View Full Version : Splitting the 8th ed rumours thread up?

21-04-2010, 23:26
As I posted in the main 8th ed thread there, I have been told that the number of things that will be changing is huge (much bigger than those that are currently in the sticky...)

As it is it's hard to follow the rumour discussions when 12+ pages are added in a single day, talking about every single rumour that is going in one thread.

So I've had an idea I'd like some feedback on.

We split the rumour threads into 6

Magic and magic items
Combat and ranking
Movement and charging
Psychology and special rules
All other 8th ed changes

This would make it considerably easier to follow discussions on any one topic. On the downside, it would be 6 more threads to follow.

We could lock the 100+ page one then.


21-04-2010, 23:28
My thoughts is that it maight be a nice idea, but bound to fail. People will just go OT all over the place instead of in only one thread.

22-04-2010, 04:04
Might be more feasible towards the last month; by then more rumour threads will pop up that are more targeted.

22-04-2010, 05:37
I'd just like if everytime a new (at least somewhat credible rumor) popped up the thread starter would add it to the front page. I don't have time to keep up with that thread.