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29-04-2010, 03:32
Greetings! I'm going to be playing in a small local tournament in June, and thought I'd post the current incarnation of my list. It's a comped tournament, with a lot of different restrictions on various units and such, but my list doesn't fall afoul of any of its proscriptions. It's possible the list will change before the tournament, but for now I'm pretty pleased with how it looks. All comments are, of course, welcome!

Exalted Hero, MoT, barded steed, Crown of Everlasting Conquest, halberd - 190
Exalted Hero, MoT, barded steed, BSB, Banner of the Gods, halberd, shield - 295
Sorcerer, 2x Dispel Scroll - 135

21 Marauders, MoS, light armor, shields, full command - 156
10 Marauders, MoS - 50
12 Chaos Warriors, MoS, halberds, shields, musician, standard, War Banner - 257
5 Marauder Horsemen, MoS, flails, throwing axes, musician - 101
5 Marauder Horsemen, MoS, flails, throwing axes, musician - 101
5 Warhounds - 30

12 Chosen, MoT, great weapons, full command, Favor of the Gods, Banner of Rage - 350
5 Chaos Knights, MoK, musician - 240

Warshrine, MoS - 140
Hellcannon - 205

Total - 2250

Both of the Exalted Heroes will join the big Marauder unit, making it 25-strong. Generally I put the Marauders in the middle, with the Warriors and Chosen on either side of them. The small Marauder unit screens them. That positioning puts all of the infantry within the 6" Stubborn bubble. The Warshrine lines up next to/behind the Chosen, and the Hellcannon usually sits behind the Warriors, since it can see over to shoot. The Knights and their dog screen sit on one of the flanks, lined up against a juicy target, while I usually put a unit of Horsemen on each flank to redirect and harass. The Sorcerer just tries to find some place to hide.

As I said, all comments are welcome!

29-04-2010, 14:45
Looks good, but a stone thrower or two might cause you problems. Also is putting the exalteds on horses a good idea? maybe you dont need it?

I don't have experience with it, but alot of people tend to put them on discs. they are pretty killy on discs from what i hear.

i like the Banner of the gods, but it might be a bit expensive for the list your running? do u find its worth its points?

if you decide to drop it, and if u can find the points it might be nice to have another units of knights. i guarantee they will be the first target of enemy fire. (that and the chosen).

also i dont know if the horsemen need flails.

what i find is that since chaos weakness tends to be lack of numbers, i usually overwhelm my enemies with numbers. they dont expect it, and it keeps your eggs spread over multiple baskets, so even if you lose a unit or two its not a problem.

that 10 marauder unit is kind of useless as the maruder horsemen fill the core slot there, you probably dont need them.

30-04-2010, 01:31
@randomkrazy: Thanks for the comments. You're right that war machines in general are powerful against this list, but there's not much I can do about that unless I go all-marauders or spam knights (which is what I'm trying not to do).

I have used the BSB on a disc, and while he was good, since he has BotG I need him in the center to spread his Stubborn bubble. It's also a bit tricky to keep him from getting shot. I do like BotG quite a lot; the stubbornness has saved my units many a time. My Warriors in particular tend to lose the first round or two of combat, then eventually win by either grinding down the enemy, or holding them up until flankers arrive.

I agree that Knights are amazing, but I'm kind of trying to avoid spamming them too much. If I went up to 2500 I'd be really tempted by a second unit of them, though. Flails on the horsemen are perhaps not absolutely necessary for how I use them (redirection and harassment), but it makes killing warmachine crew and archers pretty much a sure thing. They're pretty handy.

I agree on the numbers, and this is kind of my effort at that. Clearly if I wanted really big numbers I'd spam marauders, but they're a bit wimpy and boring. Case in point, my 10-man marauder screen. They're actually great at what they do -- be cheap and have 10 wounds -- but they're not very interesting. I use them instead of hounds to screen my infantry, since their slower movement isn't a liability and they have more wounds (and psychology protection) for a very competitive price. They're also handy to keep the frenzied Chosen from running all over the place.

30-04-2010, 02:27
I see your points. Alot of people claim warhammer FB is a game controlled by movement. So alot of chaos players go for an all mounted army. I personally like the block infantry army, it looks cooler and feels more like an "army".

Back in the old rules I went a large block of marauder units for fleshiness and static res, and included a character in each unit for killiness. This worked really well. Warriors are really expensive, but they look so damn cool. They are one of the models that got me into Chaos in the first place.

as for the marauder screen do you just run them like 1x10? not 2x5 right?

30-04-2010, 04:10
Objectively, the "Big Magic and Knights" army is probably more competitive, but having played that list before, I can definitively say that this list is more fun for me. I like the rock-solid center, and having several different units to play with.

The marauder screen I had been running 5x2 in front of the big marauder block, but prior to now I've been giving that big unit the Mark of Khorne and great weapons, so they needed the screen. Now I'm trying MoS with LA/SH, which should protect them much better (and obviously they're no longer frenzied). So the short answer is that yes, I was thinking of running the marauder screen 10x1 in my next game. That way it can partially screen all three infantry units, and my infantry will only start 1" back from the maximum deployment distance.