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29-04-2010, 15:30
As my Space Wolf army nears completion, I have been seriously considering getting back into WHFB as well so I can play both codes, which I find both to be very enjoyable.

I'm a bit stuck on the choice of armies though. Namely, I can't choose between Empire and Bretonnia.

From the Empire side, I like the idea of massive infantry blocks, marching implacably forward, along with a couple of other fun things like pistoliers and great cannons and such.

From the Bretonnian side I find the idea of hard-hitting knights charging en masse to be way cool, though I do hate the idea of pegasus knights.

Basically, I was hoping for some thoughts as to how these two armies measure up in terms of competetiveness, versatility, cost, and potential for fun games.

Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated!

Edit: I love the Green Knight model for Bretonnia, and would probably theme the army along that color scheme.

29-04-2010, 16:06
If you prefer the Brettonian models then the choice is clear :)

Game play wise I would say Empire as they are much more vesatile. Empire is one of the an army that really relies upon combined arms to do well (taking things like steam tanks out of the equation). Brettonia can do the same to an extent but they lack decent infantry and artillery.

29-04-2010, 17:00
Both are competitive.

Empire is more versatile.

Bretonnians will cost less.

And both would allow for fun games.

29-04-2010, 21:00
im an avid player of both empire and brets i have to say empire is more versitile and you can always go knight heavy and add the green knight model as a knight captian

Awilla the Hun
29-04-2010, 22:03
But Bretonnians can get massed infantry blocks too, with occasional fun support units! And, when deployed properly, they have better leadership than the State Troops!

30-04-2010, 00:59
With my group, when I face either, I know knights are on the way. The thing is that I'm not sure what else the Empire will bring and the Bretonian knights are harder to kill in my usual fashion (bolt throwers) thanks to their blessing and can more powerful units of knights (grail being especially bad for anti-armour characters as you're stuck challenging turn after turn).

J.P. Biff
30-04-2010, 07:43
Hmmm... an army who looks like they got woken up in the middle of the night and strapped their armor and weapons over their pajamas, or cool armored knights who look like they placed the nearest tablecloth over their horses to help show of their realm colors... hmmm... :p

But joking aside, I just can't get past the pajama patrol look of the empire. So based on models alone I would choose Brets. But thats me. Ask yourself which models you like and go with that. You'll most likely stay interested painting them. Both armies are fun to use (well Empire LOOKS fun to use) so I don't think you'll be disappointed with either.

30-04-2010, 09:16
When I was choosing an army for Fantasy. I wanted a "good guy" army, which was basically Dwarves, elves, brets, or empire. It got down to Empire or Bretonnia because I like humes. The only thing that decided it was, I hate painting horses.

Point: I go by theme, coolness, and what there is to paint.

30-04-2010, 15:10
thanks to all you guys for the insightful replies. After considering your comments and taking a look at the 2 codices, I've settled on Bretonnia! (I gotta be honest here, the Green Knight model and special rules really sold me. My army will be themed after this awesome model!)

As mentioned by an above poster, I can still use infantry blocks, which I think are fun, while still getting great cavalry charges, and some fun ranged stuff with trebs.

I think I'll be going for a balanced list, which at 2k points will have 2-3 infantry blocks, a couple lines of archers, trebuchet power for sure, and plenty of Knights Errant. I hate the idea of pegasus knights, but I love what they can do on the table, so I'll be buying various griffon models to convert, so that I'll have griffon knights instead!

Some people at my local gaming club are going to be starting up WHFB armies as well, so I'll have 3 different opponents. We're going to be doing a campaign where we'll start off with 500 points, and every 3-4 weeks we'll bump it up by 250-500 points, with bonuses for having everything painted by each checkpoint.

I'm not really sure what a decent 500 point list will look like. Any ideas?

30-04-2010, 19:08
I'd say Empire might be more fun, especially because almost all they have is plastic. My friend plays brets and loves them, but my other friend plays Empire, and from what I've seen Empire has way more options, while brets play with only one playstyle, knights. Empire can go knights too, as well as infantry heavy, gunline, magic heavy, or a balanced army combining two or more of those types.

So Empire, but only as long as you don't use steam tanks. They're the fastest way to lose your friends barring a heroine addiction.

01-05-2010, 00:43
Bret is almost all plastic if you think about it, the horse is larger than the Knight! Not to mention about the Pegasus knights.

But if you wanna replicate your Space Wolf, then you should do a Middenhelm army

02-05-2010, 04:40
Just to point it out, once you have your Brets put together, you could just ... you know ... buy some empire war machines and play them as empire. Eff GW. My undead do double-duty as both VC and TK.