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27-04-2010, 21:02
Ok so i've had this idea for a while but i'm not 100% sure how it will work. Essentially so much of the literature refers to vertical events that are hard to depict on the battle field, spacemarine assaulting from above, tyranids burrowing from below the ground and battles with enemies attacking you from all angles!

So basically my idea is a game of 40k but fought vertically e.g. from top to bottom. The gaming table would be 4' x 4' with roughly 4 storeys each 6-12" high.

The gaming board would be a bit of a one off modelling project but would basically be designed to section of a hive and would be a mix between the cities of death, planet strike and necromunda scenery lovingly modelled into a overly complex and intricate gaming board.

I havenít worked out a whole scenario yet but the two main ideas would be something like this

1.Evac: good guys start mid way through have to load cargo/civilians onto a thunderhawk transport whilst bad guys try and destroy the cargo/civilians

2. Assault uses planet strike rules. Generator at the bottom. Bad guys deploy from the top. Initial bombardment only affects the top floor. Bad guys have to get to the bottom and capture/destroy objective

Special Rules?

Rules wise, its pretty clear it would be infantry, jump infantry & MC only. I can see some walkers being used but itíll depend on the terrain!

I was thinking maybe something like shooting down +6Ē range Shooting up, normal range

Jump Infantry can assault an extra D6Ē but have to take a dangerous terrain test for each model if they do so

So what do people think? Iím worried Iím missing something really important. I figure if I have the main building roughly a ďUĒ shape so that you can access all the different parts there shouldnít be too many physical problems in terms of seeing/reaching models. But is there anything Iíve missed in terms of gameplay? Or anything else?


27-04-2010, 21:05
Its a cool idea, maybe add some static defenses as "hard points" for the defenders?

And just cause I play Blood Angels, how about a rule for drop pods breaking through several floors XD

27-04-2010, 21:11
Depending on size of floors..

You could always do you may shoot enemy's 1 floor above or below.

movement is 1 floor at a time, and possible elevators for faster movement.

dont change assault range, just allow assault marines to move 2 levels at a time instead of 1 with a difficult terrain test..

Because really.. who wears jetpacks to fight inside of close areas.

27-04-2010, 21:17
multi level 40k, gotta say I love it. im having flashbacks to a kill team mission I ran where the team had to move into a tower and fight their way through it, recscue an imperial governer and escort him to the roof to an arvus

not quite as grand as what you are proposing but itd definately a lot of fun so yeah go for it

27-04-2010, 21:32
All you need now is rules for dropping grenades down stories on people. Hang on, Grenades you can throw, that gives me an idea...

I think you might be better off starting from the necromunda rules set- free to download from GW, if you poke about a bit in the specialist games section.

There are rules for most of the things you're likely to need in there, and if not, just borrow them from 2nd ed 40k, as that's compatible with necromunda rules

27-04-2010, 21:33
There was a Warhammer World event with a custom table such as this, lots of ramps leading between levels. Google it.