:45
Oh dear, yet another Anvil's Hammer project to watch...

I have no doubt you can do it Anvil, best luck on the project.

Anvils Hammer
19-02-2006, 11:07

thats rappelling....

essential the models are going to be high tech, but with the chain mail trench coats and relativly low tech equipment (pouches etc etc) making them look slightly more feral.
also, im going to do some with long hair styles, no helmet, just the gas mask.

19-02-2006, 11:26
Looks good, my only concern is the long coat on drop troops. It'd swirl up as you dropped shifting gear and tangling with ropes if you rapelled. Long coats are only worn by combat troops in very cold/wet conditions hence "trench-coat".

Do you ever actually sleep, Anvil? Or are you just some sort of clone-army?

19-02-2006, 12:36
yeh, i had to come back online when i realised trenchcoats wouldnt work with anything else but the drop cage idea.

19-02-2006, 12:43
For the gasmasks you could buy the pack of FW Elysian gasmask heads. It's 8 for 12 of em.

19-02-2006, 12:45
You can wear pretty much anything when rappeling, whilst it may look a bit odd there's nothing really stopping you from doing it.

It's only one rope, tied to a belt, which is on the front of you body, so I trench coat is entirely possible.


Anvils Hammer
19-02-2006, 13:05
thanks for the comments guys, ive decided im definatly going with rappelling.

the rope pully equipment is going to be on the backpack, so they will wear a small back pack with the oxegen supply, random equipment and the automatic rappel handeling gear, which effectlivly slows the decent at just the right moment, dropping the tropper to the ground.
also, these guys are nutters.. they rappel down ropes up to half a mile long...

on the topic of trench coats, they are not true trench coats, just slightly longer versions of the ones steel legion wear.

T-tauri- I have two clones, we sleep in shifts so one clone is sleeping while the other two work on warhammer projects....

darkseer- ive considered the elysian heads, and I really dont like them, they are far too busy and are also expensive.

more sketches and hopfuly a test skulpt will be up later today.. or i might work on the dam board.. either way cool updates are garanteed.

19-02-2006, 14:05
Why not, buy some of the elysian ones, make a green stuff casting and modify accordingly?

Anvils Hammer
19-02-2006, 14:43
because its easier to skulp my own, im using the cadian sargent head as a base model.

19-02-2006, 17:09
yes something like a rip cord on top of their backpacks could help bring them down. would like to see conceptual sketches of drop cages though...

Anvils Hammer
19-02-2006, 19:26

ok guys, here is the concept sketch of the drop cage, i really like this idea, the idea of getting in a roller coaster type seat and being thrown out the back of an aircraft to free fall to the ground, relying on rockets to save you a the last minute.... hehehe.

it would also open up some interesting modeling possibiiltys. for example, heave weapons will be a drop cage containing a shooter, loader, and a heavy weapon in the 3rd space, this wil allow me to actually model the drop cages onto all my 60mm havy weapon bases.

I will also do my best to make CD bases with collaples drop cages on, which I will place on the table asmy men land... obviously ill place them so they will be out of the way and not impact on the battle, but it will still look cool.

another idea is to make a single 5mm base with a drop cage and 3 normal lasgun troopers on the base. if i took casualties i would remove either the entire base in one go, or take the whole base and replace it with one or 2 basic troopers. depending.. what do you think of this idea?
probably wouldent fly in tournaments.. but still...

im now getting really excited about this project, im about to go and do the first proper test skulpt , pics later i hope.

19-02-2006, 19:46
Very cool concept indeed, I can't wait to see it take form only the way you could make it.

BTW, lately, your standard of post has fallen greatly, no offence intended, it's just I can remember a time when all your sentences started with a capital letter, and "sculpt" was spelt correctly. You're letting yourself down.

Ah well, just FYI, but keep up the great work on this.


19-02-2006, 19:59
good work there, i like the concept. Be sure to model some of the drop cages to look like they're landing.

I've always wanted to do something like that with an army, it would add a whole new dimension. The height above the models could actually be used, giving the impression the army is massive, and a sense of impending doom as your opponent is overwhelmed with a barrage of long haired psychos in trenchcoats :D

19-02-2006, 21:12
great concept, cant wait to see them completed.

As for the chainmail coat, i say keep it, it fits with the feeling of 40k.

Also out of interest, any ideas on what colours will they be?

Puffin Magician
19-02-2006, 21:33
Not enough on your plate already Anvil? :p

This is looking like a very promising idea... personally I wouldn't consider any kind of personal gravchute or other device what with FW Elysians being as popular and common as Space Marines nowadays, and the chainmail will give them a very individualistic look. Consider altering the visors so they look less like Elysians - maybe multiple circular optics, visor slits, or really anything else that's fresh and new. Gotta balance feasability and mass-production though, I know.

I like HiredSword's idea about colours - you could create a lot of interesting schemes with a pallete of blue/purple/white [mmm, Space Hulk Genestealers!].

I really like the "Drop Cage" idea, although even elite regiments are still Guardsmen - and that means mass-production. I think the cages would carry more than 3 guys at a time; even if it's only 6 or 7. For the Heavy Weapon Cage you could have it located in the center, being ejected and floating down with it's own chute moments before the main cage fires it's retro-rockets. Whatever you do with the idea, keep it - it's unique and has mucho potential-o.

You can wear pretty much anything when rappelling, whilst it may look a bit odd there's nothing really stopping you from doing it.Remember ergonomics. I've never jumped out of a helicopter, but I've had to work on steep inclines with a safety line and you definitely don't want clutter getting tangled in the one thing you're relying on to keep you safe. The less junk that's in your way the better.

I thought about Skitarii Tunnellers, a bit of a problem with the robes of the AdMech with the need to jump, dig, crouch and climb a lot being underground. The "a bit longer than Steel Legion coats" is pretty much what I came up with for them, and it seems to fit here too. Long enough for theme, short enough to be practical.

And TG if you absolutely must be a grammar nazi, please use PMs rather than cluttering the thread.

Anvils Hammer
19-02-2006, 22:28
Thanks for the support guys.

Right, time for an update.

TG, you are absolutly correct, my standards have fallen, point duly taken, I shall endevour to emprove drammatically.

Hired sword, I intend to have a lot of fun with the drop cages, converting them to have as many as possible crashed onto the table with my men.

Baneful, the coats will be cloth on the outside, with a chain mail lining. the coats will be open on quite a few of the models so the chainmail will be visable.
As for colours, its really up in the air, Im currently thinking blue as the main colour, with white/bone as the armour, but I will wait untill I have the first complete models in my hands before thinking about it too hard.

Puffin, I will certainly try to differentiat the visors, but Im not sure how, I will sculpt a few different options and see what suits the models best.

As for the drop cages, the reason they will only carry 3 is one of practicality.
I want to model as many dropcages as possible on the bases, so that its obvious how the army deploys. this means keeping the cages small enough to fit on a 40mm or 60mm base comfortaby.
The rules state that a model may have a base bigger than the one it was supplied with. I think I will have one/two models per squad with a 40-50mm base, complete with drop cages.

Wait till you see the drop-cages the sentinals come down in...

Enough blathering, time for an update.

Here is an initial test sculpt of the body armour and Temu pattern helmet.
Its a bit difficult to see the details, my camera is misbehaving.

Note the small loop in the middle of the chest armour plate, thats for the strap that holds them in the drop cage securely.
Also note the Temuchin pattern lasgun, considerable shorter than the cadian version, the skull only has one wing, its the symbol of the Temuchin 23rd.


Note that the coat hasnt been sculpted on at all yet, and it will change the look of the model considerably when I add it. The air hose is also missing, Im going to make those with guitar wire.


Time to talk fluff again. The oportunity to create an entire regiment opens up a whole world of background to be explored.

have you ever been on one of those themepark rides where you sit down, get lifted up to the top of a tower and then free fall down. you get an adrenaline rush as you fall the distance of about 50m.
Now imagine standing strapped into a cage, then being pushed out of an aircraft and free falling hundreds of meters to the ground below at a terminal velocity of 200 miles an hour, before being slowed in the nick of time by rockets that decelerate you with a Ge-force comparable to that felt by astronauts as they go into space.
Then imagine leaping out of the cage and going straight into a fire fight!

Like I said earlier, the Temuchin 23rd drop troops are utterly insane!

20-02-2006, 05:06
Get that camera working! From what I can see it looks good, my only real problem is the thickness of the shin armour, it seems a little bulky. Also I really like your idea for the drop cages, those are gonna be awesome. Are you going to scratch-build the aircraft?!? I really want to see the coats on there. I also like the fluff ideas so far, maybe a few with scalp-locks would be appropriate...


20-02-2006, 07:02
nice drop cages, though i a gree that maybe more than 3 should go onto one.

Anvils Hammer
20-02-2006, 09:11
thanks guys,

The shin armour is abit thick I agree, In future Ill sculpt it to be more contoured around the leg. It will also fit nicer with the knee pads then.
as for the aircraft, I will probably be using extensivly modfied Valkyries, with the cargo bay replaced by racks of hanging drop cages.

Ive given the helmet issue some more thought, and Ive decided that the wast majority of them will not wear a helmet, just the gas mask.
This allows me to differentiate them from other drop regiments, as well as allow me to sculpt longish hair, which will make them look more feral.

CerealKiller- Ive worked out that I can fit 6 in a drop cage without making them considerable bigger.
I will double stack the rows, so each man on the sketch has another man standing in front of him.

Anvils Hammer
20-02-2006, 17:50
yeah! my camera is working!

Heres a better pic of the test sculpt-

EDIT- For some reason, photobucket messed up, here is the ACTUAL improoved picture


20-02-2006, 18:03
Looking good, but watch those edges, the seem a bitty curved, could do with a sharper edge.

BTW, good to see you're prepared to work on your posts too, keep up the good work, don't let it slip now, or I'll be on you like a bee on honey :p.


20-02-2006, 18:04
Looking very good ,out of intrest will you be painting the test model ?

20-02-2006, 18:19
Anvil these are looking amazing! I am now intrigued with the idea of these drop cages, hope they work out for you, be a shame to have such a great idea and find its impractical to make them or something, am sure you will do it though.

Anvils Hammer
20-02-2006, 21:27
Thanks for the support guy's.

Ive edited my post above with the ACTUAL improved image. Now its much better and easier to see.

My brother was obviously in a good mood today, he knows I sculpt stuff with cocktail sticks, which isnt ideal, so he bought a brand new skulpting tool and nice needle file for me to use.
Expect the quality of my sculpting to improve!

Deadly, I quite possible will paint this one, I doubt I will be happy enough with it to put it in the mold, so that means im free to paint it.

