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28-04-2010, 22:59
2001 points Goblin only

Core units– 916
35x Nightgoblins equipped with hw/shield, FC + netters 160 points
34x Nightgoblins equipped with h/w shield, FC + netters 157 points
30 Nightgoblins equipped with h/w shield FC, + netters 145 points
6x nightgoblin fanatics 150 points
5x spider riders short bows and musician 76 points
5x goblin wolf riders short bows and musician 76 points
5x spider riders short bows and musician 76 points
5x goblin wolf riders short bows and musician 76 points

Special units- 275
2x goblin spear chukka 70 points
5x squig hoppers 75 points
1x goblin rock lobba 70 points
goblin wolf chariot 60 points

Rare- 285
Goblin Doom diver catapult 80 points
Giant 205 points

Heroes- 320
Nightgoblin shaman level 2 + staff of baadum 125 points
Nightgoblin shaman level 2 + 2 dispell scrolls 135 points
Goblin battle standard bearer 60 points

Skarsnik warlord of the eight peaks 205 points

this is my first o&g list so please help me with suggestions and feedback :) ty

I've made some changes now thanks for all the advices ! :D

28-04-2010, 23:12
Looks like you have a hero too many (unless there is some special rule I'm not aware of).

28-04-2010, 23:21
Yup Makina is right - 1 hero too many. I would drop 1 of the shamans for another block of gobbos with nets - they're surprisingly resiliant.

I'd also try and invest a few more points in the squig hoppers. They're about the only thing that can really hurt stuff except skarsnik and giant and will consequently get targeted. A Unit of 7-8 will ensure they live to snack on elven flesh.

Otherwise looks good!

Spiney Norman
29-04-2010, 00:56
I also note a miscalculation on the cost of your fanatics. 6 of them is more than 125pts

This army is almost identical to mine, except I have a 3rd block instead of the chariot shaman and I take a squig herd instead of two of those light cav units, I would also consider giving your BSB the Bad moon on a stick. In Skarsnik's unit that banner makes a large Night goblin block a unit to be reckoned with.

29-04-2010, 06:50
excuse me - PLEASE drop the orc bully on the rock lobba - what is he doing there?!!!

your lack of actual infantary units is going to hurt - 2 is not enough!

29-04-2010, 09:48
Thanks for all the advices ! I've dropped the shaman on the chariot and I threw in another nightgoblin unit and a goblin wolf chariot. Bad moon on a stick seems like a good option on the bsb.. but is it worth replacing for example the wolf chariot to make it fit in the list?

Thanks all :)