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25-04-2010, 17:03
i've always liked all 4 major Chaos powers. Trying to decide which to paint up my WFB army I've discounted Khorne and Nurgle (far too many of my minis are painted red so I'm avoiding that, and Nurgle is probably my least favourite of the 4 main powers), leaving Slaanesh and Tzeench. Inspired by this pic http://prowh.ru/uploads/posts/2009-04/1241084443_1234453051_tzeench_cut.jpg I chose Tzeench, however looking at the lists I see a lot of disc sorcerors and marks of Tzeench. I'm worried that Tzeench is the most popular and perhaps current power list for WFB Chaos, is this the case?

25-04-2010, 17:09
No, because there are no mono god power lists for WoC. I would even argue that there are not any real power lists with mixed marks.


25-04-2010, 17:10
Tzeentch lists are rare.

What is more common is Tzeentch characters hiding in an army dedicated to one of the other gods (usually Slaanesh for ItP (effectively) or Nurgle for -1 to hit or WS).

So if you give everything MoT, it will be fairly unique from what I've seen.

25-04-2010, 17:25
Since the new book came out the WoC army I've used most often has had the following marks: MoT Lord, MoS Caddy (purely because I love the Boobwyrm model, gamewise I'd have no problem switching him to a MoT Caddy on disk), MoT Warriors, MoT Knights and MoS Horsemen. For me the Horsemen are mainly sacrificial so I don't see the point in investing a little extra to make them MoT, and the ability to have redirectors who don't suffer from Fear or Terror is very useful, but if push came to shove and I wanted to go mono I'd just make them undivided.

All in all I don't see a problem with it- it's a combined army with the Lord and heavy infantry dedicated to Tzeentch and the scouts and sorcerer/ advisor dedicated to Slaanesh. Entirely feasible and it doesn't go against the God divide, but it wouldn't suffer too much if I decided to restrict it to Tzeentch.

If you do decide to dedicate your army to the Changer of Ways you might suffer from a few more Psychological problems, but your army has good leadership anyway for the most part so isn't too much of an issue.

25-04-2010, 17:36
Ah ok cool. BigbyWolf also answers my follow-up question (Would a Tzeench army suck). Thanks all for opinions.

25-04-2010, 17:46
Pure tzeentch lists are not common, but tzeentch units and characters are often featured in armies, Knights of tzeentch with blasted standard and sorceres with MoT being the most common.

TBH, I think all gods are about equally popular, but few people play mono god lists as there are no benefits whatsoever from doing so from a gaming perspective.

Lord Malorne
25-04-2010, 17:52
Tzeentch heroes are common enough, but not Tzeentch armies, Slaanesh seems the most commonly seen mark in most WoC armies.

25-04-2010, 18:13
...Would a Tzeench army suck...

I think this depends on what you mean by suck, if you mean would they be competitive at a tournament then yeah they would sucks a little.

However if you are just talking about standard friendly games with friends then I think it would be a really nice army to see and I know the people you would be playing would far rather play an interesting Tzeench army over a world beating DoC list; it will make the games a lot more interesting and tactical rather than the usual move forward and destroy everything you will need to think a lot more about positional movement as well as which units of yours get in to combat with your oppoenent on a deeper level IMO.

I think you will also gain a lot of tactical nous from playing a pure Tzeench army which you would definitely benefit from in the long run. So I say go for it and see what you learn

26-04-2010, 02:49
Personnally, I find Tzeentch fighting lord and heros my personal favourite choice and tzeentch wizard lord almost a no brainer. So to me, its pretty much a yes.

But for troops, I find various marks gives them various role and an mono mark army may be lest effective then a mixed mark army.

26-04-2010, 03:49
If not... they should be!!! ALL HAIL THE CHANGER OF WAYS!!!!

26-04-2010, 03:55
We have a mono-nurgle player here who does very well with the list, but rarely see any MoT. I see Slaanesh marked stuff for ITP, and very occasionally a heavy Khorne army, for the sheer silly brutality of it....

I'd say you're fairly safe going heavy Tzeentch and being fairly unique.

26-04-2010, 17:35
I go more heavily Tzeentch than most, since I keep to the Warhammer Online fluff/theme for my army. Really anything with Chaos Armor is Tzeentch and the Marauders are Slaanesh. Occasionally a single Nurgle wizard makes it in the list, but in the future I plan on converting a heavily mutated Tzeentch mage for him, and I'll rename the spells in the lore to make them sound more mutation-themed.

But yeah, pure Tzeentch is kinda crazy. I wouldn't bother giving it to Marauders, it's way too pricey.

26-04-2010, 17:56
But yeah, pure Tzeentch is kinda crazy. I wouldn't bother giving it to Marauders, it's way too pricey.

I actually like using it on Marauders in certain situations. A decent block for SCR with 4+ save and 6+ ward is a nice foil for Chaos Warriors (provided you keep an eye out for psychology tests).

Lord Malorne
26-04-2010, 19:41
Remember people, Slaanesh is NOT ITP, it is immune to fear, panic and terror.

26-04-2010, 21:48
Remember people, Slaanesh is NOT ITP, it is immune to fear, panic and terror.

Lol, yeah, I meant F,P & T, not all psychology. Still very useful.

26-04-2010, 21:54
Tzeentch is the most rare in my area.

Not uncommon to see one tzeentch character flying around, but as far as themed armies go the other three marks are about even and I never see a themed Tz list.