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Kill Krazy
25-04-2010, 10:40
Currently ive just picked up orks and ive just started to paint most of them.Also i don't know whether this should go in the hobby section but i thought it should go in this one

At the moment i'm debating which ork clan i should go and ive always liked to pick the clan etc that is the least popular as it makes your army that bit more unique.

Does anyone have any idea which clan is the least popular?

Also if you could also list the characteristics of the clan and the colours they go for?

Thank you in advance for replies

25-04-2010, 11:07
If you want a really "unique" ork army...as in, very uncommon but has been done before...I'd go with Snakebites. Snakebites shun technology and stick to good old fashioned Orky know-wots. That could allow for such things as "Boar Cavalry" Bikers, "Boar Chariot" Trukks, "Snotling Pump" Driven battlewagons (Think Oregon Trail wagon...then orkify.), Giant Squigs for Kanz and Dreads and...y'know...anything that makes them seem rustic and primitive. Shoota Boyz with Bows and Arrows for example.

25-04-2010, 11:39
They're traditionalists, not Feral. :rolleyes: IIRC, they still use cyboars, battlewagons and the like. They'd have more Boyz with sluggas and choppas rather than shootas and big shootas, the battlewagons would have more boarding ramps and the like instead of Lifta-Droppas, and use squiggoths instead of dreadnoughts.

I'd say they wouldn't have lootas, kommandos or flash gits, but those are allied Death Skulls, Blood Axes and Freebooters anyway.

Kill Krazy
25-04-2010, 11:43
i might do a snakebite themed army , originaly i was leaning towards Bad Moons as they have a much simpler organisation and the colours are nice and bold.

However i can see snakebites having some nice conversions like battlewagons made out of wood or something along those lines.

25-04-2010, 11:44
Blood Axes. Barely even heard of them. :P

25-04-2010, 11:48
Are you serious? There's been Blood Axes armies and conversions all over the place since the latest codex.

The clan I see very, very seldomly is Evil Suns. Don't know why.

25-04-2010, 11:52
Snakebites will gain popularity, I assume, with the new Boar riders as stand-ins for bikes :-)

25-04-2010, 11:55
I have started Snakebites, and can find virtually nothing on the net to give me extra ideas.

However, here is the thread for my army, if you want any ideas

25-04-2010, 11:59
Who needs a clan when you can become a freebootah :D

25-04-2010, 12:04
Honestly, I can't remember the last time I saw an Ork army that had even the remotest idea of clans - other than those Blood Axe players who just can't decide between Ork and Guard.

1stpip's log is a good example of how you can use a clan to theme your army, though; his squig conversions are proving pretty interesting. As said, a Blood Axe theme would involve a great deal of looted Guard equipment (and maybe a camouflage scheme); a Deathskulls one would be like a combination between Snakebite and Blood Axe, with some Bravehart blue face paint going on. I've actually got a Snakebite Boarboy on my desk right now (he's going up on Ebay when I get round to it) and he is indeed not feral - he's wearing pretty nice clothes and is holding a bolt pistol (from back when every species carried one).

25-04-2010, 12:16
If I had to start over again I would do a pirate themed freebooter army.
Snakebites are the rarest. They have a lot of potential for customizing.
I have seen one done as American Indians that look great.
You could do almost anything: Celtic, African or Persian etc.

25-04-2010, 12:40
I know that personally, I tend to see lots of Goffs, some Evil Sunz and Bad Moonz in my area and very little of the other three.

I probably wouldn't see that many Evil Sunz armies either if it weren't for people bringing over their old Kult of Speed lists.

25-04-2010, 12:58
I just have to give my usual explanation on how the Orkiety works - the one Iīve honed over several Clan threads now. Young Orks will wander towards the nearest cluster of Orks and often first join the Stormboys (unless that cluster is far off). After a while they will either become Captains or drop out. At this point they are freebooterz - Orks that are Clanless and again some stay that way. The 6 Clans are around in bigger tribes, where there are enough Orks so that they can actually for Cliques. They represent the 6 pillars of Ork culture Krumpiness (Goffs), Teef-orkonomics (Bad Moons), Speed (Evil Sunz), Lootin (Deathskulls), Kunning (Blood Axes) and Spirtuality (Snakebites). All Orks of course enjoy all of them, but some like a specific aspect more than the others and join the local clans. Think of a tribe as a high school and the clans are student stereotypes - Evil Sunz Skaters, Goff Jocks, Snakebite Stoners. And then note the distinction between people in a class and in school clubs. Clans are the later, small tribes the former.
But even your regular tribe will not have huge sections of each - a typical 40k sized Ork army is a small to medium tribe and there are just enough Goffs to form a single Mob or two, etc.
Where you find large mono-clan formations is during big Waarghs where a lot of tribes units. As they do they tend to fall into clan divisions (all the Evil Sunz from the different clans meet and compare exhausts, Snakebites share their Fungi, itīs like a Harley meeting next to woodstock, next to the Superbowl final, next to the floor of wall street, next to the LA riots, next to the Pentagon).

