View Full Version : 2,000 No Comp Slugfest

Esco Thomson
27-04-2010, 22:49
Thought I would switch it up a bit for this event, and leave the trusted Doomwheels at home...

Vermin Lord - 500

Plague Priest (Level 2, Flail, Plague Furnace) - 289

Warlock Engineer (Level 2, Doomrocket, Warp Energy Condenser) - 150

3 x 21 x Clanrat Slaves (Musician) - 132

21 x Plague Monks (Standard Bearer, Champion, Stormbanner) - 217

7 x Plague Censer Bearers - 112

2 x Hell Pit Abomination (Warpstone Spikes) - 500

Total Roster Cost: 1946
PD- 10/11
DD- 6
Deployments- 10
Models- 109

So I have 54 points left, and thinking maybe a Dispel Scroll would be good here. Mainly trying to get some feedback on if it is tough enough to run amok in a no comp area.

28-04-2010, 06:14
For a no comp list, i'd drop the verminlord for a grey seer and you should have the points for another lvl 2 engineer with 2 scrolls. Maybe even have points left for 5rat1packmaster units to hold your deployment quarters. That being said i'dalso find points to boost your plague monk unit up.

Esco Thomson
29-04-2010, 03:39
Changing gears completely:

Warlord on Rat Ogre Bonebreaker
- Warplock Augmented Weapon, Enchanted Shield, Rival Hide Talisman

Warlock Engineer
- Level 2, Doomrocket, Warp Energy Condenser

Warlock Engineer
- Level 2, Dispel Scroll

Plague Priest
- Level 2, Furnace, Flail, Dispel Scroll

2 x 29 Clanrats
- Shields, Full Command, Doomflayer

3 x 21 Slaves
- Musician

2 x 5 Giant Rats
- 1 Packmaster

21 x Plague Monks
- Champion, Standard, Stormbanner

5 x Plague Censer Bearers

2 x Doomwheel

PD - 8/9
DD - 5(2 scrolls)
Models - 169
Deployments - 12

So testing this list out, and it is the first time utilizing the Warlord on the Bonebreaker... Have to say that I am wholeheartedly enjoying it. It has a moderate magic phase(offensively and defensively) and definitely packs a punch in the combat phase. It moves fast, and still has the tools to take out the big nasty things.