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29-04-2010, 09:31
The winds howled and moaned across the bleak expanse of Worlds Edge Foothills. Bolorrax snorted and looked back at the herd strung out behind him. There was little to see save the ruins of some forgotten town. The Bray-Shamans had told him that his future lay out here in the shadow of the mighty mountains and so he had come.
As always, the hunger gnawed at his belly, He would have to eat soon. Probably a few Ungors. As he attempted to single out a potentially tasty meal, no small feat with the stringy wiryness of the usual Ungor, a flash of metal caught his eye. Peering in the distance he could see a column of armoured men, all gleaming metal and standards.
Snorting in amusement, the Doombull raised his massive fist and pointed in their direction. The herd began to stomp and bawl in excitement. They would eat well tonight...

So today I faced off against the Dastardly Disciples of Chaos (ooh I like that :p), in a 2,000pt battle to decide who the Chaos Gods like best.

Beast List

Doombull w/Sh, Sword of Might, HA, Ramhorn Helm, Gnarled Hide

Gorebull BSB w/Beast Banner, GW, HA

Morex and Sorex
2xLvl2 Bray-Shamans w/Stone, Scroll

2x20 Gors w/FC, AHW
2x10 Ungors w/Musi
3x5 Ungor Raiders w/Musi
5 Hounds
2x3 Minos w/GW
3 Minos w/AHW

WoC List
25 Chaos Warriors w/MoS, FC
24 Chaos Warriors w/MoS, FC
25 Marauders w/MoS, FC, HW, Sh
20 Marauders w/MoS, HW, Sh

Table was setup by a third party with a small forest just to the left of my deployment zone, 2 houses/ruins top right and bottom right and some ruins roughly straight across from the forest.

WoC Deployment went, from left to right, Marauders, Warriors, Hellcannon, Sigvald Crew, Hellcannon and Marauders.

I deployed Hounds, Ungor Raiders w/Morex, AHW Minos, GW Minos, Chariot, Doombull unit, Gorebull Unit, Ungor Raiders, Ungor Raider w/Sorex, and GW Minos. The 2 little Ungor blocks went in front of my Gors to hopefully curb the Frenzy and allow for some nice charges.
Morex rolled, on Lore of the Wild, Brayscream and Savage Dominion
Sorex rolled, on Lore of Death, Winds of Death and the Fear causing spell (no rulebook atm). For some very odd reason I kept this spell. No idea why as is whole army was immune....meh, oh well lol.

Post Game Thoughts
Well now....a Slaanesh worshipping, straight up combat list. Not exactly subtle and potentially packing a wallop. Sigvald would be a bugger and the Hellcannons could pose some problems if he guessed and rolled well but overall I felt confident.
Both my big frenzied Gor units would go straight up the middle with the Minos pinning him on the flanks. Good plan....let's see if it works.

Chaos gets the dice roll.

Thats it lol. The Marauder units swing a bit to angle inwards towards the Warriors. Cant blame him as there is an awfully large amount of beef headed his way.
In shooting both the Hellcannons are abysmally off target.

The Beastmen surge forward, except for the Hounds that lounge contentedly behind the house pretty much out of LOS of everything and quite happy to hold the corner.
Sorex lines up Sigvalds nice and shiny escort and promptly miscasts on Winds of Death. He barely manages to keep from wounding himself and the magic phase ends.
Shooting sees two Marauders on the right flank and one of Sicvalds escorts go down to Ungor bows.

Turn 2
Battleline moves back slightly.
Shooting sees 3 Gors die.

Again a general advance but not as whole hog as turn 1.
Both Ungor units march forward. Flanking Minos turn inwards. Both Gor units move forwrd 5'.
In the magic phase Sorex manages to get Winds of Death off but whiffs the rolls and kills nothing. Morex, safely tucked out of view behind a house, pops his powerstone and manages 16 for Savage Dominion. Amazingly, it is almost dispelled with an 11! I would've freaked lol. A Ghorgon rumbles clumps onto the table behind Sigvalds unit and right next to a Hellcannon.
Shooting manages squat.