Ive decided Im going to modify the chest armour more so it doesnt scream "cadian 8th!!!!!"

KayvaanSkrike, I'm REALLY looking forward to making the drop cages, I'm already thinking how Ill make it, probably two peices for the body, with restraints individually stuck on.
This allows to me to sculp cages with troopers in the restraints.. It will make for a nice diorama.

thanks for the continues support, keep the ideas coming, Ive got an entire regiment to design here, from scratch!

Anvils Hammer
21-02-2006, 00:06
ok, here is a test army list,
This is a planned army, I wont make models unless they appear in the army list, or if I decide to change the army list, so initial list composition is important. I will be posting this list in tactics to get feedback.

I've taken out individual points costings to avoid cluttering it. All units have carapace armour and chem inhalers, even though its not listed its accounted for in the points value.

---Temuchin 23rd Air Borne Infantry---

Drop-cage deployment (drop troops)
Carapace armour
Special weapons Squads

Command squad

Captain “insert name” and his body guard
Heroic senior officer
With power fist
Plasma gun

Fire support squad- heavy bolters
Fire support squad- autocannons
Special weapon squad-2 flamers and demo charge

“A” platoon- Command squad
Junior officer
Medic, Lascannon, plasma gun

Squad 1
Vet sarge
Plasma gun, Lascannon

Squad 2
Vet sarge
Plasma gun, Heavy bolter

Platoon “A” total-363

“B” platoon- Command squad
Junior officer
Medic, Heavy bolter, plasma gun

Squad 1
Vet sarge
Plasma gun, Autocannon

Squad 2
Vet sarge
Plasma gun, Lascannon

Platoon “B” total-353

Hardened Veterans
9 veterans and a veteran sergeant(with melta bombs)
Shotguns, 3 melta guns


Drop Sentinel
Lascannon, Extra armour, Improved comms

Drop Sentinel
Lascannon, Extra armour

sentinels- 140

Army total- 1500

85 men
5 heavy bolters
4 autocannons
6 lascannons
7 plasma guns

Deploy around the enemy, concentrating heavy weapons fire from different directions.
Good mix of lascannons, heavy bolters and autocannons should be able to deal with almost any target. Lots of plasma provides help against MEQ opponents.
The veteran squad is a tank busting wild card.
The sentinels emproved comms should provide better control over when the squads arrive, allowing me to fine tune the assault.

what do you think??

21-02-2006, 01:03
why not meltas in the spec wep squad? or going for pure fire saturation of one squad. other than that at a glance looks like a good list. i take it you can't close order drill w/ chem inhalers?

21-02-2006, 08:33
you used a cocktail stick to sculpt with??
are you insane??

You have my respect for getting your models that detailed, trust me the modelling knife is a much needed tool.

21-02-2006, 08:38
i take it you can't close order drill w/ chem inhalers?

You most certainly can, and Anvils Hammer, I don't think it would be a bad idea at all...


21-02-2006, 09:06
The list doesn't look that hot.

I'd take a plasma and a melta in every squad, then max out on lascannon sentinels.

Anvils Hammer
21-02-2006, 10:29
I can take close order drill, and probably should, seeing as they will be in close order when they land and Ive got a a docterine free.

Darkseer, If I wanted an army designed purely to annihilate people with, Why would I go to al this hassel with sculpting and casting?
I cant have 2 special weapons in every squad, its normal IG this time, one heavy and one special.
Though I do need another sentinal.

the docterines are proving a bit of a points sink.. Ive got 11 squads, so that means 220 points worth of carapace armour, and 110 points of chem inhalers.
Should I drop the inhalers perhaps? I cant drop carapace because its clearly shown on the models.

From my thread in tactics, someone suggested taking the heavy weapons out of the command squads, which makes sense, I can swap them out for plasma and use the saved points elswhere.


21-02-2006, 11:19
most people have either of two roles for commands, suicide or leadership. they rarely if ever give them a heavy weapon because they want them to remain mobile to deal with threats

Anvils Hammer
21-02-2006, 12:36
most people have either of two roles for commands, suicide or leadership. they rarely if ever give them a heavy weapon because they want them to remain mobile to deal with threats

Its got to be suicide......

I think Ill write it into the fluff,
Before each battle the commanding officer asks for volunteers to become "Martyrs of Temu",
These squads are small, and issued with a greater proportion of special weapons than normal, their mission is to be first into the drop zone and sacrifice themselves for the sake the of the mission.
They wear a skull on their shoulder pads to signify their willingness to die.

command squads, special weapon squads- the "martyrs of Temu"

21-02-2006, 12:40
I like!! Cool idea, give you an excuse to model them wearing bandanas or something!! Remember they would be wearing less armour etc, since they are going to die, Imperium wouldnt want to waste good flak armour (if flak armour can be counted as good??)

Anvils Hammer
21-02-2006, 14:57
actually, I was thinking of modeling the Martyrs with more armour than usual, but Ill probably keep the armour the same and think of somthing else to differentiate them. maby skull masks :)

here is a sculpting update.

Ive added the trench coat, though I havent sculpted the chain mail on yet, ill wait for the coat to dry before trying it,
Im quite pleased with it for a first attempt, but I've got abit more practicing to do before I start on the actual masters.
Ive also added the Temuchin pattern shoulder pad, with a raised rim, additional lower plate and skull motif, which Im very pleased with.

Ive still got to do the webbing, backpack, air tube and various gizmos, but hes getting there, and looking quite close to the sketch I did.


21-02-2006, 15:49
I like!! Cool idea, give you an excuse to model them wearing bandanas or something!! Remember they would be wearing less armour etc, since they are going to die, Imperium wouldnt want to waste good flak armour (if flak armour can be counted as good??)
Surely as volunteers they'd keep the armour, after all if the Emperor is with them they'll survive and the mission will succeed. Nothing aids success like a good layer of kevlar.

21-02-2006, 19:43
I really like the shoulder pad and the jacket is looking good, keep up the ace work... I like that your incorporating your fluff ideas into the thread...


Anvils Hammer
21-02-2006, 20:42
cheers guys,

t-tauri- nothing aids sucess like orbital bombardment!

Aventine, its not just a modeling project, its creating an entire regiment, and its easier to have all the discusion in one thread than to have different ones in background, tactics, P and T etc etc.
I like the shoulder pad as well :) though the jackets need some work before Im happy enough with them.

update time, my test sculpt is now finnished!
this is the point where I really need comments and ideas, before I start the actual sculpts, once I start those its abit more fixed.


comments and criticism needed....

21-02-2006, 20:55
I guess the main thing is it just needs harder lines, especially the helmet. The right shoulder pad needs the same treatment as the left. You should use guitar wire instead of putty for the tube, thats what you said before and I think you should stick to it. Also the backpack should be based off something, not scratch-built, maybe using a heavy weapon backpack. What I already said about the shin guards still applies but it doesn't seem as severe with the jacket on there. The jacket is the right shape but needs a little more definition. I think a large number of men should be carrying their lasguns one-handed, it would show off the sculpting better and would fit well with the shortness. But I also see alot of bare-head/shouting heads for this regiment, maybe even some Attilan-style hats(possibly on command)? i know its alot of comments but I hope you find something helpful in there...

Crusader:D :D

p.s. I hope you don't slow down on this project, its coming along great...

Anvils Hammer
21-02-2006, 21:08
The helmet is going,
Almost all my troopers are going to have bare heads with only the gasmasks, this means I can model different hairstyles etc.

It all needs harder lines, and the jacket is just a mess,

currently proposed changes-
a belt around the outside of the trench coat
hair instead of helmets
guitar wire air tubes
narrower shin armour
casting the back packs separatly to the main figure, allowing me to give some models back packs and others just air cylinders.

As for giving them the modified shoulder pads on both arms.. its a good idea
I will give it some thought.. if I did do that, I would also create a proper "temuchin" patern lasgun.

humm.... Yeah! lets go fot it. maximum work for me. maximum creativity, and an army that is utterly utterly unique in the entire world... its got to be done.

Ill need moral support.

21-02-2006, 21:26
aww, no helmets? :\

they've gotta be one of my favourite bits at the moment

perhaps a mix of the two? either way, should look mighty cool

21-02-2006, 21:30
Looking good, but I must echo your sentiment about harder lines, defining the edges of this model would improve it a lot IMO.


Anvils Hammer
21-02-2006, 21:37
Ok mighty panhead, I will include a mix of helmeted and nonhelmeted troopers.

Ill probably end up sculpting a helmeted head with visor, helmet head with visor raised up, 3 different heads with no helmets and an officer head with the gas mask around the neck, shouting to his men.

here is the new lasgun Ive designed, the Temuchin pattern lascarbine.
Its shorter, with a diagonal ammo slot and red dot sight.


21-02-2006, 21:54
Very cool lasgun, and it doesn't look like it will be too hard to modify from the Cadain pattern...

I got your moral support right here: :D You can do-eet!!:D
I would definately go with alot of steppe inspired hair-styles, got to have some scalp-locks...


21-02-2006, 23:32
I think that lasgun would look great. Kinda gives the model a spec ops, high tech feel. I vote definetly for the belt around the trench coat and the right shoulder pad to be a bit bulkier. The mask looks a little saggy...it's better than I could ever do, but I want this to look perfect for not only you, but all of us here at Warseer so we can steal them and call them our own. :D

Very good job so far, I love them!

Anvils Hammer
21-02-2006, 23:38
thanks guys,

dont worry static-breed, this is only a test sculpt, the real things will be done a little more carefully.
Im going to undercoat my test model tonight for painting tomorow. still not sure as to a colour scheme.
if anyone has the IG codex, go to page 30, look at the tallarn melta gunner in the bottom right, would that whitish blue colour look good on the coats of my regiment?

here is an updated army list for you all to comment on-
please leave comments on it in that thread, not this one. saves having discusion in 2 places.

22-02-2006, 14:59
I think for the cloaks it would look better in 'normal' colours if that makes sense, so no blues. Browns, greys and whites are fine though. I've been reading your ideas in the imperial fists post for yellow and bleach bone, this would fit with your desert board and i'd say try it out because it sounds interesting.

However, i'd suggest bleach bone armour, desert yellow cloth and a dark brown cloak with weapons in white. I think that, personally, this would look reallyy good.

Anvils Hammer
22-02-2006, 16:23
Hired sword, I want a primary colour on these guys to make them stand out a bit,
this means either blue, yellow, red ideally, with a complimentary secondary colour.
Though Im not really sure, I will create 5 intial models purly to test colour schemes on.
Im decideding weather to do camoflage on the armour, kasrkin style. bleached bone with blue and white jagged camo would look quite good. perhaps with a pale brown/bleached bone trench coat.

