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Commissar Davis
29-04-2010, 16:40

New to the forum and think this is in the right place.

A friend of mine (house mate) has been trying to get me back in the game and says that my old mechanised guard army is now very competitive.

I am not sure what has changed as I quit about 4 years ago.

I have a Witch Hunter Inquisitor and a dozen or so storm troopers, 9 Chimeras, a few Leman Russ Demolishers and Hell Hounds, a couple of Commissars (got to be my all time favourite models) and HQs and troops, heavy weapon crews.

Is this as good as he says? How much have Imperial Guard changed?

29-04-2010, 16:49
Guard are now one of the strongest armies going, and their strongest build relies on lots of chimeras, as they are now excellent, very useful and, cheap.

From the sounds of that, you have a tournament winning force there.

EDIt, Look at the big Guard thread in the tactica forum. It is a mine of much useful stuff...

29-04-2010, 16:51
Regarding what you have...

Inquisitors + Mystics = money versus Deep Striking armies. Pick up an Officer of the Fleet and you have a potent reserves-harassing force that'll make Drop Pod marines and Daemons cry.

Stormtroopers got better... and more expensive. They're still, unfortunately, not worth taking. Veterans, however, got a shot in the arm and are awesome. Especially favored are the trip-melta or trip-flamer varieties.

Chimeras got cheaper. Rejoice. Oh, those stupid mounted lasguns that the crew fired? Gone. Now, you just get to fire a bucket of shots from the embarked squad. This includes your 3x Veteran Meltaguns (you took those, right?)

Leman Russes can be taken in vehicle squadrons now. Mixed bag, honestly. I personally see that as a detriment. On the plus side, they can now fire Ordnance and all their guns while holding still, or one gun and their Demolisher cannon while moving.

Commissars are still awesome, but don't have as large a presence in a Mech list.

Not many people like Hell Hounds. I fear them. They can also squadron up like the Leman Russ.

Heavy Weapons crews are pretty much relegated to an all-infantry company list.

Basically, Mech Guard is an incredible list now. Vehicles got points cut across the board. Squadroning of tanks allows the Guard player to field an absurd amount of armor in a standard Force Org list. Chimeras with Multilaser and hull Heavy Flamer are nasty, especially packing a squad of Veterans with 3x Meltas.

Of all the recent codices, I still regard the Imperial Guard as a well-rounded and versatile book, with Mech Guard being undisputedly one of the meanest lists in 40k when played correctly.

Commissar Davis
29-04-2010, 17:33
Thanks for the quick replies.

That all sounds good but, what is an Officer of the Fleet, why are Storm Troopers not worth taking (I didn't bother with Veterans) are Grenade launchers any good still? I guess I am going have to get the new codex and borrow the rule book.

@ Bunnahabhain: Thanks, I will take look.

29-04-2010, 17:46
Officers of the fleet and Astropaths are attachment to your company command squad(s) - Your HQs. They, respectively, mess with your opponents reserves, and provide massive bonuses to your own. The current edition is often quite reserves heavy.

Storm troopers- expensive (as much as a marine), have loads of special rules, so can only make use of a few at once, are still only T3, 4+ save guys so die if you look at them hard, and their guns are AP3, which is now devalued by so much cover...

Grenade Launchers are now cheaper, and so better.

Commissar Davis
29-04-2010, 18:31
Isn't that why transports were good in the last edition (unless a Space Marine) and I know that 3 of my Chimeras had a heavy flamer turret and vehicle mounted.

Looking at that those tactics, I am going to have to approach this as if I know nothing. So much that is new to learn.

Going to have to think this over and look have a rummage in my bits box.