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Lord Hurin
29-04-2010, 15:52

Warboss Shagrat - 223pts
Black Orc Warboss; 'Eavy Armour, Shield, Boar, Martog's Best Basha, Best Boss 'At

Big Boss Snaga - 163pts
Orc Big Boss; BSB, Light Armour, Boar, Mork's Spirit Totem

Big Boss Vrasku - 147pts
Black Orc Big Boss; 'Eavy Armour, Shield, Boar, Porko's Pigstikka

Core Units

Shagrat's Ladz - 183pts
28 Boyz w/ Shield; Musician & Standard Bearer
*Warboss goes here*

Ugluk's Ladz - 198pts
28 Boyz w/ Shield; Full Command
*BSB goes here*

Gorbag's Ladz - 198pts
28 Boyz w/ Shield; Full Command
*Big Boss goes here*

Da Too 'Andas - 89pts
12 Boyz w/ add'l Choppa; Musician

Da Too 'Andas - 89pts
12 Boyz w/ add'l Choppa; Musician

Da Arrer Ladz - 60pts
10 Arrer Boyz

Da Arrer Ladz - 60pts
10 Arrer Boyz

Woolf Gitz - 71pts
5 Wolf Riders w/ Spear; Musician

Woolf Gitz - 84pts
6 Wolf Riders w/ Spear; Musician

Special Units

Mork's Teef - 70pts
2 Spear Chukkas

Pig Ridaz - 117pts
5 Boar Boyz; Musician

Lutrz's Wagun - 80pts
Boar Chariot

Grishnakh's Wagun - 80pts
Boar Chariot

Rare Units

Git Waguns - 80pts
2 Snotling Pump Wagons

1992 Points Total

29-04-2010, 16:08
Names are amazing for the units! I'll be nicking some of those I think!!! Theme is also great, a good strong Orc Horde with a few weedy Gobbos to help out da ladz. Just a few points though:

1) Your army is going to be VERY vunerable to being flanked - this was my
biggest issue I had when I played orc strong lists like yours. Try to keep your fast cav alive for as long as possible, in this situation I used to keep them behind my boyz until such a time they needed to surge forwards to protect the flank of a unit.

2) Warboss - he's not really equiped for much death dealing, he'll be ok v's rank & file but against big gribblies - not so much! If I were you I'd possibly drop the 2 andas to 10 strong and use the points to beef him up.

e.g. Black Orc Warboss, eavy armour, enchanted shield, warboar, akrit axe, iron gnashas, boss at

Now you have for just 275pts a warboss who has a 1+ save, 5+ ward, re-rolls his misses every turn with +1 str in 1st round, killing blow - he's a brute!

3) Arrer ladz - I love (and use) arrer boyz too, but in your list I'd consider dropping just 1 unit in place of 3 units of MSU snotlings - the snotlings are reliable as they don't test for animosity, they wont cause panic if you flee through your own line, and are ITP so they won't balk at charging or being charged by fear causers/terror.

Other than those very small suggestions please keep the army as is - it's a well crafted list that looks great and you'll have some banging games with them!