Edit- regiment motto competition!
I need a motto,
current ideas- "rain of death", "the glory of Temu" but I welcome suggestions cos mine suck.
If your motto wins the competition.. er.... Ill use it! and paint it on the sentinels and regimental banner.

The Dragon Reborn
22-02-2006, 17:11
I like big butts is my motto but I am not sure if that would work here....

maybe no fat chicks?

death from above?
gah I am no good at this

22-02-2006, 17:21
"If you're so great, how come you're dead?"

Good thing to say after killing an enemy unit - poor grammar permitted in this case :p.


22-02-2006, 17:22
Hey Joel,

I think you should come up with the regiment's background, which world they are from, etc, then come up with a colourscheme based around that.

As for battle slogons, how about:

Everyone go crazy!
The only good bug is a dead bug
Give em lead poisoning
Make em holey
Hokey religions and ancient weapons can't beat some plasma at your side, kid.
Wipe yourself off, you dead.
Bite the bullet and spit it back at em.
Real men wear goggles.
(painted on a heavy bolter) 3 shots = 3 kills
I joined the Guard for the explosions
Grab a gun, shoot alien scum -join the guard!
Fat bottomed girls, they make the rockin' world go round

22-02-2006, 17:31
Glory in life, Glory in death

Kinda appropriate due to the suicide squads.

Also, why don't you induct survivors of the suicide squads into hardened vet squads?

22-02-2006, 18:17
dammit i leave for a day and everything is getting developed! lol

all kidding aside great test mini. how abouta deep blue for the great coat and red armored parts?

motto: each drop is a step closer to the emperor

Anvils Hammer
22-02-2006, 18:28
Ill have to work on the regiments background... anything to avoid more suggestions from darkseer! :)

though I do like "3 shots=3 kills", that might find its way in somwhere, anyone know the latin equvalent?

I like your suggesting ZAChos, its winning so far, I wonder what the latin equiv is.
It has to be short and to the point.

"morz aetherius" means somthing like "death of the air" nah, a nice english motto is good.

cerealkiller, that motto is to long to paint on the banner :), also, red and blue clash.

22-02-2006, 18:57
How about:

Born to Die

Anvils Hammer
22-02-2006, 20:11
born to die is cool, but it reminded me far to much of a song by anti-flag, so it cant really be used.

"live for glory, live for death!" perhaps, a variation on ZAChos's idea.

22-02-2006, 20:48
"Bred to Kill. Born to Death." Seems like it'd be good... though maybe not quite what you're going for.

22-02-2006, 20:53
How about "Fists of the Emperor" ?

Or "We drop, you drop"

Anvils Hammer
22-02-2006, 21:06
herkram, did you mean "bred to kill, born to die" by any chance?
I like it!

kayvaan, I love that one, its hilarious, which is the problem, its not meant to be funny :) *continues chuckling*
It wont be the official motto, but its definatly going on one of my sentinels, remind me when the time comes for sentinel painting.

22-02-2006, 22:28
rather than 'rise to glory' maybe 'fall to glory'? i dunno.


"from heaven we call, to hell you fall"

I like "bred to kill. Born to death" though if you don't like my suggestion.

23-02-2006, 01:10
I like the "Bred to Kill. Born to Death." Maybe 'unto'?

23-02-2006, 02:14
I'll dig out the old MEGADETH collection later for more great phrases.

"Peace sells"

Tom - Heretic
23-02-2006, 02:33
Sounds great Anvil. You need no help with modelling from the likes of me, but some other random ideas:

*Mongol theme. I like this, lightning strikes, coming from nowhere, driving the foe before them etc. Great stuff. You could emphasise it a little more with colourscheme, Gold being the obvious choice. White would be a nice choice for trim, being a nuetral.

Reigmental logo: Again, with the golden horde theme. A horse would be good, maybe a pegasus seeing as it's an airborne regiment. Maybe a lightning flash behind it? Black would be the best option, contrasting and complementing both gold and white. A red border wouldn't hurt too much.

23-02-2006, 03:54
I'm really liking it. Your giving me some motivation to start my own drop army that I've been meaning to start for a while.

Also for a motto, "In Darkness Comes Death!" It was going to be a motto for a assault marine heavy space marine army, but it never got off the ground and I kinda like the motto.
Heres and idea to write on like a shoulder pad or a sentinel or some thing like "Born to Jump", an other good place to find mottos and stuff like that maybe from the mini series Band of Brothers. Its a show about an American paratrooper unit from WWII.

I hope some of those ideas help.


The Dragon Reborn
23-02-2006, 04:14
Rust in Peace maybe?

or symphony of destruction

going with the megadeath theme here

maybe just "megadeath"

anyway, just some brainstorming

23-02-2006, 11:07
"in war/death we honor his name" maybe put into latin

if going for a mongol theme i would try to stick to earth type colors, green/browns maybe a striking color here and there. hair i would imagine would be tied or be in knots/braids (as to not get in the way).

Anvils Hammer
23-02-2006, 11:10

"from darkness comes death" is good. I changed the "In" to "from" :)

Ill pick a motto when Ive got some trooper standing on front of me.

Here are the Temuchin Pattern lasguns Im going to cast.

Ive separated the cadian arms from the lasguns. It makes it easier to modifie the cadian shoulder pads.

From top to bottom
las-carbine with bayonet,
las-carbine with scope
las-carbine with both
lascarbine with underbarrel grenade launcher.


23-02-2006, 11:25
herkram, did you mean "bred to kill, born to die" by any chance?

Born to die was an idea that I'd kicked around briefly, but I suggested Born to death 'cause if you think about it way too hard, it can mean one of the two following:

Birthed to Death

or (and this is what made me suggest it for a drop troop army)

Carried to Death

But that's just how my derranged mind works, you are entirely free to use "Born to Die" if you decide to :p

Anvils Hammer
23-02-2006, 11:40
ah.... got you!

makes more sense now.

23-02-2006, 13:15
"Bred to kill, born to die" sounds like the best slogon.

Anvils Hammer
23-02-2006, 16:52
update time, Ive started the sculpting on the intial 4 Temuchin, i eventually plan to do 3 more basic bodys, another kneeling, a prone and some random stuff like "trooper in drop cage",

So far Ive added the shin pads, belts, filled in the chest armour and filed lots of bits to start the segmented Temuchin style chest armour.
Ive decided to make the shin pads rounded instead of flat, it looks better, and is also easier to do.
The knee pads will also be changed to look like smaller versions of the shoulder pads, complete with top "rim" and a skull on the left knee pad to match the one on the left shoulder pad.

edit- one with the shooters attached.

The next step when all the puttys dry is to finnish off the chest armour down to the groin plate, and add a knee pad to one model, Ill then make a imprint of this knee pad and use it to make all the others. This will be alot easier than sculpting up to 25 identical knee pads.

comments and criticism welcome, I think my sculpting inproved slightly, but this whole project will be a sculpting learning experiance.

23-02-2006, 18:43
These are looking really good Anvils hammer, a great project (one of many!! I've been following)..

I'm greatly interested in your drop cage and how you go about making that..

Carry on the great work..


23-02-2006, 20:22
Are you going to fill in the gap in the lascarbines?

23-02-2006, 20:40
Wow, these models are awsome. I hope you don't mind but I might try converting up a squad just for fun because they look so awsome.

I hope you can get one painted up soon!


23-02-2006, 21:32
They all look great, but I am slightly surprised you haven't sculpted on knee pads, infinitely more useful than shin guards, unless you're playing shinty :p.


Anvils Hammer
23-02-2006, 21:36
cthorpe, Im having pleanty of ideas for the drop cage, but turning it from a 3D image in my mind to a 3D reisin model is going to be possible the biggest challenge of this entire project.

Lostanddamned, the gap will defintatly be filled, dont worry.
If its not painted, its not finnished. I'll also add green stuff cloth wrapped around parts of them and other little details.

vikingskibum, Ill try and get one painted, but at the moment my emphesis is strickly on modeling, I actually dont have my painting desk set up at all!

Im going to send the first 1 or 2 to "Tom-Heretic" for painting at his request, he will do a far better job than I can so look forward to seeing what he makes of them.

Your welcome to steal any and all ideas to convert your own models, If you ahve any specific questions regaurding their construction/peices used etc etc, feel free to ask, Though Im afraid the finnished models will be 80-90% sculpted. so theres not exactly a "bits list" I can give you.

TG- read the post, I am going to sculpt knee pads, Ive already done one in fact.

23-02-2006, 21:44
I don't know how I missread that - my next question was going to be why do they need wrist pads? :p

I feel like quite the fool :( :p.


Anvils Hammer
23-02-2006, 22:43
you really did missread it. lol.

ah well.

Ive done the one knee, and ill make the imprint of it tonight, allowing me to make all the knee pads in a very short amount of time tomorow morning.
Ive just done the groin and stomach armour, and gap filled the lasguns.

Now Im going to sculpt.... er.. some heads! and also finnish of the chest plate, adding the harness ring..

more pics later tonight I hope.

Anvils Hammer
24-02-2006, 00:10
later that night- pics! for once Ive kept a promise.


nes stuff- groin and stomach armour added, knee pad added to one leg of one guy (im about to make the imprint copy)
and the first of 4 heads! Im very pleased with this one, its one of the catachan heads, with a gas mask and gogles sculpted on.
You cant see it very clearly unfortunatly, but its a whole lot better than the last gas mask/gogle combo, partly becasue it wasnt sculpted with a cocktail stick.

heads still to do-
exactly the same as exsiting, but with a helmet
one with a helmet, but with the goggles strapped around the helmet above the eyes.
one with just the gas mask.

still to do -
Add trench coats and details.
Sculpt shoulder pad details.
Sculpt/create backpacks and accesorys.
finnish heads.
make miscelaneous items.


After some thought Ive come to a decision reguarding this armys ability to fight competativly.
At the outset, I wanted to create an army that would allow me to win games, however, I have now decided to totally ignore gameability in favour of maximum fluff and modeling potential.
This means I am now at liberty to include any combination of ALL the special and heavy weapons, and I can stick as much cool wargear on my sargents and commanders as I like.

I made this decision because I realised that in order to actually make the list competative, I would ahve to sacrifice an Unaceptable ammount of modeling potential and "rule of cool", and given the time this project is likly to take, thats somthing Im not willing to do.

24-02-2006, 02:56
After some thought Ive come to a decision reguarding this armys ability to fight competativly.
At the outset, I wanted to create an army that would allow me to win games, however, I have now decided to totally ignore gameability in favour of maximum fluff and modeling potential.
This means I am now at liberty to include any combination of ALL the special and heavy weapons, and I can stick as much cool wargear on my sargents and commanders as I like.