Turn 3
Hellcannon charges the Ghorgon.
The other Hellcannon lands spot on one of the AHW Minos and obliterates him but they pass their LD test.
In combat the Hellcannon causes 1 wound, which also wounds Morex, and the Ghorgon completely whiffs. Hooray for Stubborn lol.

AHW Minos charge right Marauders.
Rest of the army does the shimmy shuffle preparing for the hammer blow.
Magic and Shooting manage diddly so onto the glorious combat....
Ok, so I am down a Mino but the other 2 combine for 2 Impact Hits and 8S5 attacks hitting on 4's. I should easily manage to cause 5 wounds therefore beating his StaticRes and winning right?
Impact Hits kill 2 and I gleefully pick up my 8 dice and proceed to kill 1...yes 1 Marauder....
Oh joy, I lost....at least I passed my break test or life would have really, really sucked lol.

29-04-2010, 09:40
Turn 4
Left Warriors move towards the Marauder fight.
Hellcannon blasts 3 Ungor Raiders and send the remaining 2 packing.
In combat the Ghorgon smacks down 2 crew and puts a wound on the Hellcannon but again takes a wound. At least Morex passes his toughness test this time.
The Mino/Marauder bash ends with him winning combat again but the Minos hold.

Left Ungors charge the Warriors...yes they actually do cus I have a plan.
Right GW Minos charge the Marauders. Bringar and Co charge Sigvald.....and are just out....ahh crap not good.
Ungors actually rally.
Chariot and Bolorrax's unit line up angled to nail the Warriors in the next round. Left GW Minos turn to face towards Sigvald.
Magic and Shooting manage squat...again.
In combat the GW Minos make mulchmeat out of the Marauders and he fails break test running all of 4'. Can I do it? I roll 4'....booya.
Marauders manage nil against the AHW Minos and I wind up and kill....1. He made 3 6+ saves....well at least I pass break test again.
Ungors predictably whiff and lose 6 in return...there's a shocker. They break and flee and he choses to pursue..all part of the plan. He pursues 10'....not part of the plan. Now he is in charge range of Bolorrax....crap. It worked better in my head...honest lol.

Turn 5
Sigvald charges Bringars unit. Warriors charge Bolorrax and also just manage to hit the chariot (real bad blunder on my part lining them up pretty much straight across).
Hellcannon fires at the feeding GW Minos and pulps one.
In combat the pivotal battle goes first. I am fairly confident I will survive as Bringar has 4 wounds and will swing against RnF with his GW wrecking ball after taking a couple wounds from Sigvald....no biggie right? Sigvald hits with everything....Sigvald wounds with everything....buhbye Bringar. The other warriors go ninja and kill 5 more Gors including a smackdown on the Champ. Not surprisingly I fail my break test and leg it. Thankfully they are not caught. However Sigvald is now sitting beautifully positioned for a flank charge on Bolorrax next turn....
In the other potentially bad combat the Warriors elect to go against RnF but only kill 3. Bolorrax stretches, winds up with his axe, and punts 5. The chariot passes Primal Fury and the Bestigor also brains a Warrior. Beastmen win combat but he holds.
The mighty pillowfight between the AHW Minos and the Marauders finally sees a break as he causes a wound but I kill a crapload and we end off in a tie. He has a musician....Minos pass again lol.
The Ghorgon kills a dwarf and wounds the Hellcannon. Unbreakable......bleep.

Gors rally.
Right GW Minos swing to get LOS on the Hellcannons. Ungors shuffle.
Magic and shooting is bleh.
Combat starts with the Ghorgon putting another wound on the Hellcannon and getting wounded in return but Morex again passes his toughness test.
Bolorrax racks up another bunch of kills and the rest of his unit cheers him on as again the Warriors pass their break test.
Pillowfight....smack, smack...tie...Musician! Lose....pass break test....

