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Col. Dash
29-04-2010, 18:01
Question does this affect all goblin units(including night goblins) or just regular goblins? I just wonder because Night goblin stuff is very specific to just them. I was going to use it with a BSB in a unit behind the front line to shore up my night goblin units, if it only effects regular goblins it absolutely isnt worth it.

29-04-2010, 18:18
thats answered at the start of the shiny stuff page, magic items that say goblins refer to all types of goblins

Col. Dash
29-04-2010, 20:28
OK, cool. At work and wont have my book which is at home for 2 weeks. Thanks.

30-04-2010, 08:36
what dutch said.. "goblins only"= all types of goblins night/forsest/ordinary or whateva goblin. "nightgoblin only" is indeed nightgoblins only though

30-04-2010, 09:11
but only in the magic equipment list. a night goblin still cannot ride a chariot.