I made this decision because I realised that in order to actually make the list competative, I would ahve to sacrifice an Unaceptable ammount of modeling potential and "rule of cool", and given the time this project is likly to take, thats somthing Im not willing to do.

good to hear! Playablity isnt going to kill your concepts and fluff.

As for the figures, they are looking great, like the use of the catachan head.
Any plans for Shotguns? being an assualt unit that is. Or to much of an elysian concept for them?

24-02-2006, 12:42
At the outset, I wanted to create an army that would allow me to win games, however, I have now decided to totally ignore gameability in favour of maximum fluff and modeling potential.
This means I am now at liberty to include any combination of ALL the special and heavy weapons, and I can stick as much cool wargear on my sargents and commanders as I like.

I can understand where you're coming from, but this was your mindset when you formed your first Imperial Guard army.

I don't want to put you down but: THE ARMY SUCKED :angel:

You have the chance to make an excellently themed and competitive force and I feel you're throwing it out of the window.
You can make cool conversions without having to buy your sgts and commanders fancy items and wargear.
Please just go with making a good list, then concentrate on conversions and assorted coolness later.

Imagine spending countless months on this army. It's all painted up and pretty and destined to win 'best painted' at a tourney.

Then your beautiful force is blasted apart and horribly raped time and time again. Is the army still cool? Is it still awesome? No, it is not.

Anvils Hammer
24-02-2006, 12:46
Then your beautiful force is blasted apart and horribly raped time and time again. Is the army still cool? Is it still awesome? No, it is not.

Thats where we disagree :p
I make the conversions and assorted coolness, then concentrate on the list.

I dont think its possible to make an Imperial guard army that is competative and excellently themed, If I wanted it to be truly competative, Id max out on plasma and melta and lascannon sentinels. Thats not a theme.

I just keep in mind that for every Temuchin that falls in battle, a thousand more will fall from the sky!

humm... that could almost be "motto"ised.

and yeah, "best painted" is what Im gunning for, Im going to be entering units from this army in to every category at golden deamon next year.

24-02-2006, 13:05
I know that the Imperial Guard is not the most competitive army in the game, but you could at least do your best to give them a fighting chance of victory against strong armies.

Rabid Bunny 666
24-02-2006, 13:29
i'd drop the heavy weapons and use assault weapons instead, it'll be far cooler

awesome work so far dude, they look mighty funky at the moment

edit: just read the sacrifice thing for the HQ, why don't you say they broke some serious regimental taboo and are sacrificing themselves, the LD bonus that guard Hqs give could represent the fact thatthe nearby guard would see what would happen if they sinned first hand

24-02-2006, 21:30
I know that the Imperial Guard is not the most competitive army in the game, but you could at least do your best to give them a fighting chance of victory against strong armies.


(filling up on words so it'll let me post..)

24-02-2006, 22:15
A cool army is one that people pick up to look at. I don't care how well my opponent plays: If the army looks good but doesn't play great then its more enjoyable than playing against an army that looks bad but plays good.

This is obviously a matter of personal preference, but there ya go.

24-02-2006, 22:16
A cool army is one that people pick up to look at. I don't care how well my opponent plays: If the army looks good but doesn't play great then its more enjoyable than playing against an army that looks bad but plays good.

This is obviously a matter of personal preference, but there ya go.


(again with the word limit!!)

Anvils Hammer
25-02-2006, 18:52
righty, Ive just got back from visiting a friend at uni, so Ill be back to sculpting later tonight.

Rabid bunny, Im afraid im tooling up with lots of heavy weapons. My last IG army had no squad heavy weapons what so ever, and I miss that aspect of the gaurd, so Ill be fitting in pleanty of heavy bolters, autocannons, missile launchers, lascannons and even the odd mortar :)

On fluff, Ive decided my regiment is going to have a whole "culture of death" thing going on.
Lots of skulls on the armour will show this, and Ive though of an awesome banner design.
Ive decided to go with the motto "from the heavens, born unto death", partly becasue its cool and partly because it fits the banner Ive designed.

The idea of the martyre squads is that the Temuchins are perfectly willing to die for their goal, they see death as an inevitable part of what they do,
The survival rate is so low that they welcome death with open arms, hence the martyre units, these are volunteers that choose that seek a ritual death in battle, aiming to take as many of the enemy with them as possible.

This has the curious effect that the vast majority of officers and experianced veterans in the Temuchin 23rd are ex-martyr's who have tried to die and failed so many times that they are too experianced to be sent on suicidal missions.
martyr units only make up a very small percentage of each drop force, but it is not uncommon for over 90% of a regiment to volunteer, such is the presteige of the position.

Puffin Magician
25-02-2006, 19:08
I find it completely nonsensical for the leaders of an army to be promoted because of constant failure. It's usually not possible to fail a suicide mission as they are named such because of horribly low chances of survival [ie: you are going to blow up the ammo dump while you are still inside the ammo dump]. Even if they do survive, wouldn't it be considered dishonourable since it's, well, martyrdom?

An army that looks good but doesn't play great is more enjoyable than playing against an army that looks bad but plays good.That should be the first line of the "collecting an army" section of every Codex and the Big Grey Book. You sir, need to have lots of babies so there'll be more players like you some day.

Anvils Hammer
25-02-2006, 19:38
puffin, the point is that suicide style missions are insanly dangerous, therefore in order to suceed you have to be very skilled.
This means that the most gifted Temuchin are ones that have survived many missions.
Another important note is that they will not ever try to die. The concept is very very similar to dwarf slayers from fantasy.
Slayers aim to die in battle by trying to kill the biggest monsters they can find. but they dont aim to die for the sake of it and will never give up.

My martyr units are martyrs only in the sense that they are extreemly unlikly to survive, the ones that do survive are venerated as people who have willingly stared death in the face and lived to tell the tale. Hence why many of the leaders of the Temuchin are ex-martyr's..

...or somthing like that. Im still working out the details, contributions and ideas welcome still.

modeling edit- Ive aquired some guitar wire!

25-02-2006, 20:01
Before you mentioned it i was thinking, slayers come to 40k.... nice :cool:

one suggestion is you could make the officers really dark characters with battle scars all over them and treated with repect by the rest. Very similar to giant slayers. When you're sculpting them, it would look really cool to get the same kind of look commissars and chaplains have got.

I'm interested what you have in mind for the banner?

P.S. if you can do braided hair, please do. It'll look really good and will also fit with the theme as you dont want hair waving everywhere as you drop onto the enemy!

25-02-2006, 20:36
That should be the first line of the "collecting an army" section of every Codex and the Big Grey Book. You sir, need to have lots of babies so there'll be more players like you some day.

Thankyou my man, I believe however that all of my children when I have them will hate me, due to the many lies I plan to tell them. Did you know the sky is blue because the colour reflects off the sea?

woo spam ftw!!!

anti-spam phrase: good work anvil/keep it up/lets see it painted/other motivational speech.

Puffin Magician
25-02-2006, 20:40
Okay Anvil, well that's simple miswording then. Going to kill something that will likely destroy you [dragon, titan, etc] and returning alive isn't martyrdom but a combination of extreme luck and skill. Martyrs willingly die - something different than willingly risk death.

Anyway, now that I understand the concept I like it.

Now hack up that gee-tar wire and get some air hoses onto your minis!

Anvils Hammer
25-02-2006, 21:41
glad weve cleared that up puffin, they are still called martyr's, on Temu the word has a subtly different meaning :)

hiredsword- the officers are going to be pleanty dark, I will be taking the "skull" iconogography to the max with them, especially my commisar.
as for the banner.. its a suprise... but basically its going to be all the usual name, sword, imperial eagle etc etc, placed over an image that sums up the motto "from the heavens, born unto death".
its gonna be an awesome banner :)
and the guy waving it will be standing exposed half way up a drop-cage for that "Im utterly fearless" look.


I'm just in the process of testing out my knee pad imprint mold, its owkring now, but it took about 5 messed up attemptes (think me hastily pealing off greenstuff and throwing it in the bin) before I finnally found out the correct combo of vaseline, superglue, and GS quantity, now its working ok.

pics later.

Anvils Hammer
25-02-2006, 23:33
da dah! pictures.. or a picture as the case may be.

they now all have knee pads done using my imprint, its a right pain to tidy up and some of the pads are rather messy, but it is very fast and keep them all the same size.
My knee pads are a little too big, but its too late now, I wont worry too much about it.
Ive also made another head, with the same gas mask as the original, but sans googles.
This head is designed to have hair sculpted on, hence its rather smooth.

One is also carrying a las carbine, you can see where Ive gap filled.


comments, questions and criticism welcome

25-02-2006, 23:58
I really like the new head! Also the lascarbine is looking good. I wouldn't worry about the kneepad size, I'd want as much armour as possible if I were falling a few 1000 feet. Now just get those coats on em'!

Lookin real good,

26-02-2006, 10:43
Yeh, love that new head! Glad to hear you agree with the officers look.

I personallu would worry about those kneepads, you dont want to go to all that trouble of creating some lovely models (which they're turning out to be) and then finding that the kneepads take all the coolness away. Change them before you regret it.

26-02-2006, 12:03
Leave the kneepads until you have sculpted the coats on. It may be that they need to be that big to counteract the bulkiness of the coat and shoulderpads together.

At the moment I think they look either too big, or in the wrong place.

26-02-2006, 12:08
I too am unsure of the knee pads, size wise they're a bit big, and shape wise, I think they could be a bit squarer to match the kasrkin (sp?) pads.

Other than that, very cool :).


Anvils Hammer
26-02-2006, 13:17
I shall attack the knee pads with my file... grrr.... *knee pad cowers in fear*

some of them are a little oddly placed, it was fiddely, so some are not quite on the knee so to speak.

TG- the're not Kasrkin, no need to match anything :)

Ive done a helmet with mask Im quite pleased with. Its based on a cadian one filled down a lot to be smaller, with ventilation crest on top of it.

Im going to cast this one and then do some modified ones with and without gogles etc.

which means only shoulder gaurds to go, Im still not sure how Im going to do them, Ill experiment.

Or I could get the coats on em.. well it will all be done by the end of today.

26-02-2006, 13:42
Argh, I keep on coming off stupid in this :cries:.

I mean to mimic the style of the kasrkin, that style of knee pad IMO anyway, is very guardsmen.

They are your models though, go wild with them :).


Anvils Hammer
26-02-2006, 14:17
Righty, Ive filed/cut the knee pads down a bit.
They look exactly the same as before, but more realistically scaled, Im not happy with them.
trench coats here I come...

TG, the knee pads are done to match the style of the shoulder pads, hence the unusual shape.

Anvils Hammer
26-02-2006, 23:48
righty.. must be time for an update.

