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22-04-2010, 02:13
Well, I have more of an orc force as it stands, but I'm thinking of maybe throwing a goblin army together one day... hows this for a start? Ive brooded for many hours over this list and it looks good to me, but to the gobbo experts out there, toss over the advice!!

Lords and Heroes
Goblin Warboss x1 203
-Light Armor
-Effigy of Mork
-Martog's Best Basha
-Enchanted Shield
-Bigged's Kickin' Boots
-Giant Spider

Goblin Big Boss x1 129
-Light Armor
-Ulag's Akkrit Axe
-Collar of Zorga
-Wolf Chariot

Goblin Big Boss x1 64
-Great Weapon
-Amulet of Protectyness

Goblin Shaman x1 165
-Lvl. 1 Wizard
-Dispel Scroll x2
-Wolf Chariot

Night Goblin Fanatics x6 150
(These guys will switch units every battle)

Night Goblins x35 152
(General here)
-Musician, Standard

Night Goblins x36 163
(Goblin Big Boss here)
-Full Command

Common Goblins x36 156
-Musician, Standard

Night Goblins x21 67

Night Goblins x21 67

Forest Goblin Spider Riders x5 71

Forest Goblin Spider Riders x5 71

Goblin Wolf Riders x5 71

Goblin Wolf Riders x5 71

Special Units
Goblin Spear Chukka x2 70

Goblin Spear Chukka x2 70

Goblin Wolf Chariot x1 60

Night Goblin Squig Hoppers x6 90

Goblin Doom Diver x1 80

Trolls x7 280

EDIT: I should probably mention that i plan on having my general avoid the other armies general completely during the battle, and i plan on doing that in deployment, with 14 things to deploy I hope I can get him to commit his general somewhere than have mine run around looking for a block of infantry with a hero in it... and hope that said hero doesnt have WS 7 (so he hits my general on 5+)

Thanks for any advice!

22-04-2010, 14:09
I would strongly recommend having a Battle Standard in your army, possibly with the Big Red Raggedy Banner. Goblin leadership needs all the help it can get.

22-04-2010, 14:23
well, my only problem with that is if my gobbos lose combat by 3, theyre running whether or not I have a BSB in my army.. I know it makes the army hit or miss, but to my estimation the amount of extra break tests saved by the BSB is not enough to warrant using it

23-04-2010, 12:30
you need to have luck with the dice rolls on LD ;)
you can do like i do.
all NG and normaly i stay in combat for like 2-3 rounds on LD4-5 xD
my opponet gets angry ;>

23-04-2010, 13:50
does a big unit of trolls like that work?

23-04-2010, 15:15
I don't have a great deal of time, so I'll just pick on one major thing I noticed.

You have a lot of points in characters. Whether they're effective is debatable. I used to tool my characters up (coming from a sturdy dwarf background, I was in the mindset of characters being the ones that actually kill things, while the troops stand there and wave an axe around), but over a summer of play testing, I came to the conclusion that my general was much more effective for raising leadership than killing things, and support characters with great weapons are as (if not more) effective as characters with big magical stuff.

At the moment my characters tend to be:

Common goblin warboss - wolf, light armour, shield (sometimes enchanted shield), akrit axe (sometimes just a spear, depends how I'm feeling).

Night goblin BSB - gizmo which nicks the opponents armour/wards (Tricksy trinket?)

Night goblin shaman - staff of sneaky stealin, (usually) Level 2

Night goblin shaman - brimstone bauble (occasionally level 2 if I find I have points spare, but there's usually more goblins to take)

Now I don't have a calculator or my book with me, but I believe these characters all come in around 100 points each (a bit more for the "stealin" shaman) and each one very rarely lets me down. You could then get another unit of combat goblins.

The BSB and general tend to hang around close together so I have a nice leadership 8 re-roll bubble for my main units to stick in the fighting, and the shamen tend to be sufficient to protect me from the worst of incoming magic, and sometimes cause a bit of hurt themselves (I tend to just use maximum dice on one low level spell to ensure that it gets cast).

Just a thought....

I'm back again (posting stuff in breaks).

Your core looks good, well sized units, good balance of combat, shooting (I assume the 21 night gobs are bowmen) and fast cav..... in fact, if I didn't know better, I might think that you've been sneaking a look at my list. I don't tend to use common goblins a great deal (except I do have around 1000 points worth of wolf riders and spider riders), but that's just because I'm not keen on the models (once they bring out some new ones......at some stage, I might well expand my common goblin contingent, as 4+ save is not to be sniffed at). I tend to go for a single fanatic in each night gob unit. They're quite expensive and tend to not do nearly as much as you think they might, but they're still handy for detering charges/ march blocking.

I like your special choices. Personally I take 2 spear chukkas a chariot and 2 units of squig hoppers, but that might just be my slight obsession with squig hoppers. Certainly those spear chukkas will help get rid of heavily armoured nastiness heading towards you (and big beasties), and if/when squigs and chariots survive/actually get a successful charge, they're very very hitty. I'd bulk the squigs up to 7,8, or 9, just so that if they get shot at there's still something left. Not much more to say here, I'm sure you already know what I just said anyway.

Nowthen, shall we consider rare for a second? Doom diver = excellent. It's one of the best warmachines in the game as it has so many uses (knight killing, skirmisher killing, lone character killing), and getting rid of armour is so badly needed in goblin armies. On to the trolls then I guess. I'm not entirely sure what the aim is here. Sure, it's a big scary unit, and will probably take a lot of shooting/magic (meaning the rest of your army survives better), but bear in mind that they're stupid. Even with a goblin warboss nearby they'll do what you want them to do a little over half of the time. Sure, the goblin army is inherently a random beast, but 280 points worth of "stumbling forward a few inches" is a big risk and a big points sink. I've had a lot of success with the classic "single troll", which has more different uses than a high quality pen-knife. I've also had some (less, but some) success with a unit of 3 trolls, good for flank charging etc. I think you should at the very least cut this unit down to 3. The additional trolls really aren't going to make much impact, and the unit is very very unweildy. Again, with the 160 points you save here, I'd take some more goblins, or possibly a bit more fast cav (I usually use 2 units of fast cav where I'd use 1 in any other army, simply because they're so cheap, and tend to fail animosity tests at inopportune moments).

In summary:
1) put less items on characters
2) take less trolls
3) bulk up squigs a bit
4) with additional points gained from character/troll reduction, put in another unit of goblins (night or common, whichever takes your fancy) and add some more fast cav (wolf riders are my favorite, but that's a matter of opinion).

Hope that helps (and I urge you to remember, this is purely opinion, it's by far best to try things out, and come to your own conclusions)