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20-04-2010, 20:37
Ok i am hoping (if i stop spending all my money) to start a new army and i torn between different armies. (i'm sure loads of you have seen my threads like this before, i am very very very indecisive).
as the thread suggests i would like for you guys to try and help me decide between Iron Warriors/Space Wolves/Tau.
now i've always like Iron Warriors (even more after i read Storm of Iron) but i feel the codex isn't good for them. but i saw one guys thread on them and it's reignited me love for them. Same with the Space Wolves to be honest, except from the Space Wolves books instead of Storm of Iron :P. And a Tau gunline just like the firepower of it but not the models.
Ok here's the Pro's and Con's list:
I love the colour scheme
I love the background
I love their play style (but i always see them as Long Range, don't know how to make them siege)

Codex isn't good for them
Would want traitor guard for tanks, but can't
It's another PA army

Great Codex (i like it)
Love the Background, the cunning and senses
Fun to play as

Hardish paint scheme
Lots of people (including my brother) play them
Ragnar isn't represetned as he is in the books, very well
Another PA army

Love their weapons
Gunlines are different to what i currently have

Hate the models
Hard to paint i feel
Gunlines i dull.

ok so you have seen my pro's and con's and could add more but i am quite tired. i might add more tomorrow if i can. so try and help me (if you can)

thank you


20-04-2010, 20:38
Space wolves.

20-04-2010, 20:45
Space Wolves. New 'dex, new kits. If you enjoy the background and play style just do it. Choose an interesting Great Company and you can team up with your brother's Wolves for doubles and Apoc games.

20-04-2010, 21:08
Tau are more of a mobile gunline. They're a very mobile army that needs to always be on the move.

20-04-2010, 21:13
There is an Iron Wolves Great Company...

Of course you could just make your own chapter, use SW codex and models, but paint them like Iron Warriors and use Ironclads and Vindicators.

20-04-2010, 21:19
Honestly I wouldn't go with any.
IW- Your not getting what you really want, and poorly painted they can look awful.
SW- Like you said, everyone else plays them, fur is easy to make look good.
Tau- Your cons say it all. Those are core to enjoying your army.

20-04-2010, 21:25
You think Tau are a gunline army?

Quoth The Miz: "Really?"

If you sit there with Tau you're asking to die. Tau are a mobile shooty army, they are as far from "sit there and shoot" as you can get.

20-04-2010, 22:12
What's a "PA army?"

20-04-2010, 22:20
Power Armor

Caiphas Cain
20-04-2010, 22:22
None of the above. Get some Vostroyans.

28-04-2010, 20:42
i was looking at the guard for a bit, as hereitcal guard to give me the heavy vehicles for my Iron Warriors.

on the other hand there is always the Warriors of Chaos with the new fantasy rulebook coming soon.

i just don't know, there is also one final option to just continue with my Salamanders, but i do think i am getting a bit bored of green to be honest.

i just don't know, but right now i am a bit low on money for a bit (spent it on a shopping trip annoyingly).
i really want to do a new army but i don't know still.
and have now taken out the tau, completly gone of them.

but as i said the Guard are interesting. i have 2 that i would get either:
Loyal Guard: Onyx Primes (my own regiment, really cool imo)
Heretical Guard: Don't know name (lots of vehicles, and guardsmen with wounds. and maybe a psyker squad)

so what do you think now?



28-04-2010, 20:45
wolves dont have a hard paint scheme

im no great painter but mine get complemented a lot

chaos black spray
base coat astromicon grey
blue wash
dry brush of a mixture of fortress and spacewolf grey

29-04-2010, 18:01
do you have any pictures Simo429? becuase it sounds nice. but if you don't i might try it. because i also like the paint scheme used in the army master section.
to be honest guys i am coming back to the Space Wolves, becuase i want a good codex for the Iron Warriors and they don't have that currently.

but i had a nice piece of background for Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Salamanders are on a crusade together and i want to use that. and the BA army is only 1000+Meph, and i have most of that already, so i think i might get that first as i can get it quickly, play with it. and save money for my Wolves :)

but thanks for all your help :)