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20-04-2010, 17:34
Hi Warseers.

I really want a new scheme for my guard army so was wondering if anyone knows of any sort of online interactive painter for Imperial Guardsmen, like the one that used to be on the GW website before it was changed. I know there is a SM and a SOB one on Bolter and Chainsword, but I want one for IG.

Thanks in advance warseers.

(mods, I thought General was more appropriate than MP+T, feel free to correct me if Im wrong)

20-04-2010, 21:09
Is there anyone who knows of one, please?

Rich 123
20-04-2010, 21:19
I don't remember seeing one in the past but you could always do what we did before the rise of the t'internet... grab one of your Guard and do a test paint?

Actually painting something brings the extra benefit of, not only being able to see what he colour scheme looks like, but also finding out how best to paint it. For instance you may think that muted pale green fatigues would look best but find out while test painting that you wouldn't want to make loads of specific shade mixes of Rotten Flesh (or whatever shade) and then instantly rule out or refine colourschemes to somethign that suits your time/ability without getting attached to a colourscheme before finding out ho wbest to approach.

I think a web based painter is all well and good for an initial test, but the lack of can only be a good thing in my mind because of my points above. Maybe I'm just old fashioned/being a ***** artist! With IG it's not like you would be so short on troop choices to be able to sacrifice one or two(or hide it in one squad) to test, refine and perfect your colourscheme.

After all of that I sometimes just cheat in Photoshop for an initial test (I just photograph an undercoated mini and brainstorm on that - although that doesn't mean I miss the test painting stages I detailed above, it is just a preamble to it.

Best of luck!

Edit: I got bleeped! Who would have thought a sideways reference to self-pleasuring myself through art was bleep-able!

20-04-2010, 21:25
Thanks for the suggestion but my pile of test schemes is about 30 guardsmen high now, so I was looking for an interactive one because I am getting kinda bored of painting test models in the knowledge I will have to repaint one day.

Rich 123
20-04-2010, 21:37
Well I normally stick to just one or two. I have a marine army that has been a long time in the making and I still keep my initial test scheme marine in it (he is a sergeant of a tactical squad) and his colour is distinctly more bright and less burnished as the others from the evolution of my colourway... He has stayed in for sentimental value though!

Short of getting Photoshop open (my career involves spending a lot of time working with Photoshop and other graphics apps so doing test schemes quickly that is second nature to me) there aren't many other digital options available to you (but as it is a test model I would just repaint the same mini until I'm happy with it - if it takes you 30+ tests then you have only made one mini very manky rather than making loads kind of manky with quick paint jobs.

Still, if you don't want to spend time test painting but don't mind psending money (unless you already have it) why not pick up the PC game Dawn of War gold because you can digitally paint your army in that one of the expansions featured the IG... however, I always found the army painter rather limited, but it is a personal opinion!