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26-04-2010, 12:38
I've been massacred by a DE army twice now, on friday I have to bring the pain :skull:

My list so far:

Lord of change/Twinheads/Dark Magister/4wiz 635
Herald of Tzeentch/MoS/Spellbreaker/2wiz 165
Herald of Nurgle/Palanquin/Staff of nurgle/wiz 340
BsB/ Unholy Victory

15xPB (s) 192
10xHorrors 120
10xHorrors 120

5xFleshhounds 175
5xFleshhounds 175
5xFleshhounds 175
5xFleshhounds 175

3xFlamers 105
3xFlamers/Pyrocaster 120


thx :D

26-04-2010, 17:45
What is your opponent killing you with? I doubt it is magic.
You have only 1 medium size hand to hand unit. The flesh hounds are not going to last long in HtH or stand up against a full combat res unit. Try dropping 2 units of flesh hounds and one of the gropup of 3 flamers and putting together another 15 to 20 model HtH unit led by a character (BSB). It should have more survivablility.

gork or maybe mork
26-04-2010, 18:41
With only the lord of change and 1 herald, you dont really have enough magic to blast him with, and the small units of flamers wont last long against dark elves. I'd be tempted to either go big on magic or big on combat.
For magic, try making the bsb a tzeentchan herald with fly and the bound spell banner and increase the flamers up to 5 each (dropping some flesh hounds to make points).
For combat, you'd be best off swapping the lord of change for a bloodthirster. The flamers would do better as one large unit imo. If you give the tzeentch herald gift to know all of a lore and pick beasts, you can use howler wind to reduce shooting.
You could also switch the nurgle herald out for a khornate one on a chariot, and give him the bsb, to give you another fast moving hard hitting unit.

26-04-2010, 19:22
Sorry I was unclear, The list above is the one I intend to use on friday (with modifications)

Last time we played it was with special characters. He brought the evil hag Morathi and a supreme sorceress, accompanied by shadowblade and a sorceress equipped with the Ring of Hotek. There were lots of crossbowmen, Black Guards, a hydra and 4 bolt throwers.

my last list:
GUO/4wiz/Trappings of Nurgle/nurgling infestation 670
Epidemius 135
Herald of Nurgle/Wiz//Noxious Vapours/slimetrail 200
Skulltaker/Jugger 200
Herald of Khorne/Jugger/Firestorm blade/Armour of Khorne 190
Herald of Tzeentch/2wiz/Flames of Tzeentch/Winged horror 160

15xBL m/s 198
15xPB m/s - Champ/eternal virulence 235
10xhorrors (s) 132
10xhorrors (s) 132

7xFlesh hounds 245
7xFlesh hounds (skulltaker unit) 245
3xNurglings 105

5xFlamers 175

The Ring of Hotek and unlucky dices slayed my GUO in 2turn. After that incident I quickly found myself outspelled and those boltthrowers sure did their job well.. Skulltaker with his unit of cornedogs did their part, but it wasn't enough. It was pretty much a massacre. I will hopefully have my revenge on friday, where we will play a 2500pts with no special characters

Don Zeko
26-04-2010, 19:48
It sounds like he's cheating. The ring of Hotek will affect the Dark Elf mages too, so it's hard to see how he neutralized your magic without blowing his own casters up even faster. If I were trying to grief DE with Daemons, I'd run a bloodthirster, skulltaker and the masque leading an all-Tzeentch list: horrors for dispel dice plus as many flamers and screamers as you can afford.