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Thane McHammer
17-02-2006, 12:39
Welcome, one and all...

This isn't going to be your run-of-the-mill RP. No, there will be no doomsday plot that needs to be uncovered, or heretic Cardinal that needs assassinating. No, the simple goal of this RP is for you, as players, to make sure that your character survives.

Survive what? Glad you asked. Survive from the enemies, survive...from each other. You are all citizens of Trevon V, a small agri-world somewhere on the Eastern Rim. Very little happens here, and you all go about your daily lives. Some of you are farmers, others are clerks, some are lowly sewage management workers. But one fateful day, a cadre of Emperor's Children Chaos Marines happen to be in the area...and they have come to play. With the planetary capital under their control, you have gathered what meger supplies you can and have run into hiding. Others have joined you, but as the screams of the unfortunate fill the night, nerves are set on edge and tempers flair, and everyone is anyone's potential victem.

This RP will rely heavily on PMs, as much OOC interaction will be required between the players. Now to the kicker: two weeks after the start of the RP, you will each PM me with the name of the person you wish to be 'kicked off', a-la the Survivor tribal council. Votes come in, and one person will die an imaginative and brutal death of my own concoction.

This is more psychology and player interaction than kill-the-baddie scenarios that dominate the RP section, so don't expect lots of killing. There will be some, but only enough to keep the characters uncomfortable, on edge, and stressed out. Post your characters name, age, position within the city, any skills they might have, and what 'civilian' gear they might have with them. Remember, you are an average Joe in a war time setting.

I hope that you all will join in the fun, and see if you can be the last one standing in...

Survivor: 40,000!

17-02-2006, 20:26
Name: Holden Nake
Age: 16
Position: At school.
Skills: Musical and quite athletic. Has a surprising range of general knowledge.
Appearance: Scruffy brown hair, long enough to hang into his eyes, hazel eyes. He is about 5' 10" and is fairly average looking.
Gear: he is wearing a grey hoodie and baggy, khaki combats. Underneath he is wearing a black T-shirt saying "World Peace - Kill Everyone". An unfortunate message, given the circumstances. A scratched analogue watch is strapped to his left wrist and battered black skate shoes with lime green laces are on his feet. Hidden in a sheath under his trousers is a folding knife. In his pockets are his wallet, devoid of cash; A flyer for a charity concert and a music player with headphones, filled with various rock tunes.

18-02-2006, 17:52
Name: Rik Tallan
Age: 31
Position: Deserter of the PDF (if it's allowed)
Skills: Fairly good aim with a gun.
Appearance: Bloodied and worn fatigues, muddy boots sporting a blood soaked bandage on his right arm. He is 6' 2" rather guant. He has short brown hair and dark green eyes. He still carries his old combat knife and has a hip flask, half full of spirits and an officer's auto-pistol.

Rik was a part-timer in the PDF, attached to the south division, the first to witness the attack. Rik's unit was under the command of a young commissar, too young for his post. The first wave hit at dawn and soon the sound of bolter fire and unhuman screams filled the air. Rik's unit was defending a bunker until a monsterous machine tore through the re-enforced rock killing have the unit. Rik and the others began to flee but the arrogant commissar commaned they hold against this metal beast. When Rik's oldest friend ignored the commissar and ran he was gunned down by the young man. Rik couldn't beleive what this kid had just done and charged at him, throwing his rifle to the ground and unsheathing his knife. The commissar turned in time to fire off a shot which embeded itself in Rik's arm but still Rik ran at the boy, pounced on him and began hacking into him untill he lay there motionless and bloodied. By now the rest of the unit had fled and Rik was left there looking down upon the officer he had just murdered, knowing that he would surely be killed for this, he instead fled. He fled from the army and the city, taking the officer's pistol as a reminder of what he had done.

18-02-2006, 19:05
Name: Louis Berubeus
Age: 15
Position: Student
Skills: Horrible athlete. Good aim. Average intellect, but hard worker.
Appearance: Brown, messy hair, often appears deep in thought. Wears a gray sweat. Black track pants.
Psychology: Fears death. Really.
Bio: Part of an agricultural family, father killed by alpha legion.

