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Lord Blood the Hungry
28-04-2010, 20:02
was looking at a project log where someone had made some cool furies.
one of the replies said "ace models, shame they suck in the game"

so i looked them up.

it seems to me like there is something missing from the furies. as though they intended something to be there but it didn't print.

looking at the choices on the fast attack page:

Flesh hounds:
competitive stat line, being beasts with furious charge makes them fast and hard hitting but you have to use them carefully or they just get shot up.
just brilliant

again beasts, so fast, but the combination of huge amounts of high initiative rending attacks and assault grenades makes them fantastically powerful. their options make them even better.
this is nicely balanced by them being fragile, so you have to look after them.
possibly one of the best units in the game and totally underused

ace models, jetbike move makes them interesting and their warp jaws make them really useful.
I do feel like they are missing something.
they need a scream not necessarily a weapon or attack just a cool ability.
unearthly scream: enemy units within 12" of a screamer suffer a -1 penalty to Leadership and initiative.

there seems to be something missing from the furies.
they are too expensive for what they are.
they need to be dropped to 12pts each or given an ability

WS or Initiative boost would make them too similar to fleshhounds,
can't have rending cos thats slaaneshi,
can't have shooting attack cos thats too tzeentch like,

they need a cool game effect:
I like the idea of them skulking in corners and preying on the weak

I would give them "stealth" and a special rule that makes them a scoring unit.

or something cool like :
"the fury curse"
at the end of an assault phase involving furies, roll a D6 for each casualty caused by the furies on a roll of 6 another fury bursts from the corpse and joins the unit.


28-04-2010, 23:13
No, see, the problem with Furies is the special ability of a Fury is that it gets to move 12", and then either run D6" or assault. Unfortunately, because of how much of a premium is placed on movement ability in the codex, that's all they gave them, and why they're terrible. I mean, just look at the cost to give flight to daemon princes.

Compare them to Furies in WHFB, in which the ability to fly is exactly why anyone takes them, because the ability to fly in WHFB is awesome, especially when the models in question are fear causing and immune to psychology.

Mortified Penguin
29-04-2010, 04:45
Yeah Seekers are underused because there are no models for them. :(

29-04-2010, 04:57
What about giving them Hit & Run?

29-04-2010, 08:47
Yeah Seekers are underused because there are no models for them. :(
Ebay the old, excellent ones.

Or wait for the plastic ones - they're not bad-looking, even if they're not as good as the old metal Slaaneshi models (few things are).

As for the Furies - price drop is preferable to buffing, in my mind. Hit-and-Run and/or Stealth would also be acceptable, though.

29-04-2010, 10:36
Or wait for the plastic ones - they're not bad-looking, even if they're not as good as the old metal Slaaneshi models (few things are).

Where have you seen pics of the new seekers? I too wisht the last version of the deamonettes was still avaliable :( - that series of models was just gorgeous, the smaller scale would make a nice change from painting power armour too.

29-04-2010, 15:55
Coincidentally, we have been getting in a bit of trouble over in the daemon tactica thread for discussing changes to furies instead of tactics.
Anywho, furies are the undivided daemons, they have no god. The in fluff, they are vultures. They will basically ravage anything they think they can take, but run like children if they cannot fight it.
Seekers are yes, amazing as all hell, most daemon players grab goblin spider riders and daemonettes for a conversion. I am working on 5 right now and like how it is going. Simply saying "ebay the old ones" is silly, have you ever seen how expensive they are? Thats like telling a space wolf player to ebay wulfen models. Seriously, I have seen entire armies sell for way more than if bought new because it had seekers in it. Cant sell something? put a seeker with it.
I have the same feelings for beasts of nurgle, compared to the other elite sections, as well as when compared in points to a plaguebearer, they are just terrible. Love the models though.

I am also interested in seeing the "new seekers" models. I have heard whispers of them coming out with the new DP. I want that DP so bad....

The Laughing God
29-04-2010, 16:23
I think I remember a pic being posted of some WIP seekers in the rumor section.

I think furies would be seen more if they just had a points decrease.