Ive now finnished the arms with segmented shoulder pads and upper armour armour. you can see an arm set on the kneeling dude.

Ive also made the knee pads smaller and added skulls. They have a skull on the left knee and left shoulder.

Ive also added a trench coat, (not done the collar yet though). Im quite happy with it, though it still needs chain mail on the inside.

He's also wearing a helmet, thats also new since last update. you cant see it that well in this pic though.


comments and criticism welcome.

now all I have left to do before I make the mold is..
-back packs
-one remaining head
-accesorys and webbing
-the trench coats

I should be able to get that done tomorow

Anvils Hammer
27-02-2006, 13:45
some more pics.

Its the same body, but using different heads, arms, and pose to create two different looking models.


27-02-2006, 14:53
We like that a lot. However, is the greenstuff smooth enough to make a good mold, particularly on the guns?

Anvils Hammer
27-02-2006, 14:58
the guns still need filling.

when Ive finnished Im going to go over all the parts with a needle file making them as presentable as possible.

Hopefully they will come out alright, Im more worried about the coats.

27-02-2006, 15:16
those are really nice. I didn't realise the body and legs would be seperable, thats a really neat trick.

Check the smaller details to see if they'll be viable for greenstuff casting, at the moment they look like they mightn't come out

Anvils Hammer
27-02-2006, 15:36
Hired sword, the body and legs are one peice models. just the arms, guns and heads are separate.

I could have made separate torsos and legs, but it would have been a pain making the trenchcoats line up at the waist. so I didnt.

27-02-2006, 20:15
I like the feel of your IG so far, and I love the shortened lasguns.
But I must admit, i'm not too big a fan of you greenstuffing so far. It looks good, but I feel that some parts aren't smooth enough, and some of the heads seem to lack a bit of detail.
However these are minor flaws if you look at the grand total.
Keep it up!


28-02-2006, 02:40
are you planning these in resin or metal?
have you gotten a vac pump or a compresssor and an air chamber?


Anvils Hammer
28-02-2006, 11:12
Unfotunalty Im not a sculpter by any stretch of the imagination.. this entire project is a practice run of sorts to improve all aspects of my hobbying.

Anvils Hammer
28-02-2006, 16:26
[pirate voice] yar.. 'ere be updates! [/pirate voice]

two new semi conplete trench coats.
rectangular buttons this time, and Ive also modified the design so that the belt is partly inside, this partly combines the benefits of belt and no-belt coats.

hope you like it, bty, they still need sanding etc before they are finnished, I know some bits are quite rough.


28-02-2006, 16:46
Looking good, IMO the legs are a bit on the stocky side.

Other than that, very cool, you've counter balanced the knee pads very well.


Anvils Hammer
28-02-2006, 16:54
tg- shoulder pads.... they will counter balance the legs a little.
though its likly the entire model will look a little stocky. which isnt too bad as they are meant to be heavily armoured troopers.

28-02-2006, 17:11
if you dip the sculpting knife in water before sculpting then the greenstuff will come out smoother.

01-03-2006, 01:11
www.jeffvalientstudios.com i think is the addy but he does casting of sculpted figs, makes the molds and so on.

i havent messed with metals but there are some RTV silicones that cant do metal work, people use it with jewlrey making.

there is a casting yahoogroup i read as well for ideas.

to get the detail your wanting with resin, you will probly need to have a vaccume pump and pressure pot to degass your silicone and you will probly want to use a resin with a longer vure time and lower viscosity (thinner) and use a pressure pot and either a vaccume pump or an aircompressor to make your casts to get max detail and trouble free molds.
try http://www.freemansupply.com/ there is about 300+ megs worth of free casting videos to give you some ideas on different casting, some o th emolds like the glove molds would be suitable for reproducing certain large terrain pieces like you venice building walls.

i have downloaded most of the videos, get the 300 ones, the 500 ones arent worth the extr Dl time unless you have cable internet. i just click a couple of the larger dl's and go to bed.


Anvils Hammer
01-03-2006, 12:19
now.. on the the question of colour scheme for my army.

heres one I did earlier.


please excuse the quality of the painting, its what happens when all a mini gets in 15 minutes with a knackered GW large brush

I really like the armour, though the yellow needs to be a toned down a little.

Ive decided Im going for an urban-ish camo scheme to match the urban bases (what with city fight 2 approching and all that). It doesnt have to be an urban theme, just somthing that would work with city fight bases.

I still cant decide what to do the trench coat in.

coming soon.. the Temuchin 23rd not so interactive painter!

01-03-2006, 12:28

I think you need more neutral colours for the armour.

01-03-2006, 12:30
No offense anvil, but it looks awful. The colours do not work together. At all.


Anvils Hammer
01-03-2006, 12:39
why do you think Im asking for advice guys...

heres the deal..

any colour scheme suggested here will be painted onto the figure, so he will end up with about 50 layers of paint, but meh.

so.. suggestions...

anything else..?

Ive got the full range of colours.

suggestions... before I try out another crazy idea.

Ragnar Ohman
01-03-2006, 12:58

Very nice conversions but you lack the painting part compared to the GS skill.
armour- I like dark green armor or german grey armor on ig.
coat-brown or grey if you use green on armor
trousers- black or khaki(dark daaaark khaki)

Try to blackline all parts and buy some new brushes. Thats all from me i think. PM if you need advice m8!

01-03-2006, 13:00
How about a natural scheme?

Say. . .

Soldier95 style camo on the armour (catachan green, chaos black, any mid to dark brown, and a warm light brown. Green as the basecoat and the other colours as standard splodges.)
Coat, heavy leather style. Scortched brown, maybe brown ink too.
Fatigues, plain catachan green, or possibly catachan green and something else (grey perhaps?) mixed, to give a cold mid-tone camo-ish green.
Gun and gubbinz, black and boltgun metal.

Hope this helps. I've tried something similar before and it looks the bomb!

Dave out.

Anvils Hammer
01-03-2006, 13:04

Very nice conversions but you lack the painting part compared to the GS skill.
armour- I like dark green armor or german grey armor on ig.
coat-brown or grey if you use green on armor
trousers- black or khaki(dark daaaark khaki)

This is how I paint normally mate... (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y17/joelpitt1/Sethra%20Imperial%20guard/bannerfinnished1.jpg)

thanks for the scheme.. Ill try it out.

Dave... no military style camo on these guys, Im saving that for another regiment. Im aiming for a sort of.. cross between a storm trooper and a cowboy.... but thanks.

edit- in general, the scheme should be colourfull, I want a blue, yellow or red in there somehere.

Im gonig to go and try out the "bounty hunter" scheme.

01-03-2006, 15:18
armour- chestnut brown (dark reddish)
coat- desert yellow
trousers- black
gun- white

try it, i think it would look good.

Rabid Bunny 666
01-03-2006, 15:49
kind of adding more detail to my other post

armour- stick with the grey ou've got, maybe darken it down a bit, or go for Shadow Grey
coat- Black or a Dark Brown
trousers- Light Brown or Light Grey
gun- try silver or red
anything else- Helmet: black Goggles: Dark angels Green with Goblin/Scorpion/White highlights (in that order)

hope that helps

Anvils Hammer
01-03-2006, 15:59
thanks for the ideas guys.

my post from the other thread-
Im leaning more and more toward a brown coat, as seen Here (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y17/joelpitt1/Misc/bountyhunter1.jpg)

Its a bounty hunter I did, and in many ways the inspiration for this army.
my Temuchin are going to have the same skin tone (though Ive forgotten how I did it!), the same redish hair. the same coat type things.

Its just a question of what colour armour would look good. Im thinking lighitng bolt camo, but the exact choice of colours is important.
It has to be bright but not over powering or cartoony, and match the browny/red pallet Im using so far."

this means.
the coat will be desert yellowish, with chain mail inside.
skulls, eagles ete will be white, as Im trying to minimuse use of metalics with these guys.
guns- very dark grey/black and boltgun, its easy to paint and looks good with anything.
skin tone and hair- see bounty hunter pic.
boots webbing and other equipment- mostly dark browns,
googles, lenses etc- green tinted.
trowsers- still up in the air

armour- this is the major sticking point, My bounty hunters armour is white, but its too bland.
yellow is too strong to be used all over it.

01-03-2006, 16:43
armour- Codex Grey, Blackoutlines, FG/White jaggies.
coat- Shadow Grey, faded.
trousers- black (what can I say, I'm a fan of black fatigues)
gun- Probably black.
anything else..? The rigging for the drop gear in 50/50 codex/fortress.
Chainmail- black base with an extrememly light drybrush of chainmail (don't know how i came up with THAT idea).
Goggles/lenses I think Red will work on. Blue would be a bit too much, I think.

The actual camo pattern you've chosen is nice. The colors are a bit less than ideal, though. With the color scheme above, i think it might turn out a bit on the 'drab' side... but with camoflage, unless you're doing something bright like you've got there, It's gonna be that way. But, give those colors a shot, and see what you think. The most important part of these models are going to be the coats. Too bright and it'll kill the whole city-fight look.

Anvils Hammer
01-03-2006, 17:09
thanks guys,

Im currently sculpting. so expect updates later tonight.

I plan to finnish the parts for the first 4 guys tonight.

01-03-2006, 19:05
as someone who's made some molds... make sure you have plenty of venting channels, especially in corners. Also, make your pour so that you have as few places for air to get trapped as possible. From what I can see, i would suggest you pour your bodies through the shoulders, with the feet at the bottom, with vents in the toes.

01-03-2006, 19:07
I reckon you should use the bounty hunter colourscheme for the best effect.

Anvils Hammer
01-03-2006, 20:00
kotobuki, thanks for the advice, Ill try it (and blame you if it goes wrong :))

darkseer, Im sick of white armour, but other than that, yeah your probably right.
Its just a question of choosing new armour colours/camoflage.
Also, you can have one to paint, but theres no way your blagging a whole squad for "paint scheme testing" :)

01-03-2006, 22:01
Replace the white with grey.

Yeah, gimme one to paint. It's not like I have a job or anything :(

Anvils Hammer
01-03-2006, 23:52
Its update time!

Ive finished the four initial body sculpts. though Ill probably do some tiding up and add a few minor things.

you can see the backs properly, with oxygen tanks and cross over straps to hold things on. Ive also added a few pounches and things to a couple.

the guy second from the right is new, including the chainmail, which came out ok, though I can still improove.

the little nubs on the shoulders are where the air hose attatches, these will be guitar wire added once Ive glued the heads in place.


edit- I used flamer canisters to make the air tanks, I removed the bones from the skull and cross bones to turn a "hazard" sign into the regiment symbol, the skull.
however Ive just noticed one is still breathing from a tank containing promethium/some other nasty chemical.. so I doubt he'll be very lively when he hits the ground (doh!) Ill take that off later.

