View Full Version : Bringing down the BT, legit?

22-04-2010, 19:42
Whilst developing lists to take on a friends Daemon list with my High Elves, i came across an idea to take down his Blood Thirster.

What i want to know is if this is legit?

Here goes; The plan is to take a unit of Dragon Princes with War Banner, BSB, Battle Banner and equip my unit Champion with the Talisman of Loec. When i charge or am charged i will challenge the BT with my Champ. As i strike first i'll re-rolling hits, wound and he's re-rolling saves. Once this is done my champion will die before the BT gets to strike back.

Now where does this leave the combat, does he get to attack the unit?

Or, as it was a challenge does combat end as my character is dead and combat res is counted up?

22-04-2010, 19:45
No, the Talisman of Loec wounds you at the end of the combat phase.
In any case, baring exceptional circumstances, you can always strike at your opponent in a challenge, him being dead is not one of those.
You might be better off with a 5+ ward to reduce overkill by a little ;)

If he has the flaming +1S thing, your dragon prince champ will actually have a field day.
Of course, catching it with that unit is an entirely different matter.

22-04-2010, 19:46
This is a rules question; your champion dies at the end of the combat phase, after your opponent strikes back.

22-04-2010, 19:47
Yeah, I'm afraid these two have got it right. Points for creativity though.

Ender Shadowkin
22-04-2010, 19:57
You can inact a trick similar to what you want with the armor of the stars. You can challenge him (with a noble this time), then as soon as he inflicts one wound, he will teleport out of combat, getting the result you want. It works pretty well, but rarely against the same guy twice.

The big drawback here is that you now have to be on foot. At least you get to be swinging a GW then :)

Also, you might want to go with the Lion standard. Failing terror tests in a unit packed full of heroes is never a good time (and always happens at the worst possible time)

In general HE's are good for having unit champions that can suck up some damage though. You can get your DP champion a re-rollable 1+, or a PG champion with a 2+ armor and 4+ ward.

22-04-2010, 20:26
Yeah, I'm afraid these two have got it right. Points for creativity though.

Yup, thought i was on to a winner there! Oh well back to the drawing board to take down the beast.

23-04-2010, 15:55
Your round still seems to work. think about it, you are going to have a static 4+ combat results +d6, that means between 5 and 10 combat results. the likeliness that the bloodthirster will be able to best that is low. even with a bloodthirster scoring full wounds to your champ and you saving nothing as well as not wounding him, he is only going to net 6 combat results. You will average 8.5. just think if you manage a good roll on the +d6 combat results. Say bye bye to the BT.

23-04-2010, 15:57
Would be hilarious if the BT had flaming attacks in this case though....

the only time my high elves played against a daemon, he removed his flaming sword from his list (he had just played another game)

23-04-2010, 16:06
actually, my HE opponent pulled that trick with the talisman once, but since his champion die at the end of combat phase, my doombull still get the chance to maximize his CR in a challenge thus winning the combat.

oh, and most of Demon players i know will keep his BT away from Dragon Princes at all cost :D