19-02-2006, 17:56
Name: Seth Abel
Age: 18
Position: High School drop out
Skills: Survial Skills (makeing fires, finding food ect..), Hideing, and stealing

Appreance: a large leather coat, messing long hair due to years of never getting it cut same with his facial hair.

Psychology: hated the way that the schools were run and due to his age at the time 15 he would have been recutired into the IG. so he dropped out of high school and fled into the wilderness. hates and form of order and wants to be a loner.

19-02-2006, 19:33
Name: Scott Fawkes
Age: 19

Position: Imperial Guard Recruit

Apperance: Short Dirty blond cut military style. Imperial guard jacket with jeans. Carrys a laspistol that his father used when he was in the guard.

Psycology: Was on his way to basic training when Chaos arrived. His father and most of his family who were in the guard died figting them. HE has sworn to get revenge. Can't understand anyone who dos not wan to fight for the imperium.

19-02-2006, 20:05
Name: Captain Jack Thunder of the 54th Grenadiers Division
Age: A dashing 28

Appearance: A jaw that could be used to break open coconuts, and the face of a hero, Captain Jacks hair always looks good, even under the most extreme pressure. Armed with carapace armour, a Hellgun laspistol and a powersword, Captain Jack also carries a wide variety of miscelaneous equipment, likely to be useful at just the right time!

Skills: Captain Jack is good at everything!

Psychology: A fearless leader of men, and desired by *all* the ladies, if Captain Jack is given a job, he gets it done, no questions asked, no enemies left alive!

Oh, oh wait. Damn.

Name: Hugo
Age: 28

Appearance: Hugo is fit and strong, but only because his menial construction job dictates it. He's a big guy, (even taller than Captain Jack!) but his features are plain, to put it nicely. Hugo still lives at home with his mom, but he's not one of those loosers who can't get a girl, oh no, they'd be all over him, if only his mom would let them into the house, and Hugo could get up the nerve to talk to them.

Psychology: Hugo is, lets face it, a nerd. He idolises Captain Jack, and loves the military, though he could never get in. That being said, he's a big reader, devouring all he can about guns and tanks and unit markings. Thanks to never missing an exciting episode of Captain Jack Thunder! Hugo knows plenty about the inner workings of equipment most soldiers would never get their hands on. Of course, given the usual media translation of reality, what he knows may not always be correct.

Caught by the attack on the way to work, Hugo is carrying a packed lunch, a thermos filled with soykaf, and a toolbox, containing a hammer, a handsaw, a powerdrill (with one spare charged battery and spare bits, for masonry, wood and steel)), a variety of pliers, a couple hundred nails, ranging from finishing nails to 6 inch wood nails, and a six pound sledge. He also has a hardhat and steelcapped boots, and a copy of Imperial Guard Now! the bi-monthly publcation about the latest happenings in the IG, and also an episode review (and pull out poster!) of Captain Jack Thunder!

Given a difficult situation, Hugos first thought is often;
What would Captain Jack do?

Thane McHammer
21-02-2006, 11:09
Ok then....I've got 6 people...more, people, more!

I'm looking for at least 8-9 people, or 10, if possible. Remember, people are going to be bumped off at player discression, so in order for this to last more than a few weeks, we need more blood....

Join up, people!

21-02-2006, 13:03
Name: Santiago Varnyan
Age: 27
Occupation: Ecclesiarchal scribe.
Possesions: Average clothing, Data-slate with a few maps of the countryside hurriedly downloaded, an old fading copy of "The Sermons of Sebastian Thor", two days worth of food kept within a satchel and a few religious icons.
Psychology: Very religious (bordering on the fanatical), generally quiet except whenever faith is concerned, has a habit of jotting down notes onto his Data-slate and does not work well under pressure.
Background: A low level scribe at the Ecclesiarchal Cathedral in the planetary capital, Johan was preparing to go to work when news of the attack was released. Hurriedly he gathered what imperishable foodstuffs he had, loaded some general maps of the countryside onto his Data-slabe and quickly made his way out of the city, glad for once that he could only afford a place on the city outskirts.