The Dragon Reborn
02-03-2006, 05:50
those are really looking good, sweeeeet.

the kneeling guy is the best, imho are you going to do a equal number of each?

why dont all the cloaks have chain mail on the inside?

02-03-2006, 06:07
Loookin good :)

Rabid Bunny 666
02-03-2006, 08:14
pretty sweet :)

Ragnar Ohman
02-03-2006, 09:27

Very nice conversions and I must say you are a lot better with the GS part than the painting. Ive never got that smooth surface on cloaks that you or the others have on this fourm. Very inspiring though and I like your job. Keep 'em coming m8!

Anvils Hammer
02-03-2006, 10:59
thanks guys,

Dragon- they do all have chainmail, but only his coat is open enough to show it.
I do need to add chain mail in places though, thanks.

Ragnar, I'd say my painting is better/as good actually, I hope your not judging me on that test model I did. Its a test model. :)

Hideous Loon
02-03-2006, 12:45
Wow. I really like these fellas, it's a healthy mix between Greatcoat Guard a la Steel Legion, Cadians, and Elysians, while still looking armylike. Good job, Joel!

Anvils Hammer
02-03-2006, 13:25
cheers 'loon. SL/cadians.elsyians is roughly what I was going for, so Im glad you said that.

here they are... ready to go to war..


Little do they know they are about to be the subjects in a horrific Adeptus Mechanicus cloning experiment..... :)

Ragnar Ohman
02-03-2006, 17:10
Ragnar, I'd say my painting is better/as good actually, I hope your not judging me on that test model I did. Its a test model. :)

Nope Ive seen your other model and I still think you are better in GS compared to the painting part:)

Now I want more painted pictures!!!

Anvils Hammer
02-03-2006, 17:30
Nope Ive seen your other model and I still think you are better in GS compared to the painting part:)

In that case, Im flattered, and really need to improove my painting.

Painted models will be up next week some time.

Ive decided Im going to make some city fight bases with sand, gravel, miliput and general detrius. which will save lots of time making 85 different bases.

02-03-2006, 17:38
Very cool, don't take this as a slant on your plan, but I'm surprised how well they've turned out, great work Anvil :).


02-03-2006, 20:10
i second what tg said, they've come out far better than i expected, i have to praise you like i should.

Anvils Hammer
02-03-2006, 20:18

Its interesting... theve come out exactly how I expected. mabys its becaseu I could see the finnished product in my mind before you guys did.

but thanks anyway guys,

"i have to praise you like i should" is alyric from a song, and my brain automaticall sung the last bit of your sentance.. which was really weird..

02-03-2006, 20:23
Break out the dance therapy group...

"We've come a long, long way togther..."

02-03-2006, 20:23
hehehe, it had the intended effect then

yeh, Fatboy Slim - Praise you. love that song

on a random note, when i was younger i thought it went "i have to praise you like a shoe" aaaahhh, childish stupidity.

Anyway, yeh you probably did have a better view of what it was going to look like. How good do trenchcoats make guard look? Also, any new thoughts on what the colourscheme will be?

02-03-2006, 20:46
very nice, glad you kept the helmeted head in there, turned out the best of the bunch IMO.

and you wanted to not have one! ;)

just waiting on fnished stuff now, keep it up

Anvils Hammer
02-03-2006, 22:07
cheers guys,

MIGHTYpanhead- there will be atleast 1/3-half helmeted heads, with a greater proportion of helmets on the less experianced squads (they still think it will save them if they get hit in the head), with the vets who know better sporting crazy hair styles and bandanas.
And yeah... now Ive made it, I really like the helmet as well.

Hiredsword, I wasnt sure if it was deliberate or not. Lol.
as for your questions,trenchcoats make guardsmen look well good.
the colour scheme, Im getting closer to deciding
basically its going to be exactly the same as this model, but with a different armour colour, probably with a geometric camoflage pattern of some kind, using a combination of colours as yet undecided.

update time...

EDIT- this entire update has been removed, by order of the Inqusition. sorry

02-03-2006, 22:17
How hard does the clay get under the rubber and with no air? Since it's air-hardening...

I'm afraid for all the bits you have put at the back of the minis - wouldn't they get stuck in the clay when you force minis out of it?

To be more precise, weren't there too many negative angles?

Anvils Hammer
02-03-2006, 22:41

*whistles*... nope, no evidence of a crime here.

Warboss Garfang
02-03-2006, 23:29
*Crosses fingers*

Good luck man, you've inspired me to continue work on my Adeptus Mechanicus army, I hadn't a clue as to how to mold them, hopefully this works out(although if it doesn't I'll have to try bouncing some ideas off you as far as trying molds).

03-03-2006, 01:18
<snipped info to keep GW from crying>

Anvils Hammer
03-03-2006, 11:13
righty, having read GW's updated legal statement, Im removing all reference too, pictures of, discussion about etc, a portion of this project.

This is because I dont want to get Warseer in any trouble over my actions.

All the new models you see undercoated are fully sculpted from green stuff :)

the next update will, by nessecity, be undercoated models.

bty, a box arrived for me this morning, containing resin and stuff, its legit, Im using it to cast wall sections for venice.

Also.. with reguard to the banned pics, they will still be on the internet.. just not here.. lets play "locate AH's photobucket account".. but if you find it, im sure you will, dont post a link, it spoils the game for other people.

03-03-2006, 13:05

Took less then 2 minutes, you didn't wipe your trail that well ;)

Nice BA, I mean AH... (in a Hannibal voice...)



Anvils Hammer
03-03-2006, 13:17
Took less then 2 minutes, you didn't wipe your trail that well ;)

anyone would think it was deliberatly easy to find :angel:

Anvils Hammer
03-03-2006, 14:47
Im in a supremely good mood, I poured my self half a glass of water last night, and have just taken it out of the fridge, it worked perfectly!

I will now pour in the other half, then, once its had time to chill, Ill have an entire glass of cold water by tomorow afternoon.

03-03-2006, 15:14

is that a crptic message or something lol

03-03-2006, 15:22
Im in a supremely good mood, I poured my self half a glass of water last night, and have just taken it out of the fridge, it worked perfectly!

I will now pour in the other half, then, once its had time to chill, Ill have an entire glass of cold water by tomorow afternoon.

water...dig it...;) Hopefully its as refreshing as it promises to be...


Rabid Bunny 666
03-03-2006, 15:49
All the new models you see undercoated are fully sculpted from green stuff :) ;) ;) ;)

fixed your typo

the progress is good, and gool luck on the *ahem* sculpting front

03-03-2006, 16:43
anyone would think it was deliberatly easy to find :angel:
Well I can't find it. I need a better clue or a pm. ;)

03-03-2006, 20:17

Let's just say anvil's hammer cares more about warseer than about some other forum...

And no I'm not going to spoil the fun ;)



I love your water by the way A.H.!

Anvils Hammer
04-03-2006, 13:05
cheers guys,

Ive poured the second glass half full, and the original glass all the way to the top, they will both be at the correct tempreature in about an hour.

T-tauri, as your struggeling to find it, a direct link to the first glass I half filled is

HERE (http://www.serve.com/zozzles/Evelyn/Glass.jpg)


gamgee, Ive fixed all the other threads as well, I think.. oh wait.. forgot about dysartes :rolleyes:

more updates in a few hours time!!

Also, Ive aquired a cadian sentinel, Which Ill modifie into a Temuchin pattern drop sentinel. Its gonna be somthing special.. I think.
I also picked up some new files.

Im planning to make 6-7 urban bases with a few small interesting bits, plus miliput and gravel, and then making a one peice mould of it.
This will save lots of basing time.

Also, Getz has very kindly donated a scout heavy bolter, I plan to get several more and modify them all in exactly the same way.

04-03-2006, 13:21
Haha, that's not how I found it A.H...



Anvils Hammer
04-03-2006, 13:52
woohoo.... im not happy for any particular reason you understand....;)

but that said... sucess!!! ;)

04-03-2006, 14:23
I take it the water was very refreshing then.
good luck hope to see pics soon.

(OT. send me link to photobucket account via E-mail - monkeegonetoheaven@hotmail.com).

04-03-2006, 15:30
woohoo.... im not happy for any particular reason you understand....;)

Well, to bad you have found no succes, with anything.
Is there any chanse you could not post anything, on you non-existing photobucket album?

Anvils Hammer
04-03-2006, 15:54
unfortunate strv, I dont have a photo bucket account..

but if I did, 5.30 today feels like it would be a really good time to update. Ive missed a chance...

04-03-2006, 16:02
I understand an entity such as GW protecting their IP. But, let's be serious here. As long as nothing was done to gain finacially or with the intent of damaging said company, what's the harm? There was a time when speeders were made from deodorant bottles. I never saw "Right Guard" making a fuss/ stink over it.

Back on topic*

I've been following this thread and thought you mad for wanting to do this project. The amount of work seemed a bit much. However, I think that I've been proved wrong. I say we all raise our glasses of water and say "CHEERS". Good luck. Found *ahem* no photobucket and I'm really sad about it!

04-03-2006, 16:11
There was a time when speeders were made from deodorant bottles. I never saw "Right Guard" making a stink over it.

:D Surely the point of Right Guard is that there is no stink. :p

In many ways though there is a point to their paranoia. As home casting gets easier or rapid prototyping machines come through then they will have problems where people aren't creating their own unique glasses of water but are copying GW's cups of tea identically and selling them, cutting GW's sales enormously.

Anvils Hammer
04-03-2006, 16:16
Cheers guys, No-use4a-name, glad Ive made a believer of you!

In many ways though there is a point to their paranoia.

certainly Is, Im doing this because I want a unique regiment and dont have a billion hours to hand sculpt each one, but It would be relativly easy to use the same techniques for unscupulous ends.

In fact, Im stuggling myself to avoid taking things to far, its so easy... :cries:
still, I have moral standards to uphold, and shall not be recasting anything I can buy from GW online store.

..apart from purity seals :D

updates to the none existant account may or may not be coming soon....

04-03-2006, 16:36
PM me that link please, i cant seem to find it either.

i want to see how your bases turn out, i did some with diamond plate and some with flagstones and grave. just waiting for cure time.


Anvils Hammer
04-03-2006, 16:49
righty... due to a minor cock up, there wont be updates just yet,

the water I poured into my cup of water had massive air bubbles in it, rendering it undrinkable.

test two coming up...

Ill get a token few pictures up in the next few minutes.

edit- diamond plate, good idea orcdom, consider your intelectual property stolen! :)

04-03-2006, 16:55
the only stuff i could find was called "double diamond plate" it has 2 small marks side by side in the same pattern as diamons plate and IIRC was "N" scale. if you want after mine is done, and if i like your bases, want to trade?

i will get some pics if interested.

that diamond plate plasticard is not cheap.