Turn 6
Sigvald fails his stupid check.....oh thank you, thank you, thank you.
Hellcannon again targets Minos but misses.
In combat the Warriors and Bolorrax are both I5...but Beasties won last round...Shawing! Bolorrax carves 7. The champ is quaking in his not so strong armour and whiffs it leaving the ninja gors to take down another warrior. Agian the chariot Bestigor splats 1. I win combat by a ton but he passes again....
In the ohso epic pillowfight there is another great display of whiffing on the Marauders part and some smackdown on the Minos part which again results in a draw broken by the musician. Minos pass....joy.
Ghorgon kills the last dwarf and causes 2 more wounds to the Hellcannon but takes another wound and, sadly Morex bites it. Buhbye Ghorgon

GW Minos charge the Hellcannon.
Magic sees Sorex actually mange to kill a Warrior with Winds of Death.
The Ungors totally whiff on shooting.
GW Minos absolutely hammer the Hellcannon, killing all the crew and reducing it to 2 wounds. Cannon in return wounds one.
Pillowfight next....Minos tickle a couple Marauders playfully and it all boils down to the Musician again. Sadly, I finally fail my break test and the Minos are run down by the 7 remaining Marauders....sheesh that was such a painful fight.
Bolorrax...up to an impressive 10 attacks, winds up and again delivers the smackdown. For the 3rd time the bestigor on the chariot splats a warrior. They finally break and are chased down by the chariot.


Meh. Not a win but not a loss either lol. I'll take it. My dice completely and utterly failed me in this game. And his were smoking up till that pivotal Stupidity roll on the 6th turn. If he had passed it this would have been a massacre.
I made some really stupid moves as well. The Ghorgon should have shown up on th flank to support the Minos and plow through Marauders. The Ungor charge idea was definitely a BAD idea as, if Sigvald wouldnt have failed his Stupidity, would have resulted in pretty much total annihlation. Bringar going down in one swoop was also rough. Really didn't expect that one lol.
Still Bolorrax did me proud. That Bloodgreed really stacks up:D.
We decided to see who would win in a one off match of Sigvald vs Bolorrax. But that fight will be revealed later. Who do you think would win? And Malorian you cant say anything ;)

29-04-2010, 11:28
Got to love the marauders that managed to bore the minotaurs to death. Also got to love Sigvald failing his stupidity test on a 10 to fail the charge.

I've never seen one unit of chaos warriors that big, let alone 2 :-)

Grats on the draw and thanks for the report.

29-04-2010, 15:23
A very good read, thanks a lot for taking the effort!

The ungor charge was a bit of a tactical blunder, thankfully Sigvald was too busy admiring himself on his shield to close the deal!

Back on the lists, though, I was surprised by the army your opponent chose to bring to the field. It seems too limiting in terms of maneuverability. If I remember correctly, you play in the same club as Malorian does; it's weird that after playing someone with such a good grasp of redirection and diversion tactics, a chaos army with no chaff at all should arise.
To be fair, I can see it being difficult to get points from, but still not my cup of tea.

29-04-2010, 16:00
It was a fun game to watch with all the crazy saves the WoC player made, and it was the first time I'd ever seen a hell cannon destroyed in combat.

Thanks for the report Seabo! :)

But as for the general vs general fight, all I can say it that my dwarf lord could take either of them on ;)

If I remember correctly, you play in the same club as Malorian does; it's weird that after playing someone with such a good grasp of redirection and diversion tactics, a chaos army with no chaff at all should arise.

The WoC player and I actually talked about it that same day and he is really looking forward to 8th since the whole baiting game will be reduced in effectiveness (and thus in my opinion the tactical gaming aspect).

I dread the day that I bait and hit one of those fully ranked warrior units in the flank with an orc unit and still lose due to the fact that 10 warriors will be hitting me first... *sigh*

29-04-2010, 18:34
I've taken a hellcannon down with my HPA :D...

