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24-04-2010, 19:17
I am working on a homebrew campaign. It's taking place with 6 races, over 3 planets. I have rules for creating custom special characters. Also to make things interesting, I am adding special rules for each race to give them some fluffy advantages and disadvantages. For example, here are some of the ones I came up with.

Space marines

chapter tactics: all space marines replace combat tactics with chapter tactics (don't need a special character to get the chapter tactics).

Elite strike force: space marines are a small, elite, strike force. They are not numerous enough to garrison multiple fronts. Space marines are limited in numbers. At no point can the space marines field more than the max deployable forces (in this case a battle company, 2 units of veterans, 2 units of scouts).

Thunderhawk deployment: space marines can attack a tile by deep strike without a starport.


repair systems: after each battle, you get to make a wbb role for each casualty. This does not include units that phase out. Units that phase out are returned to the base tile the following round.

Advanced technology: necrons cannot use other races structures, and must build their own.

Tomb Complex: if the necrons lose their hive tile, they outmatically lose the campaign.

That's an example. Fluffy advantages and drawbacks. What I really need help on is what to come up with for Tau and Orks. Any suggestions?

25-04-2010, 00:49

Are you using standard Planetary Empires rules? If so (even though I have no idea about the rules system):


- Increased Bonus for Manufactorums (Very Big Mek Shop!!)
- Decreased Bonus for Shield Generators (Would be replaced by a "better" KFF)
- Something to do with calling the Waaagh!

It would really help if we knew what clan the Warboss/lord was from, then I could give some more in-depth ideas.

Blood Axes

Espionage - +1 to take territory OR Opponent must show army list before battle. Selected before the battle.

Brutality - D3 times per campaign, the Goff player may attempt to take one more hex than usual, even if the player lost. This roll is made after all attempts to take hexes have been made.

Evil Suns

Fast and Brutal - May take warbikes as troops and counts any hex within two spaces of his own as adjacent.


Lootas among Orks - If the Deffskulls win a battle against an opponent (in your case: SM's, Tau or Necrons) the shoota boyz gain the following options:

Win against Tau:
- Any boy may upgrade his shoota to:
--- Pulse Rifle +3pts/pm
--- Pulse Carbine + +3 pts/pm

- One in ten may exchange shoota for:
--- Burst Cannon +10 pts/pm
--- Fusion Blaster +10pts/pm

Win against Marines:
- Any boy may upgrade his shoota to:
--- Bolter +2pts/pm

- One in ten may exchange shoota for:
--- Heavy Bolter +5pts/pm
--- Missile Launcher +10pts/pm

Win against Necrons:
- Any boy may upgrade his shoota to:
--- Gauss Flayer +2pts/pm

- One in ten may exchange shoota for:
--- Gauss Blaster +5pts/pm
--- Gauss Cannon +10pts/pm

Note: These don't need to be converted, just mark them out on the army list. Also, should the unit be killed, it cannot be taken again until another victory has been achieved.


-Ambush! - Before the battle, the Snakebite Player may choose to roll a dice, on a 6, you play the Surprise Attack Mission from Battle Missions, with the snakebites as the attackers.

- Warpaint - Any Grot unit may be given Warpaint a +2 pts/pm, they now gain the stealth special rule.

- New Wargear - Venom Choppa - May be taken by - Nobz, Warboss, Big Meks and Warpheads. (+5 pts/pm) - Rending Weapon

Bad Moons

- O-1 Restriction on 'Ard Boyz removed.


25-04-2010, 01:17
More details of your campaign might be helpfull..

How many points?
Are the planets sub-divided into territories?
Are the points (army) split over each territory/planet?
How are forces split if not full points per territory/planet?
Are you only playing 40k, or is epic/BFG involved?