View Full Version : 2200 pts O&G list for BotC

25-04-2010, 10:54
hey people,

soon Battle of the clubs will be upon the netherlands, and im taking me Orcs and goblins to beat the lot of em:evilgrin: together with my team(or at least we'l try)

so here's the list i made in preparation of the tournament.

black orc warboss
boar, heavy armour
arkit axe, kicking boots, enchanted shield, best boss hat

savage orc shaman lvl 2
waaagh paint, skull wand of kalloth

night gob shaman lvl 2
itty ring, 3 magic muschrooms

goblin big boss
wolf light, armour, shield
one hit wonda, collar of zorga, brimstone bauble

23 orcs
shields full command

23 orcs
shields full command

30 night gobs
mucisian, nets, 2 fanatics

20 night gobs
bows, mucisian, 2 fanatics

5 wolf riders
spears mucisian

5 wolf riders
spears mucisian

5 spider rides

5 spider riders

5 savage orc boar boys
big uns, spears, shields

10 squig hoppers

rock lobber

5 squig teams/herde (15 squigs, 10 gobs)


the list basicly is a bit of everything but most things have a specific purpose.
boss is the general, brings some punch to my battle line and best of all, ld 9 (much needed)

the lvl 2 wizards are for some magic offense, granted against magic heavy armies they wont do much until i get rid of some eney wizards. but against the scroll cady armies there more than enough once he runs out of scrolls.

the savage orc with his skull wand is perfect to take on big things with low Ld like doomwheels, hydra's, stegadons and is even better against war machines like war altars and skreaming bells/furnaces.

the suicide gob has an obivious purpuose, scare the enemy and kill expensive big or well armoured stuff.

then ive got some bulky blocks in my core to make my line and some fast cav to go warmachine hunting and the like.

savage orcs and squig hoppers bring some much needed mobile punch to my army, and ill use one of the fast cav units to make suer my frenzy boar boys dont make unwanted charges.

the squigherd will be my main fire magnet, send them on the shortes most direct route the enemy centre. if they get shot thats okay, their a fire magnet anyway. if they reach the enemy and break, that okay, they'l unleash the squigs. if they kill stuff thats fine as well. they cant fail (except for animosty)

and the rocklobber + doom diver bring some much needed fire power.

what do you guys think. (and yes i know i might have spelled mucisian wrong)