... after 4 rounds of combat....:(

Nice battle report Seabo! Better luck next time. BTW my bet is on the doombull of course.

29-04-2010, 21:41
nice rep, all in all, thank the gods for stupidity :)

30-04-2010, 07:31
that was a good report- nice to see BoC tactics developing--

30-04-2010, 19:54
Thanks for the report! I like to read about beasts, even when the dice are against them.

02-05-2010, 21:41
Great report as always Seabo, love your BoC reports. To bad that the dice was against you as you did a great game. How do the BoC feel so far? Do they fit your gaming style well? :)

zork rumpscratcha
05-05-2010, 22:41
Go beasts! unless they're against greenskins of course.

06-05-2010, 08:36
No battle this week :(
But I do have a fun little report I can do......

Bolorrax was in a foul mood. The miserable little fool human had stopped his herds advance and now they sat sulking in the forest. The huge Doombull desperately wanted to find some small furry creature to throttle when a glint of metal caught his eye.
Sitting by a pond, staring at his reflection, was the fool himself!
Bolorrax grunted evily to himself. This was going to be fun.

So after pummeling each other in various unit combinations we decided to do a general vs general, mano a bullo, one on one. Sigvald the Stupidhead (:p) vs. Bolorrax.
Turn 1
Sigvald got the higher roll so went first and wounded an impressive 4 times. Bolorrax saved all but 1 giving him 3 extra attacks (man i love Ramhorn Helm) but also only manged to get one wound through all of Sigvalds saves.

Turn 2
Sigvald causes another wound. Bolorrax winds up with an impressive number of attacks but fails to do any damage.

Turn 3
Sigvald whiffs. Bolorrax pounds him into the dirt.

Bolorrax bellowed in rage as the stupid human danced in front of him. Once again his mighty axe hit the dirt as the fool scampered away. The slender rapier darted in for another quick slash along the Doombulls shoulder,
The human had ducked back behind his shield in a classic guard position when a beatific smile creased his face and he stopped to push an errant strand of hair behind his hair.
Sadly, lots of hair ended up out of place as Bolorrax's axe cleaved him in half.....

Thnx for reading:D
Hopefully a full battle next week.

06-05-2010, 13:11
In your face Sigvald!


11-05-2010, 23:31
Well tomorrow is Wednesday which means possible battle day :D
If babysitter bails again I swear I'm going homicidal lol.
We shall see what happens.

12-05-2010, 15:19
Hope to see you there.

Then my Welsh Legion can get some revenge ;)

19-05-2010, 19:20
Well going tonight to see if I can get a game in. With Malorian facing off against wannabe Egyptian dead dudes I am not too hopeful. Besides, his Welsh Legion have thrashed me twice now. Just a little gun shy lol.
And yes...the Beasts are coming out to play. Dropping the Doombull and Gorebull in favour of good old Rakkashi.
Beastlord w/ HA, Ramhorn Helm, Gnarled Hide, Sh, Sword of Battle, Many Limbed Fiend
AHW, Gouge Tusks, Uncanny Senses, HA
Bray Shaman
Lvl2, 2xScroll
Bray Shaman
Lvl2, Staff of Darkoth
2x20 Gors
2x15 Ungors
3x6 Ungor Raiders
2xTuskgor Chariots
2x5 Warhounds
3 Minotaurs
14 Bestigors
FC w/Warbanner
3 Razorgors
5 Centigors

So there ya go. Tons of expendables and a few hard hitters. No rares or big stuff either, a calculated risk :).
Stay tuned for more sexy beast action;).

20-05-2010, 07:44
No-one to play against as the Welsh Legion and Lizardmen were getting it on. The TK player didnt show and the Daemonic girl was not feeling up to a game :(.
Oh well, thats why I also bring 40K as well :D

20-05-2010, 15:12
It's too bad Rakkashi didn't get a game (cowardly deamons!) but at least you still got a game in :)

20-05-2010, 22:52
So next week are we going to get an epic face off?
Considering I voted 5-6 games for your Welsh Legion I really want to crush them now :D.
2250, 2500 or 3000....your choice.

