View Full Version : A possible future for LotR SBG?

27-04-2010, 11:24
I read the WotR rulebook and looked at my miniatures. 3 Rohan Royal Guard on foot don't make a company, you know?
Then I read the SBG rules and thought, that the two aren't so far off from one another.
You would just need to use the Might-rule from WotR and the Magic-rules.

The most difficult part would be to rebalance shooting, but still use the WotR system. So, for Example: Legolas could stay his Fight 6/3+ and 2 Attacks. If he would shoot, then he'd get 2 dice from his 2 attacks and 2 more from his shoot value.

Melee would work similar with getting more dice, if your Fight-value exceeds the one of your opponent and so on.

I can see how this needs further tweaking, but it could be a route GW might take.
This is pure theory and though I like the SBG-rules, I still think they need an overhaul. And so SBG could just get the skirmish-version of WotR and not a completley different game.
GW could meld the two systems into one, which seems not so far off.

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27-04-2010, 11:35
Well I certainly don't hope that they do. And why would they, they especially made WoTR to enable larger battles, something that seems impossible in the current SBG rules.