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26-04-2010, 01:52
Another try at using an Ogre Ironskin Tribe themed army using a battalion boxed set, some characters and leadbelcher boxes to keep the cost low. The only units that can't shoot are the Bulls and Ironguts to keep with the gunline theme.

General: (1) Bruiser with Heavy Armour and Siegebreaker

Hero: (1) Hunter with 2 Sabretusks

Sorcerers: (2) Butchers

(6) Bulls with Ironfist, Light Armour and Full Command

(3) Ironguts with Heavy Armour, Bellower and Standard
(General goes here)

(24) Gnoblars with Groinbiter

(8) Trappers

(3) Leadbelchers with Bellower

(3) Leadbelchers with Bellower

(3) Leadbelchers with Bellower

(3) Leadbelchers with Bellower

(2) Maneaters with Brace of Handguns and Heavy Armour
(One Butcher goes here)

(2) Maneaters with Brace of Handguns and Heavy Armour
(One Butcher goes here)

Total Points 2249. Six Power Dice, 4 Dispel Dice

26-04-2010, 12:08
Drop everything except 1 general & 3 core units, then get as many leadbelchers as you can. They're the only ones in the army weilding a cannon & this is a cannonline right?;)

27-04-2010, 12:17
Interesting list, although I have to point out that it would be better used as a combat force that can shoot once in a while.

Due to the limited range of leadbelchers and their ability to fire essentially once or twice per game, you'll need to keep maneuvering and positioning for favorable charges, while softening the enemy up. This is what makes the list interesting in my opinion.


-Characters: Ogre characters are so expensive, that you have to have a role for every one you purchase. Let's look at your list..
Bruiser; Minor leadership bonus, mandatory choice for ogres.The siegebreaker is a weird choice of a weapon, since you only need a strength of 7 to pop chariots. My suggestion would be to give him a plain Great Weapon and give the siegebreaker to a butcher, making him s7 as well.
Hunter; using him as a bolt thrower won't get you your mone back, but try using him as a highly mobile flanker with mage-hunting capabilities and you're on to something. An item to consider is the Greyback pelt, which will give you some more options for deployment and will keep him safe from ranged attacks.
Butchers; Depending on your gaming environment, 6 power dice and 4 dispel dice may or may not be enough offense/defense. Like I said above, giving the siegebreaker to one of them will significantly boost his combat ability. Joining the maneaters may or may not be a good idea, depending on the enemy shooting. Try them out and see how they work for you, although I would probably drop one if I were you.

-Bulls: 6-strong is probably too much, experience shows that Multiple Small Units work for ogres. I'd split them in two 3-strong units with light armour, ironfist and musicians. If you decide to do so, getting an extra gnoblar unit is a sound choice. For 40 points, you get an extra deployment drop, 3 ranks and numbers should you need them and the possibility of claiming a table quarter later in the game.

-Ironguts: Give them the look out gnoblar, it may save your general from a stray cannon shot.

-Leadbelchers: This is the one ogre unit that deserves a champion upgrade; it only costs 10 points and thanks to the wound allocation rules will make the unit more resilient against shooting and magic.

All in all, you have to put the pressure on the enemy, bait units and blast them with cannonfire before charging in for the kill. 12 Leadbelcher cannons are not to be sniffed at, but they won't work as a gunline as I said in the beginning.