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28-04-2010, 09:51
Big shootas, or Rokkits? I like both, and I'm not afraid of spending a few more points. For me it just seems like rokkits might do more, more str 8 shooting is never a bad thing. Plus odds are good the contents of the battlewagon will be pretty set on taking out infantry, so I think some AT would be nice. On the other hand big shootas are cheaper, and if I take a killkannon basically act as "wounds" for the kill kannon in case of multiple weapon destroyed results. I don't think a mix of the two would be good though. Also how many guns do people think is good on their wagons? Do you go all out and get 4? Or just 1 or 2 to soak up weapon destroyed?

edit: Woops, meant to put this in tactics, if a mod could just move it, that'd be swell.

28-04-2010, 09:58
Rokkits would be the way i'd go, but it would also depend on the other units in your army? if you already have an abundance of anti-tank type weaponry then perhaps Big Shootas will bring more to the forces capability.

Perfect Organism
28-04-2010, 10:09
I'm generally of the opinion that battlewagons should rely on deffrollas and transported units with power klaws for anti-tank work and concentrate on anti-infantry firepower.

If you are going to buy a rokkit, you might as well get a kannon, which can also fire as a defensive weapon with it's frag shells and costs the same. If you want to use multiple main weapons, you will have to park the wagon, which is a huge waste of it's transport capacity.

I'd pretty much always recommend one big shoota and one kannon as the best weapon load for a battlewagon. Conveniently, this is also really easy to model with the bits you get in the kit.

28-04-2010, 10:12
Taking big shootas will not give "Wounds" to the killkannon as the attacker decides what weapons are destroyed on a weapon destroyed result. If you are going to take a KillKannon, I suggest only taking the Kill Kannon. Otherwise, I would say pick a job for the Wagon to do and equip it accordingly. Either way you're making a pillbox wagon since you can only fire 1 of any of those weapons on the move...the best you can hope for is a rokkit/big shoota and a frag round from a Kannon.