So if you are building a clan themed army, you have to make it a part of a larger Waargh in its background. If you go that route, the best idea is to think of the clan as representing you. What does appeal to you about the Orks most? If you were an Ork, would you go Krumpin with the Goffs or just bling it up to the nth degree with the Bad Moons?
If youīve picked one, themes suggest themselves:
- Itīs not a "wargear option", itīs a "wargear must" for Bad Moons. A battlewagon is 285 points - it has every upgrade possible.
- If itīs not fast, itīs not for the Evil Sunz. If a unit canīt move at least 12" in turn 1, itīs out. Boys in Trukks, Koptas, Bikes, Buggies, Waggons, Stormboys.
- Snakebites use lots of Grotz and Squigs and a Weirdboy is a good HQ choice.
- Goffs - forget shooting. Any Kan should have as many DCCWs as possible. The more attacks a model has the better.
-Deathskulls - The army for the person with the big bitzbox. Using various basic weapons for your shoota boys, from bolters to railguns. Using severed Nid limbs as choppas. You might want to go a bit more shooty and Meks are always a good choice.
- Blood Axes. Now they can be themed to the max. What they basically do is to mimick other armies (which generally use tactics). Whether that entails looking like the imperial guard - the most common opponent of the Orks and thus the most common inspiration for the BAs - or trying to be a hive fleet (with "bioweapons" made from metal of course), or Sistaz of Battle (Stormboy Serafimz included), an Eldar Craftworld or a Tau Cadre. The options are endless ("ones flayed" - Kommandos trying to look like Necrons with bits of metal all over them).

All clans offer opportunities for uniqueness. Bad Moons and Goffs are a bit more restrictive in your army choice, because in one case you pile on options, useful or not (the Bad Moons may have the teef to spare, you donīt neccessarily have the points to spare) and Goffs donīt employ a lot of shooty things (they are still rather effective on the table - the Quintessential green tide clan). The others have plenty of options and various playstyles.

Goffs: Black and White, a little red here and there. Checker patterns common
Bad Moons: Yellow and black, either red or blue for details. Flames often used rather than checkers.
Snakebites: Browns, blacks, creme, neutral colours, red and blue details -zigzag patterns occur in favour of checker patterns.
Evil Suns: Red. Lots of it. Some yellow. Again, flame patterns also occur (hot rod style)
Deathskulls: Blue and white. Deathskulls also paint their faces blue for good luck
Blood Axes: Whatever colors, patterns and markings the mimicked army uses, though you can replace colors if you want. They arenīt quite up to speed in what camo is good for... Also remember that they are Orks. If you go for an Eldar scheme with those thorn patterns, donīt make them quite that graceful, but more angular and jagged.

25-04-2010, 13:34
If I have to with the ork models and our own team, Bad Moonz.
I don't know, if I would start orks, I would take Bad Moonz too.
maybe because rich people is cool?

But I think other clans are more popular.

25-04-2010, 16:53
Has to be SnakeBites

25-04-2010, 17:13
Snakebites, definitely. Even more so after the Feral Ork List was phased out. Hell, even on DA WAAAGH! you barely ever see a Snakebites army being built, so I'd say Snakebites all the way, with Evil Suns surprisingly in 2nd. It's funny, everyone plays what could be considered an Evil Suns list (myself included), but no one actually paints them as such.

25-04-2010, 17:31
I picked Bad Moons because currently their signature unit, the Flash Gitz, are terrible for their points. Their paint scheme is wicked though.

25-04-2010, 21:23
I'd definitely say Snakebites, and they are hardly given any coverage in the recent codex.
However they are a converter's dream (along with Deffskullz) as you could pull models in from across the GW range to make a really super Snakebites army. (I have to date, never seen one though)

25-04-2010, 21:55
I keep on forgetting that they actually have clans. Most people I know just say, "I play *insert alien species here*" compared to imperium players who'll tell you exactly what kind of space marine they use.

Count de Monet
25-04-2010, 22:31
Snakebites are the least seen clan IME. Though actual Freebooters would also be right up there, compared to random collections of Orks.

You could also ignore the clans and just go with some other theme, like having looted a particular enemy heavily (Eldar, Tau, X marines), or something off the wall like Aquatic Orks with diving helmets, sailor suits and whatnot (sure someone can provide a link).

25-04-2010, 23:08
You should have reversed your poll. Everybody knows what their favorite Ork clan is, but they will only be guessing at what the least favorite is. When the most favorite poll is done, you look and see what the least favorite one is and you will have your answer. Instead, all you will have are guesses. I am betting that there will be a least favorite anyways, and that it will be "Snakebites."

Kill Krazy
26-04-2010, 14:52
You should have reversed your poll. Everybody knows what their favorite Ork clan is, but they will only be guessing at what the least favorite is. When the most favorite poll is done, you look and see what the least favorite one is and you will have your answer. Instead, all you will have are guesses. I am betting that there will be a least favorite anyways, and that it will be "Snakebites."

ye i should have done that. As much as i would have liked to have just made another topic on it just like you said it would be a little akward to start to topics that are similar.

Still i'm satisfied about the results of the poll

26-04-2010, 16:45
I hate dem Goffs. Dey tink dey all big and bad. Deyz really jus compin for lack of dakka in der belt.