20-05-2010, 22:55
Next week I'm busy with my big game for Da Warpath, and I'd have to do a lot more gluing to be ready for a larger game (damn 6 point models).

At any rate the Welsh Legion ends when I have 2 solid or massacre losses in a row, so being that I'm already at 6 games with no losses I think you are out of luck ;)

10-06-2010, 06:37
So I finally got another game in :)
Of course we just finished moving across the city and, as usual, half of my figs have dissappeared into the moving box black hole.
Managed to come up with 2,000pts to go against Warriors of Chaos.
As I was informed before the battle that I would be facing a straight up combat list I also decided to go no magic.
My List
Ramhorn Helm, Gnarled Hide, HA, GW
BSB-Beast Banner, HA, GW
HA, Gouge Tusks, GW
HA, Many limbed Fiend, Biting Blade
15 Gors
17 Ungors
Sp, Sh, FC
2xTuskgor Chariots
2x6 Ungor Raiders
3 Minotaurs
15 Bestigors
3 Razorgors

Warriors of Chaos
Exalted Hero
Exalted Hero
2x25 Warriors
3x25 Marauders
MoS, FC, Sh, LA
5 Knights

Table and Deployment
The table was setup with a long hill against one side with 2 forests just off center to the left and right. Thats all. Fairly open but with a perfect funnel formed in the middle.
I deployed from left to right. Razorgors, Chariot, Raiders, Bestigors, Gors, Chariot, Minos, Ungors and Raiders.
He deployed all his infantry units in a line in the exact center of his side and the Knights on his far left.

Post Game Thoughts
I was fairly confident going into this. Although I was actually greatly outnumbered I had the sheer killing power of a massive hammer unit of Bestigors with both Rakkashi and the Gorebull BSB. Combined the front row of that unit would dish out 10 S8 and 5 S7 attacks. The Minos and the Ungors would corral the knights and Raiders would help to march block them. My GW Wargor joined the Ungors.

Battle Report to follow soon:D

10-06-2010, 18:55
Rakkashi growled softly as he watched the line of armour clad warriors array themselves into a battleline. He did not hate these dark humans as much as the soft, whining pink ones that infested the south but still, they were in his way. In the end it didnt really matter who he faced. As long as there was enough meat to feed his herd....

Chaos wins the roll off and goes first.

The four middle units surge forwards. Marauders and Knights also move full speed around the forests on either flank.

Gors, Bestigors and a Chariot move forward to meet his main battleline. Razorgors and second chariot swing towards the Marauders on the left flank. Ungors and Minotaurs angle to redirect the Knights.
In the shooting phase the Cygor guesses nicely right into the middle of the Generals unit but then gets a 10" scatter :(. This is the start of a rather sad trend.
Ungor Raiders ping off a warrior.

Turn 2
Middle moves up at about half speed. Knights complete their swing around the forest and size up the Minotaurs and Ungors. Marauders on the left realize they are screwed and try to back up a bit.

Here come the charges!
Gors, Bestigors and Chariot all declare charges. Gors and Chariot at Generals warrior block and Bestigors angling at the other warrior block. The whole plan is that Bestigors should smash the warriors and pursue into the Marauders and the Gors, combined with Primal Fury and the Chariot charge, should cause enough casualties to keep stuck in and speed bump his General till the NEstigors can swing around and charge.
Then disaster strikes! Bestigors are just out of range! Ahh crap:(
Cygor Tries to hurl another rock but misfires and drops the rock on his head....
Chariot does a whole whopping 1 impact hit and the crew only manages 1 hit, even with Primal Fury. Sadly it doesnt even wound. General issues a challenge and the Gor Champion steps up to the plate. Sadly he completely whiffs his attacks and is promptly pounded into the dirt.
Despite having Primal Fury also on the Gor unit the Wargor and regular boys roll dismally and only manage 3 wounds total, 2 of which are saved.
Chaos Warriors wind up and pulp another 4 Gors. I end up needing snake eyes to stay. Both fail...The resulting stampede panics the Ungor raiders who fumble out into the nomans land between the Minos/Ungors and the Chaos Knights. The Warriors are also now getting dangerously close to the Minos flank.....
Well that was not good.....

