View Full Version : Your reason for starting DkoK? With a sprinkle of a question

22-04-2010, 19:56
Hey guys,

After having a long think about it, Iím finally joining the DKOK fan club (:D), so does anyone know of any good sites relating to DKOK?

Anyway after a realisation today of why I wanted to do DKOK, I just wanted to ask everyone here why they decided to start?

Have to say my biggest reason, even over the fact the models are amazing, was the fact that all my imperial guard armies that Iíve ever done always play generally around wars of attrition! Perfect example is in previous edition in a 4 way match I threw 40 guards men in combat with 9 K.berserkers and was still able to win the combat after 3 turns :D

Anyone else got any interest stories/reasons? Curious to see if Iím not the only person attracted the war of attrition story behind DKOK....

Hespy out

22-04-2010, 20:37
I started a DKoK army for one simple reasons.
The Models.
They are some of the sweetest infantry models I've ever seen.

22-04-2010, 20:39
Amazing models, awesome fluff, relatively rare, what's not to like?

22-04-2010, 20:45
I will be getting some Death Korps soon. The reasons:
1. I love the models.
2. I dont know anyone else who plays them.
3. I want some unique guard models.
4. I want some models I will really want to paint well.