21-02-2006, 13:11
Name: Gabriel Black
Age: 23
Position: Merchant Guider's son

Skills: He is well educated,well spoken, impeccable fashion sense,charm, charaisma, handsomness and great hair. He also knows how to treat a lady in and out of the sack.

Psychology: He is arrogant and vain, but strangly popular. He loves being surrounded by people and being the center of attention. Underneath the suits, handsome features and great hair he does not scare easy "Stiff upper lip and all that" but leave him alone and without a mirror and watch him squirm.

23-02-2006, 11:40
Ok, why not.. This sounds most amusing...

Name: Adept Klaus Vanis.
Affiliation: Adeptus Mechanius
Position: Scholam Autoshop Teacher.

Appearance: Robed in red and white, Adept Vanis isn't a very large tech-adept. His robes hide all but his hands, which are mechanical, and his face, which is also mostly mechanical. It's often quite difficult to tell what he's thinking. Unfortunately he's rather small and easily startled, so he tends to get picked on by the more, antisocial students.

Possessions: Adept Robes, assorted basic mechanical tools, pocket cogitator with infrared uplink to School data matrix and neural linkage. Average bionic arms (Slightly higher strenght than normal) and Average bionic senses.

Personality: As said before, Adept Vanis is small and rather easily startled. He cares about the kids, which makes him quite reluctant to have any of them flogged for disrespect. Students treat his class as a joke, with the exception of a couple of dedicated kids. He's not someone who commands fear, or even respect, and he seems to attract the attention of people who yell at him.

Thane McHammer
23-02-2006, 15:49
Amusing it shall be...

Ok then, kiddies...We'll be starting tomorrow. I'll put up the opening post, and we can start. Late-comers, if you still want to join, you can post up. We'll find room for you...

Let the games begin!

23-02-2006, 18:56
Name: Silvana
Age: 23
Position: Trainee Sister of the Order Hospitaller

Appearance: She wears the traditional attire of the Order Hospitaller, black armour with a red and white cloak draped over it. She has ice blue eyes and jet black hard concealed under the top of her cloak which hangs about the sides of her head. She also wears a red bandana across her face.

Personality: Dedicated to her cause, very religious, she cares more for those around her than she does herself and though she is only a recent recruit she still holds the oath of the healer in the highest regard.

Equipment: Flak Armour, Cloak, Medi Pack.

23-02-2006, 19:23
Name: Leon Hariban
Age: 20
Position: Imperial preacher

Appearance: Very clean looking, pale skin, black hair greased back. Has a long black & red robe & always carries many Ecclesiarchy books hanging from his belt. Is rather tall & skinny, a drawn & gaunt face. Cold blue eyes & very thin lips, always in a sneer.

Personality: Fanatical believer in Imperial Creed, doesn't tolerate any heresy. Looks down at everyone & is very suspicious at everyone else's motives. Very invasive & questioning, fancies himself as an Inquisitor.

Hope I'm in time

24-02-2006, 09:53
Name: Brass von Morhard
Age: 25
Occupation:Imperial Tank Crew.
Position: Tank Commander

Possesions: Gaurd Uniform, Lasgun and pistol, a set of hightech tank repair tools (can be used for everthing) and some money.

Psychology: Loves to improvise, likes the risk, prefaress to be in a Tank or something that can drive.Likes to command people.Loves big tanks.... His biggest dream is to become Generall of a Tank regiment!


27-02-2006, 06:48
Hey Boss, just wanted to say I was back, and rearing to go:)

Thane McHammer
27-02-2006, 08:27
*pant pant pant*

Ok...sorry for the delay. RL stuff caught up with me...soon as I can, I'll put up the starting thread, but bear with me.


27-02-2006, 08:58
If it's not too late...