Anvils Hammer
04-03-2006, 17:19
that diamond plate plasticard is not cheap.


ah.. I was thinking diamond mesh the car body repair stuff, for use as metal grill flooring.

Ill experiment later.

04-03-2006, 17:46
i am also a dumb ass and cannot find a link to the account that dosent exist (actually im to lazy to look)

and what i "havent" seen of these items has been really "bad", and really "hot" ;) ;)

Anvils Hammer
04-03-2006, 17:58
being too lazy is not an excuse!

Im currently on trial 2 of phase 1.

update later I hope.

If all goes really to plan.. the first fully sculpted (;)), undercoated minis will be in picture form tomorow evening.

Ive developed a new sculpting tool which allows to me sculpt 10 times faster and more accuratly than ever before.

04-03-2006, 18:01

send any sculpting and water drinking pictures and stuffs there please :D

I'm not going trawling looking for pictures of your stuff. I spent the last 10 minutes looking through photobucket before i realised you dont have an account.

04-03-2006, 18:07
Yeah, I douldn't find AH's photbucket account either... That picture on the second page of the thread didn't help me in the slightest.

04-03-2006, 18:12
ah lol, found it :D

Anvils Hammer
04-03-2006, 18:25
for those of you who need extra help, Ive included a very subtle clue in my sig, see if you can find it :)

Hideous Loon
04-03-2006, 18:29
No, sorry, I appear to be retarded, because the oh-so-subtle hint proves rather elusive.

04-03-2006, 18:29
Same here :confused:

04-03-2006, 18:35
hopefully now both of you should nolonger be in the dark ;)

04-03-2006, 18:39
Mwahaha! Cheers mate ;)

04-03-2006, 18:44
Hammer, I saw on mythbusters yesterday, they where talking about drinking water. Anyway they put something(I'm afraid i can't remember) in there water to keep it from getting boubles.
I'm sure there is something like that, to make drinking mini water esier.

05-03-2006, 03:12
with the expanded mesh, that would be a good industrial look, it would look like actual "Expanded Metal"


05-03-2006, 07:39
Now, I'm a keen water drinker, and I'd like to see progress on your drinking, but this hint has got me......

05-03-2006, 08:46
Where is it? I can't find it :(

Anvils Hammer
05-03-2006, 10:50

Its alot more obvious that it seems... try clicking stuff.

update- little to report, Im still experimenting.

05-03-2006, 10:54
It turned out I have already seen it all except i did not look closely and fought it was cake with funny decorations. T-tuari showed me the link. It was so obvious I fought i hadn't found it :eyebrows: :D Looking good. Quick and easy way of getting them done and its cheap.

*looks at tallarn snipers*

*considers* :evilgrin:

05-03-2006, 11:15
*curses own stupidity*

That really is obvious Anvil... I was thinking that one of the letters might be differently linked (i.e. TG sig).

05-03-2006, 12:34
*curses own stupidity*

That really is obvious Anvil... I was thinking that one of the letters might be differently linked (i.e. TG sig).

He he, thats what I looked for. I hovered my mouse over every letter incase you had made it white but to no avail :( I even checked the links didn't have a letter in them which was for another link. It looks good.

Have you decided on your colour scheme yet or do you still need help finding one?

Anvils Hammer
05-03-2006, 12:49
He he, thats what I looked for. I hovered my mouse over every letter incase you had made it white but to no avail :( I even checked the links didn't have a letter in them which was for another link. It looks good.

Have you decided on your colour scheme yet or do you still need help finding one?

Ive finalised the entire colour scheme except for one major bit- the armour plating..

Im currently leaning toward geometric straight line camoflage of some kind, and it has to be farily urban ish, but I dont know what colours to use.

Ive ruled out really bright colours, and White is out of the question as well.

Im currently messing around with paint.
I think 3 different colours is about right.
a base colour, and 2 colours for the shapes.

the main colours on the models-
sandy/bleached bone coat, dark dark green under suit, fairly dark brown webbing and pouches. dark grey/black boots.
pale, almost yelloish skin, reddish hair.

here is a pic-


basically its this scheme, but with the white armour a different colour and pattern, as described above.

05-03-2006, 12:57
*thumbs up*

Yup, looks good to me.

I'd like to nab a squad from you for a necromunda gang.

Anvils Hammer
05-03-2006, 13:46

after a series of 5 complete disasters in the experimentation phase, the first glass of water is a complete write off,

I will now proceed to pour the first half of glass of water 1- attempt two.


the water dispenser at forge world works so perfectly... Im green with envy.

05-03-2006, 14:35
so it's kind of a deathwing colourscheme?

Anvils Hammer
05-03-2006, 14:43
so it's kind of a deathwing colourscheme?

er.. not really...

vaguly similar in some ways I suppose

the coats will be like steel legion ones, slightly more whitish perhaps.

05-03-2006, 15:18
I still don't get it, could someone cure my stupidity?

Also, looking good anvil - very cool.

EDIT: I "found" your photobucket account, but what were the "disallowed" pictures?

EDIT Again: Nevermind *whistles and dusts tracks*


05-03-2006, 16:49
I want to call them 'the browncoats', but I have been watching Firefly too much recently.

Inquisitor lorr
05-03-2006, 21:46
:) They sound like they are gonna look pretty cool when your done

Anvils Hammer
06-03-2006, 12:22
cheers guys,

heres a pic of the bases Ive done, Im going to put them in a one peice mold and cast them in resin.
Im also going to chuck a few 1/2p coins in there to lend a figures abit of weight.

Its milliput, wire mesh, loads of random cut up weapons and equipment+sand and gravel designed to give the bases a "ruined industrial" feel.

at the moment, Im not sure weather to go with urban, or muddy/grassy type things.

Ill try our different basing schemes when the firsts bases come out of the mold tomorow.

Im quite pleased with them, relativly easy to do as well.


Anvils Hammer
06-03-2006, 14:07
the regiment has a name, a number, a motto, a colour scheme.

all it needs is a theme tune!!!

download "ghost busters" by Ray Parker Jrn, and sing along with these alternative lyrics!!

Its great fun!


Drop Troopers!

If you've seen some Tau, in your neighborhood
Who you gonna Vox?
Drop Troopers!
you dont like the sound, of this "greater good"
Who you gonna Vox?
Drop Troopers!

We ain't afraid of Xeno's
We ain't afraid of Xeno's

If you're scared that the Nid's, will tear off your head.
Who can you Vox?
Drop Troopers!
We'll fall from the sky, and we'll shoot em dead!
Oh, Who you gonna Vox?
Drop Troopers!

We ain't afraid of Xeno's
We ain't afraid of Xeno's

Who you gonna Vox?
Drop Troopers!
If you're all alone, take the microphone
And Vox
Drop Troopers!

We ain't afraid of Xeno's
We know the're easy to Kill
We ain't afraid of no Xeno's
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Who you gonna Vox?
Drop Troopers!
If you've lost a limb, to a Wych on Stimm's
You'd better Vox
Drop Troopers!

Let me tell you something
Fighting' makes me feel good

We ain't afraid of Xeno's
We ain't afraid of Xeno's

Don't get caught alone, oh no
Drop Troopers!
When Orks smash your door
Unless you just want some more
I think you better Vox
Drop Troopers!

Who you gonna Vox?
Drop Troopers!

{Repeat to fade}


(the project was getting far too serious)

old guard
06-03-2006, 14:44
Anvil. Have you ever seen a grown man weep? (mighty glad right now that we dont have web cams);)

06-03-2006, 14:47
*applauds* :D

Now to instal some mp3 speakers in those drop pods to play your theme tune

old guard
06-03-2006, 14:59
I suddenly have this image (shudders) of all sorts of songs getting this treatment. All together now to the tune of YMCA..... In-qui-si-tion. and lets not get started on in the Navy.

How was it that Colonel Kurtz put it?... the horror...the horror

Anvils Hammer
06-03-2006, 15:08
I suddenly have this image (shudders) of all sorts of songs getting this treatment. All together now to the tune of YMCA..... In-qui-si-tion. and lets not get started on in the Navy.

How was it that Colonel Kurtz put it?... the horror...the horror

you dont wanna know the theme tune of my blood pact army..

"blood pact", sung to the tune of the B-52's "love Shack". its gonna rock.

old guard
06-03-2006, 15:14
"blood pact", sung to the tune of the B-52's "love Shack". its gonna rock.[/QUOTE]

Now that's class!!

06-03-2006, 17:47
Its anvil's hammer, mate. Its ALWAYS class. . .

Well done on a good set of lyics there, anvil.

Dave out.

06-03-2006, 18:47
Joel, can you come up with a song for my Deathwing?

Anvils Hammer
06-03-2006, 19:17
Joel, can you come up with a song for my Deathwing?

not tonight mate, Im going to the cinema in a few minutes,

but tomorow, who knows...

cheers guys..

07-03-2006, 14:28
with all that sand and stuff, make sure you get it sealed well and good. I'd hate for those to come apart in the mold.

Anvils Hammer
07-03-2006, 14:49
Cheers guys,

with all that sand and stuff, make sure you get it sealed well and good. I'd hate for those to come apart in the mold.

It doesnt matter if they do, Im not going to be using these bases, just the replicas.

As I am making bases, and not minis, and only using very small GW parts, I believe that these bases are Ok to post details etc on the thread.

So Ill have pics of the mold up later.

Ill be using these molded bases to base my army, which will be sculpted from scratch. ;)

Anvils Hammer
07-03-2006, 16:45

A 10 step guide to making your very own custom bases, using a complicated and expensive method, presented by Anvils Hammer.

step one...

make your bases, Ive stuck milliput, wire mesh, sand and various GW gubbins on mine to create a ruined industrial/urban style base.

step 2

lay out your bases on plasticard, then build a wall around them, I used Lego, and I recomend you do too, its the easiest way.

step 3

take out the bases and draw around the inside of your wall, then put a bit of super glue on the underside edges of the bases and glue them to the plasticard (you can use any flat surface, I used plasticard cos I have lots of it)
Gluing them down is very important to prevent them floating to the top of your mold, rubber getting underneath, uneven bases and all sorts of other nasty things. you should be able to snap your masters off after the mold is removed. dont use too much glue!

steps 2 and 3-

step 4

mix up your rubber, Im using a silicone RTV called "T28" from www.tiranti.co.uk. but It takes 24 hours to dry, so Im goign to buy some quicker setting rubber next time.
I used electronic scales to wiegh out the mixture, as it has to be done 20:1 ratio by wieght, its a right pain.

step 5

using a brush that is really old and crap (one you can throw away), carefully paint rubber onto your bases, this avoids airbubbles forming when you pour the rest of the mixture in.

