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26-04-2010, 19:41

i'm hoping that by blogging my progress, /I'll actually make some.

I'm a complete amateur at gaming and the hobby, but I've been reading for years, and already have a diverse collection. I'll probably post up a To Do list and a Completed list, perhaps with colour coding :D but I'll only update it bit by bit, so I won't write lists and then forget about it.

I'm also working on my photography skillz and choosing a hosting service.

And yes. I did struggle with a title.

26-04-2010, 20:50
Poste Primaire:

I spent Easter in Spain, and visited Barcelona, which was wonderful.

I managed to find the equivalent to Shaftesbury Avenue; west of Arc de Triomf there is a wealth of alternative culture shops. For miniatures, Kaburi Rol and Games had the the best selection, but no discounts, so the Euro bit me bit.

I aslo spent money at Gigamesh, which was nice, as well as visiting all the other stores.


The ships I bought from Gigamesh, whilst I bought the Red Riding Hood riff from Kaburi, along with a Zenit (http://zenitminiatures.com/blog/) sample.

http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w252/gladius2/Warseer%20CoP%20Plog/Zenit/th_DSC00329.jpg (http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w252/gladius2/Warseer%20CoP%20Plog/Zenit/?action=view&current=DSC00329.jpg)
I really like the Orphans. The model is crisp, detailed and characterful. There is one small bubble, but nothing I can't deal with. I hope. The card you can see is used for gaming, and has stats on the back. In Spanish. I'll have to see if they have english versions online. I wonder how it plays.

So far I have only assembled the cruiser, which I will use for something or other. It is actually shown upside down, because I prefer it like that.
http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w252/gladius2/Warseer%20CoP%20Plog/Space/th_DSC00317.jpg (http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w252/gladius2/Warseer%20CoP%20Plog/Space/?action=view&current=DSC00317.jpg)

The 'Hood mini is alright; it has heavy mould lines, the silencer was snapped off, and I can't work out how I'm going to that arm to the body. Pose is a bit funny. Not bad though - it's characterful with some nice detail and I want to use it for inquisitor (which I don't play yet)
http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w252/gladius2/Warseer%20CoP%20Plog/Inquisitor/th_DSC00320.jpg (http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w252/gladius2/Warseer%20CoP%20Plog/Inquisitor/?action=view&current=DSC00320.jpg)

I have plenty more, but for now, I'll leave it at that. I'm aiming for weekly updates, as it's a fairly intensive process, and it gives me some time to complete stuff.

26-04-2010, 22:19
Saying that, I hadn't finished yet.

The Trade Federation Lander, I will use for AI Orks. Two fighters and two fighter bombers/bombers.
http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w252/gladius2/Warseer%20CoP%20Plog/Aeronautica%20Imperialis/th_DSC00315.jpg (http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w252/gladius2/Warseer%20CoP%20Plog/Aeronautica%20Imperialis/?action=view&current=DSC00315.jpg)
I really need to hunt down those silhouettes of AI planes so I know what sizes are suitable.

And I'll paint the Republic cruiser, too. I don't know what colours - it's my biggest weakness. That goes for 'Hood too.

I also bought two seminal sci-fi books at Gigamesh: Ender's Game and Dune.

Enjoyed them both, though was a bit tired when reading Dune, so found it a bit more difficult to emote. Would it work better as squad skirmish or 6mm, do you think? :D