View Full Version : Is Balthasar Gelt worth it???

28-04-2010, 09:57
Hey everyone

I was just wondering if Balthasar would be worth using in a 2000 point game??? I run a heavy Gun-line with a unit of knights and spearmen for close combat support. The rest of the army consists of large units of hand gunners, Crossbow men and siege equipment.

Too sum it up..... Is Balthasar good to use as a general in a 2000 point game or would a level 4 wizard suffice???

Thanks for your comments :)

28-04-2010, 10:11
Um, if you like the model. Personally I don't like being restricted to a single lore.
On the other hand he does know all 6 spells so your guaranteed something you like. If you chuck in a lvl2 as well, to draw some dispell dice and cast buff spells/fear spells from other lores he would be more useful IMO.

I've never used him though, so tis all theory.

28-04-2010, 12:07
First off, this should be in tactics.

Secondly, he is actually very good. Metal is one of the better lores - even against low armoured enemies, you can usually find a use for most spells.

Oh, and get a lv2 with a couple of scrolls. 4 DD is not currently enough to stop magic rape.

28-04-2010, 16:44
I used him in a 4000 point game v's Vampires, and a 2250 point game v's Vampires - he was DEADLY! He single handily destroyed entire legions of Black Knights, he was also responsible for wiping out countless other units - but the character selection I took had to be magic heavy for him to be effective.

He is worth it, but he is situational - and he will determine that the 4 characters are a mix of warrior priests and wizards.

28-04-2010, 18:16
Too sum it up..... Is Balthasar good to use as a general in a 2000 point game or would a level 4 wizard suffice???

You dont have to use him as general even he is the lord - only the highest leadership must be general, and captains and warrior priests has ld 8 aswell.

I never use Special Characters, but a friend of mine wanted to use his Morathi for his Dark Elves army - and we decieded we both took our SC magic-lords on pegaus. And i think i actually outmagiced him. Those +2 to casting is very good and he can ignore first miscast. Plus the +3 ward save to both Balthasar and the pegasus against missiles is very good for a pegasus riding wizard. Still dont think he is invincible and put him out in the open. Better to use a turn and do nothing and hide than loose 20% of the army.

My friend, he had chosen Focus familar for Morathi and i destroyed it with Law of Gold in turn 2 and he couldnt hide and use her spells and she was forced out in the open were she was much more vulnerable. A cannonshot and one dead pegaus and she was an easy snack for almost anything :)

I second that Metal is on of the usefull lores and when he knows all 6 there is always something usefull to cast.


30-04-2010, 01:10
Agreed about the Lore. Outside of combat, where you want him, he has Rule of Burning Iron to pick off fighting/heavily armoured characters, Spirit of the Forge to deal with heavy cavalry, and something... Molten Silver, the magic missile, to kill everything else. Add onto that nullifying magic items, reducing combat potential, and pinning artillery and you have a very versatile list. Finally, for ease, every spell has a range of 2".