Turn 3
Warriors charge the Gors who flee. Everything else maneuvers to take advantage of the total chaos in the Beastmens middle.

Bestigors charge some Marauders. Razorgors and Chariot combo charge the left Marauders.
Gors and Chariot both fail to rally and run off the board. Raiders also fail to rally and then run a whole whopping 2".
The Minotaurs, faced with the prospect of getting charged by both the Warriors and Knights, try to shuffle to get out of the knights charge range. Ungors are left to fend for themselves.
Cygor again gets a decent guess on the Generals unit but then sadly scatters harmlessly as per usual.
Left Raiders bag another Warrior out of the other unit.
In combat both Marauder units are slaughtered. The Razorgors and Chariot rundown their foe but the Marauders facing off against the Bestigors manage to get away. Joy....
Sadly they are all now way out of position and will have a major slog to get back into the main battle...Things are looking rough :cries:

Conclusion coming soon!

10-06-2010, 19:59
I'm going to say right now, putting two combat characters in the bestigors was a mistake.

Bestigors already hit hard so when you add characters to it you are just missing out on those good attacks. In a standard unit 5 models wide, when you add a beastlord and gorebull to it you are only having 2 bestigors that can attack!

Putting them in your other units would have added punch while the unit gives ranks, or you could have ran the bestigors 7 wide and then joined just the gorebull. That would have been a VERY killy unit, and then meanwhile the beastlord would be hack'n it up with the gors.

11-06-2010, 17:18

Turn 4
Generals unit charges the Minos. Knights charge the Ungors. Ungors fail their fear test :(.
The fleeing Marauder unit fails to rally and the other maneuvers to redirect the frenzied Bestigors into the forest.
In combat the 2 Minotaurs are taken down and the last manages to kill 2 back before breaking and getting rundown.
Ungors fare terribly and are also run down. The Knights pursuing off the table edge.

Fleeing Raiders fail to rally.
Razorgors and chariot begin the long trek towards the middle of the deployment zone. Bestigors also swing around and begin trucking back but, unfortunately will end up having to charge the Marauders next turn and get hung up in the forest.
Cygor finally gets a hit and takes out 7 from the warrior unit :D.

With that I call the game.

Massacre to the Warriors of Chaos:cries:

Post Game Thoughts
Well I completely flubbed that one. I should have pulled back let him funnel in between the woods. Also the Cygor was a very poor choice. I could have put a lot more bodies onto the table for his 275pts. But I was kind of limited to what I could pick due to my lack of available figures.
Oh well. It was still a pretty fun game:).

11-06-2010, 17:23
I'd say given the situation (a funnel board where it's best to stay back and shoot) the cygor was a good thing to have, but given your dice rolling it wasn't that good ;)

Better luck next time! (unless you are fighting me...)

13-06-2010, 17:05
yeah better luck next time.

nice rep as usual :)

(any pics coming up?)

13-06-2010, 21:35
Great Battle reps.............Way to many points in that beastigor unit........units like that have a hard time making there points back...................Good Luck with the rest of your games............

14-06-2010, 00:20
ouch, tough game Seabo, better luck in the next one!

11-07-2010, 08:08
Bumping this as its been a rather long time since my Beasts have seen any action.
Mal just popped off a youtube rep of our first 8th Ed 2,250 dustup.
Next week looking at a possible 3,000pt game.
And yes...I will try to get pics :p