View Full Version : Old Vostroyan battleforce?

29-04-2010, 06:40
Anyone know how much the old vostroyan battleforce went for? And what was included in it? Thanks

29-04-2010, 07:17
It was a basic platoon with a platoon command squad and 2 infantry squads, including a heavy bolter and a mortar.

Blue Orphen
01-05-2010, 12:25
I happen to have one sitting around somewhere...found it at a small FLGS buried under other stuff about a year ago =)

It has a platoon command squad and two infantry squads. It comes with 2 Plasma Gunners, a Flamer, and a Grenade Launcher for special weapons. For heavy weapons, it has a Heavy Bolter, a Mortar, and a Lascannon. It contains two of the "Finger-pointing sergeant" and (if memory serves) one of the Shouldered Chainsword Sergeant.

It also came with three Vossie casualties, which I believe were not available elsewhere.

The original retail for the set was $90US, making it a pretty decent deal (especially if you wanted to use all the heavy and special weapons.)

01-05-2010, 14:10
Almost correct - there was no heavy bolter team in it.

So it had: 12 lasguns, 2 plasma guns, grenade launcher, flamer, mortar team, lascannon team, 2 sergeants, lieutenant with chainsword, vox-caster, medic, 3 casualties.

Wasn't a battleforce as such, by the way. The box says "Vostroyan platoon", and it was a splash release thing when they were first released.