I strngly recomend reading THIS (http://hirstarts.com/casting/casting.html) page and building a working board to bang on. this should be used to get air bubbles out of your rubber (and resin) as it sets.
I pounded airbubles out of the rubber before it was poured in, as well as after.

steps 4 and 5-

step 6

pour in the rest of the rubber, do it slowly and let it flow to fill the mold.
It is vital that the top of the mold is as flat as possible, or the bases will be distorted.


step 7

wait 24 hours.... Im currently in this stage.

steps 8,9 and 10 coming tomorow!


after making this mold, I had enough spare rubber to make atleast one other mold, and nothing to do with it.

what a shame ;)

07-03-2006, 17:51
Whoa! I love them! I really do! They are the best representation of a Drop Troops force i've seen for a long time! I like your approach to basing, and i may just copy many of your water ides (;) ) on my Imperial Guard.

Anvils Hammer
07-03-2006, 18:27
cheers mate

If I inspire loads of people to scuplt and "waterise" their own unique regiments... GW will burn my house down.... :(

*continues pissing GW off*

Inquisitor lorr
07-03-2006, 18:38
*continues pissing GW off*

heh-go you

anyway this looks really cool,i hope the bases work out cos they will finish your models perfectly

07-03-2006, 19:19
mine did but they cam apart demolding. only the sand and ect came off. amd i had a coat of PVA over it, might glue it down with superglue, esp if you want to keep the masters incase you even want to pour a production mold.

dont go with the faster rubber, it is a harder rubber, therefore a shorter mold life. (would be nice to sell your bases later on to pay for the mold cost)

and you can use the synthetic clay that you can get with the casting kits to hold your mold box down and bases down, it is tacky enough to not let your stuff float.

i just cast some tiles and gravel bases and some diamond plate bases this very way.

and will be buying more silicone and resin tonight.


07-03-2006, 19:24
Hi Anvil,

This entire project.. like all of your others is inspiring and great to behold.. keep pouring the 'water'..

I love the look of your drop troopers, this is going to be a very individualistic army.. I cant wait to see more.. especially how you tackle the 'drop cages'..

Best wishes,


Anvils Hammer
07-03-2006, 19:41
cheers guys,

cthorpe, Ive been thinking alot about the drop cages, they are next on the list.
Ive got the basic design, but its a question of how to make it.. I have alot more respect for forge world now. I understand the high prices they charge.

orcdom- I wont be selling these ones, they have far too many GW parts in them.
Though if these ones are sucessfull, I might make a few differnet sets to sell.
Thanks for the tip re rubber, Id rather wait 24 hours and have a longer lasting mold.

more pics later tonight if everything goes to plan, I doubt it will.

07-03-2006, 20:04
OK guys i have still yet to find his Photobucket page. Could you give some clues. Oh and AH... Those bases are awsome. Everthinkging about casting them then selling some of them. Because i would Buy 10 of them at least.

07-03-2006, 20:19
Hey AH, your Temuchin Guard are looking good, and thanks for the base casting tutorial, it's one of the most useful things I've seen on this or any forum. In the future I want to make a Marine army themed on boarding space ships, so using your technique will be very useful to make scenic bases. Thanks a bunch! :cool:

Anvils Hammer
07-03-2006, 20:44
Emperors champ. I cant really sell these... in the same way that I dont cast Imperial guard and never will ;)

firestorm, cheers mate, no problems.
If you cast bases, make sure you put a really heavy weight/glue on the lego bricks, I didnt do this and it almost went wrong, luckily I noticed half the rubber had flowed out from under the lego.. I put my LotR's rule book on top of it.

ooo.. my threads been rated.. horray!

I cant believe this is post 231.... I feel like Im not updating fast enough.

Anvils Hammer
07-03-2006, 22:56
heres an update, I drunk my second glass of water, it was very nicly chilled, so a big sucess there! not quite perfect yet though. I need to work on my drinking technique.

Ive sculpted a few more componenets, this time I did it with a sculpting putty called "ahemasculpt", which is like green stuff, but is much easier to work with, and drys a white/yellowish colour.

what da ya reckon... I would show the new peices off on the proper bodys, but Ive lost them.


07-03-2006, 23:04
I beleive it's *drank* not *drunk* ;)

some very nice sculpting there too, gotta get me some of that "

keep working on your drinking technique as well, it'll only get better!

Warboss Garfang
07-03-2006, 23:39
Awesome man!

I've been waiting for someone to make a mold-making how-to. Two thumbs up!

08-03-2006, 00:01
Thats interesting looking sculpting putty. Too bad you have misplaced the bodies though. Thats a shame, go drink some more water!


08-03-2006, 01:11

plenty of videos to DL


Rabid Bunny 666
08-03-2006, 08:00
Ive sculpted a few more componenets, this time I did it with a sculpting putty called "ahemasculpt", which is like green stuff, but is much easier to work with, and drys a white/yellowish colour.

thats some pretty good "sculpting" ;)

keep on the awesome work

Anvils Hammer
08-03-2006, 10:35
cheers guys,

I should have pics of the first totally finnished Temuchin drop troops up later this evening, or possibly this afternoon.

Anvils Hammer
08-03-2006, 12:33
time for "10 steps to make your own bases" part 2!

step 8

your mold should look somthing like the top image here, if it doesnt.. we'll cross that bridge when you come to it.
All Ive done is take the lego off the plasticard, as you can see, the bases broke off the base, but I am left with a perfectly flat mold top, which is very important.

Step 9
Ive taken the bases out and cleaned off the rubber flash.
They wernt too difficult to remove from the mold, rubber is very flexible, so it doesnt matter if it stretches abit as you pull the parts out of the mold.
I also had to remove afew rocks and bits of sand from teh mold, this is easily acheived by picking at it with a nail or craft knife

step 10

The third part of this photo shows the underside of the mold, becasue of surface tension, the bottom will be totally flat, except for curving up edges at the side, as you can see, Ive cut these edges of, leaving a totally flat bottom, this is very important to avoid the bases warping in the mold.

Steps 8,9 and 10-

phase 11 (there are 10 steps, and a few phases at the end because I planed it badly.)

I need to fil the mold with resin, to ensure I mix the right amount, i have filled the mold with water, making sure to put a bit more than is nessecary, its always good to have slightly more resin than you actualy need, better than not having enough.
I then poured the water into a jug, calculating that I need approx 35ml of resin.
phase 11-

phase 12-
the resin Im using has a nice simple 1:1 mix ration, so I first took approx 17ml of resin in a measuring shringe, and then the same ammount of hardener.
Its important you use two differnet shringes, or resin will harden in the shringe/can.
I squirted it into a cup and mixed it round for 30 seconds.
The resin has a pouring life of 3-4 minutes, so I had to work fast at this point.

phase 12 photo-

Phase 13-
I poured a little bit of resin into each base mold, the used a nail to wipe it round the inside, pushing it into all the gaps etc, this ensures there will be no air bubbles visible on the finished bases.

I then poured the rest of the resin in the molds.
you can see in the final picture there is a clear plastic peice over the mold, this bit is crucially important!
balance the edge of the plastic (or glass works as well) on one side of the mold, and gradually lower it down, ensuring no air bubbles are trapped underneath.
This ensures that the bottoms of the base will be totally flat and not a weird round shape.


coming soon.. the finnished product!

Anvils Hammer
08-03-2006, 12:45
humm.. apparently Im only alowed 4 images per post.


da dah!

took em out of the mold, a few small air bubles, nothing worth worrying about, there was flash connecting the bases, I never thought Id be so happy to see flash..


now to painting them!

08-03-2006, 13:08
Anvils Hammer Rawks!!!

Warboss Garfang
08-03-2006, 14:32
My head just popped.

Those bases are awesome!

08-03-2006, 19:13
Just a quick reminder that making copies of GW (or other company's) minis for personal use is not recommended. Why? Because GW take a very negative attitude to this and will eject people from their events/stores if you take/use components or minis copied from their products.

I like the idea of using it for bases as that seems an ideal way to mass produce bases for your armies but this is something which I feel needed mentioning.


Anvils Hammer
08-03-2006, 20:28
point duly taken.

I sculpted them all, honest.

I would argue that Im not making copys per se, or if I am, Im doing it in the spirit of the hobby.

I had a really cool picture I was about to post, but wont now.

that said, Ive posted it on my photobucket, the "find AH's photobucket account" game continues..

painted pics soon.. I hope,, once Ive figured out the camoscheme Im using.

08-03-2006, 20:41
not too bad. now you just gotta work on venting the boots properly. Sucks losing a foot to air.

08-03-2006, 20:44
Ooooh, sexy. I really like what you have done so far. I do agree that you need to work on the venting on the boots. It looks like they ran into some toe-poppers.
Are you going to make arms for sergeants and heavy weapons troopers?

Anvils Hammer
08-03-2006, 22:05
cheers guys,

dont worry, Ive already figured out how to vent the feet better... I think.

Im going to add more vents, and enlarge the ones I've already put in.

Ill do a fair bit of experimenting tomorow to try and get the air bubbles out of the sculpts. hopefully assembeling and undercoating my first temuchin troopers tomorow some time.

warhawk, welcome to the forums mate.
Im going to sculpt planty of new stuff, more lasgun arms, sargeant arms, grenade arms, special weapon bits etc.
Ill also do a fair bit of work on the heavy weapon side of things.
Ill also be sculpting 4 new leg poses, including a "prone" trooper

I dont need to sculpt every little bit with "ahemasculpt", once I've got the basics done I can for example, cut the shoulder pad off an existing peice and use greenstuff to create a new arm fairly quickly.

more updates soon I hope.

Anvils Hammer
08-03-2006, 22:47
oky doke.

here are the bases painted.

Ive done 4 in an urban scheme, which I hate, its just not culourfull enough.
and the other four in a much more standard mud and grass scheme.

I really like the mud/grass scheme, its normalish, but the extra details and scattered debris make it look much more like a war zone, like somthing youd find in no mans land.

I think I need to use darker green grass, I was going to, but couldent find it.


any suggestions/comments?

Ill almost certainly try out a few differnt styles more befoer I finallise the decision.

08-03-2006, 23:02
that grass colour is good, any darker could look weird.

i know these are rough, but is the water finished? just curious

Anvils Hammer
08-03-2006, 23:17
i know these are rough, but is the water finished? just curious

Its currenty one coat of catachan green, the finnished water will be several shades, plus gloss varnish.

Ill also be putting a little more effort into the metalics, rust patchs etc etc.