Name: Aren
Age: 34
Appearance: Aren is quite tall, but rarely stands to his full height. His eyes are very bright, and he sees well in the dark. His skill his pale and sallow.
Background: Aren was orphaned at an early age, he grew up in a small, underfunded orphanage near the outskirts of town. When he was ten, the orphanage was burned down (by Aren) and he ran away. For several years he existed on the streets, begging food off the rare compassionate individual. He was relatively happy with this arrangement, he had enough to live off, and disagreements with other street riff raff had taught him how to fight.
When an Imperial Guard general was approached by some of the braver rabble the general voiced his displeasure to the governer, teams of PDF troops to clean up the streets. Aren managed to hide out in the sewers and has stayed there ever since, living off the scraps that made there way down from civilisation above, and fighting off the various creatures that also made a living in the dark tunnels.
When the Emperors Children attacked, a miss guided missile blew apart the little area Aren had set up as a home, and he returned to the surface to find the world in flames.
Psychology: Likes to avoid brightly lit places, brightness hurts his eyes. Despite his long isolation, he still enjoys human company, though his gothic is mangled from a long period of inactivity. He is tenacious, and wont lay down to die for anyone or anything.
Equipment: Has an ancient power sword he recovered from the depths of the sewers, it's power field doesn't work but the edge is still keen, and Aren has become quite proficient with the weapon. He has very little else but the clothes on his back.

27-02-2006, 09:48
Name: Darius Colos
Age: 29
Position: Technician/Engineer
Skills: Vehicle/Armour/Weapon Repair (including quick field repairs), construction of some items
Appearance: Completely pale skin from life indoors, a solid build from constant manual work, no hair, machine spirit tattoo on his right shoulder, bionic right hand
Gear: Autopistol, flak jacket, large knife with minor power field (doesnt completely bipass armour, but makes it easier), bionic right hand, plenty of ammo

Thane McHammer
28-02-2006, 12:21
Ok then.

Welcome Diddy and MoW, you're in and ready to roll.

The RP is now up and running, and ready for you to post in. One thing I want to say is that you, the players, will be running the show for the most part. As a GM, I don't want to be overbearing and force the flow in a certain direction. If one person says that they come upon a crossroad, and wants to go left, someone can say they want to go right, and let arguing commence as needed. I'll put up posts discribing your surroundings and such, and anything that you can use (vehicles, machines ect), so that you don't get too off tangent.

Now...how comfortable is everyone with themselves, in terms of what can and can't be done in the RP? Some people are touchy about what they want, uncomfortable with what can be brought into an RP. I'm the kind of person who would bring in the Book of Vile Darkness into a DnD session, and make it as dark as possible. I'm a realist, and if the situation is dark, I'll make sure it's not watered down. As the main enemy of this RP is the Emperor's Children, things are bound to get disturbing, but I don't want to post anything that might offend someone in such a way that they get personal with it.

I don't run G RPs, or even PG. I gather that most players will be around the ages of 14-15+, so I'm aiming for around PG-15 rating (Then again, those of you that are in North America have a different rating system than those in the UK).

Let me know how comfortable you are when dealing with 'dark' material, but don't worry. It's only for flavour, and not the main meal. This is an RP for the people, run by the people, so let's hear it.

- Thane.

28-02-2006, 20:54
I prefer my games dark and horrible to be honest, but given that Warseer is (apparently) PG13, I think it best if we keep the horribleness vague, and hint rather than spell it out.

Hate Train
01-03-2006, 03:52
Make it twisted.

...Even though I'm not participating. Though I may later, if I ever regain my inspiration.

01-03-2006, 04:00
Well right now im poseing as a dead guy. a good start at least.

01-03-2006, 10:37
Hey, I'm an Australian, I eat vegimite by the spoonful. I can stomach anything. Twisted, dark, horrible, disgusting. Whatever you can throw at us within the forum rules.:skull:


01-03-2006, 15:47
Im pretty twisted.. i used pretty much this same character as a slaneeshi cultist in a pretty dark roleplay.. so knock yourself out.

02-03-2006, 03:36
Hi guys. My router has died today, so I'm unlikely to be able to be online over the next week barring a miracle.

Guess I get voted out first:(


Thane McHammer
02-03-2006, 08:20
Ach! And yer wrong. I set the execution date for TWO weeks after the RP starts...and seeing as how it started late...we'll keep you in...er....tribal immunity?

02-03-2006, 11:10
I've always found Hellraiser to be a cinematic masterpiece.

Dark and sadistic is good. After all, it's the Emperor's Children we're talking about.