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17-02-2006, 02:47
Hi, my list so far:

1 Exhalted Chapion Of Slaanesh: 167
Sword Of Battle
Pendant Of Slaanesh

12 Warriors Of Chaos: 227
Hand Weapons. Sheilds, Full Command

6 Knights Of Chaos: 268
Full Command

1 Chariot Of Slaanesh:130

12x Daemonettes Of Slaanesh: 180

Total: 972

Some things to note:

This is intended to be a small 1000 PT block force, I am fairly new to WHFB and at this point in time these ARE all the models I have ( just got my 6th knight today ) and with keeping on the slaanesh theme ( this also plays a part on the list ) I am keeping the troops in either 6, 12 or 24 blocks for obvious reasons ( but Im not sure if in fb favored units has any effect either way I want to keep it themed, cause its all bout theme and fun for me winning and beardy last! ), I understand alot of people hate daemons but I am keeping these guys ( er ladies ? ) as double duty for my EC 40k force and on rank bases for fb too.

Later on I plan to add at least another chariot ( yea yea scratch the mark but its in theme! ) and probably 6 marauder horseman and 24 marauders of chaos ( painted up in slaaneshi style of course with flais mmm gotta love da pain and pleasureeeeeeeee! ), now onto the questions for you pros:

1- This force will probably be facing Empire ( no gunline thank her/him/it ) and VC with a hefty GG unit in there with mostly bones.

2- I know its in theme so it detracts from an otherwise tweaked tactics list ( and im certainly no vet or even novice to fb ) but how is the list so far ?

3- Rip it to shreds, what is horrible about it the list ?

Thanks for any help guys!

18-02-2006, 23:10
Anyone ?

Cmon someone has to have some input on this list or does it suck that bad ? lol

19-02-2006, 09:13
What you could do would be to get two of those small boxes with Chaos Warriors, this would bump your Warriors to 18, which is also dividable with Slaanesh' holy number.

To get the points for these Warriors, may I suggest dropping the magical equipment on your Exalted in favour of the Blade of Blood, and dropping the Chariot.

Using the points left, you could get yourself a unit of Marauder Horsemen, the best setup for these would be 5 Horsemen, Flails and Musician, this totals to 81 points, which can be put to very good use.

Seeing as you will be facing Undead, the Chariot isn't strongly reckomended.

As for your choice of Marauder equipment, I think you'd be much better off giving your Marauders Shields and Lightarmour than Flails, this would allow them to survive longer both in and outside of combat, Flails works best on smaller units of 16 designed to blow through the enemy in one round of combat, whilst Greatweapons are used on units of 10 or 12 in 2 ranks as flankers (the role your Daemonettes should serve).

And you will most deffinately want your Horsemen when facing these two armies in order to cancel ranks so that a Knight or warrior charge to the front can see the enemy off.

Later on, when you get to higher points levels, Hallberds and the Raptorous Standard on your Chaos Warriors turns them into killing machines, keep the shields on them as well so that you can survive arrowfire.

19-02-2006, 15:38
I don't know, imho CWs are too expensive to put in a 1000point game (if you want to put in good stuff anyways. ps. the pendant of slaanesh is NOT going to help any (since you have but 2 wounds). I would say put the exalted on a barded warhorse and give him the gaze and a GW. plus I would take marauders, a chariot, and a unit of marauder horsemen:
so your list should look like this:
Exalted: GW, gaze, barded warhorse=150points (either have him be a loner and hunt characters and chariots, or stick him with the knights.)
5x chaos knights: mark of slaanesh, standard bearer, musician= 225points
1x chariot= 120points
20x marauders: shields,light armor,FC= 165points
5x marauder horsemen: flails, musician= 81points
12x daemonnettes= 180points
1x fiend of slaanesh= 75points