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27-04-2010, 18:06
Sorry, lots of questions today.

I know the dreadclaws in Imperial Armour do not mount any weapons, but are there any varieties of dreadclaw that do mount weapons, or are there historical instances when they have been fitted with weapons.

I'm quite interested in equipping my dreadclaws with havoc launchers and combi-bolters, chaotic pseudo-equivalents of SM drop pod weapons systems, however I'm also a stickler for true-to-fluff.

27-04-2010, 18:24
Nope, no variants. No weapons beyond the melta-breachers around the iris door, which would only be used in BFG scenarios for boarding actions. I guess you could somehow make up rules that it can do a meltabomb attack on a vehicle within a couple inches.

I heard that the FW dreadclaw is a pain to assemble, apparently getting those claws the retract easily is a nightmare. Is this true? Or are your scratchbuilt?

27-04-2010, 20:16
Nope, haven't got a model yet, just planning ahead - I wasn't aware that the claws do retract, although I have seen some pictures of them standing up tall, like they are on stilts. I imagine thats when the claws are extended.

Shame they have no weapons, I thought as much. Then again, they are ship-to-ship assault boats, not drop pods, so having no weapons is not unexpected - not much to shoot your combi-bolter at on the outside of an starship.

No probs though, thanks for your help!

27-04-2010, 22:15
Nope, no weapon options.

Still, since the only rules for them so far are pretty much apocalypse-only, that doesn't rule out a home-brew set (Apoc is supposed to be all about limits set within your regular group of gaming buddies.)
Just up the cost - and think about whether the weapons only fire after it has landed or before - as it does NOT use the drop pod rules.

28-04-2010, 11:13
Hmm, I was going to use slightly modified drop pod rules for mine - I think the flyer version is way overpowered, and the drop pod version is too similar to Marine pods.

Mine will be placed anywhere on table, scattered D6" as normal, but Dreadclaws have no inertial guidance (plus a rather malicious machine spirit), therefore if it lands touching any kind of terrain it forces a dangerous terrain test on every one of the occupants, whose squad will be pinned upon emerging if any fail their DTT.

No seatbelts in my Dreadclaws! What do you think - fair representation of them, or do you have a better ruleset? Should they scatter 2D6"?

28-04-2010, 12:32
While chaos space marines are mental, random and evil they are rarely stupid and getting into a drop pod without seat belts would be a bit too loopy even for them. Bear in mind they will have had practice with Drop Pods for hundreds of years so should be quite adapt.

I can see what your doing with trying to make them different to drop pods. I would say the if they hit a squad or vechile. the people in side would have to make a dangerous terrain test as they get out but since it has melta bombs at its base it would cause 1D3 metla bomb hits on the unit they fell on top of. The idea of the Machine spirit aiming at the enemy is rather appealing.

28-04-2010, 13:58
I think alternative varients, providing they are well thought out would make for a nice apocalypse addition. i agree with 'cptmachine' regarding the landings and associated effects!

28-04-2010, 15:00
I didn't literally mean there are no seatbelts! I believe Dreadclaws were taken out of service from loyalist armies due to the (possibly chaos tainted) machine spirit often causing harm to the occupants - not sure how exactly, but I imagine it doing things like causing various malfunctions on the way down, and deliberately aiming for rough terrain in order to batter them about, hence the in-game possibility of it causing damage to the squad.

Nice idea also with the melta, but I imagine the melta-wotsit is activated after the Dreadclaw clamps itself in place on the enemy starship, to cut through the hull. I figure it wouldn't be switched on until after the pod has touched down. However, I can well imagine said machine spirit simply guiding the pod to crash down on top of the people below - it doesn't really care which side is which, it just wants to kill.

Thanks for the ideas!