View Full Version : beastmen? been out of fantasy awhile...

29-04-2010, 20:44
so how did they fair in their new book?

what's the general consensus?

powerhouse? underdog?

how do they tier?

29-04-2010, 20:52
They are completely different than before.

No longer are they an army of ambushers with crazy marks, now they are an army of heavy hitters and cheap bait units.

Personally I think they are a fairly strong army if used right, but as always you will have problems with dragons.

30-04-2010, 03:58
I looked though the book and liked it enough to buy it! After much theory hammer I have determined that the Beastman will be my next army to do - BEFORE I do Skaven!

Why? They have hard hitting units that will tear units apart, they have CHEAP screening units (I'm looking at you chaos hounds and raiders), some big scary monsters, excellent magic lores of Beasts & wild, and on top of everything it's a real thinking mans army!

You can take various army builds, chariot heavy, raiders, ambushers, solid blocks, but they have lots of inherent weak points like lack of armor saves.

You will also have to think long and hard about character selection, and there are enough cheap character options that you'll be ok if the % cap is true for 8th edition.

I am also thinking that as it's the newest edition book for fantasy it will really come in to it's own for 8th ed.

In 7th it is a solid army that played well will be up there in the middle of the pack, against some armies it will be a top contender.

Some bemoan the lack of warmachines but you can easily compensate for this with their Cygor - a giant with a stone thrower! There is a magic item which works as a bolt thrower, and then they have magic to combat beasts - lore of beasts, beast cowers, to put paid to any nasties!

Hope this helps

30-04-2010, 10:32
I played the old book and now the new one.
The have greatly improved but still are a mid-low tier army.
Great fun to play but in tournament level they have problems.
Personaly i don't like the lore of wild.
Short ranges and VERY high casting values.
Super-heavy hitting units but with a glass jaw.
If you get charges but something medium-heavy you will most likely break and get run down.
In the ETC rulepack they are deemed a Tier C army allowing them to
field 2600 Pts Vs 2250 that are the rest ... that says a lot.

Still a game with beasts is fun and with exp they can be deadly.

30-04-2010, 13:44
I like them, they have potential :) started my own army of them recently, a few of there units are over priced for what they are, cough bestigors, all 3 new big monsters, gors are up there, if they had strenght 4 base, they would be worth it

Minolords can be made absolute combat monsters, but are costly compare to the good old beast lords

Slugtounge is a :cheese: specail charater, not much more expensive then a lvl 2 shaman, but comes with a potential game winning ability!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Primal fury is a decent army special rule, hatred or even frenzy gained by a successful test, thats great

The SkaerKrow
30-04-2010, 14:04
Beastmen project to lower-mid tier. The point cost of many of their units seems a bit high, and the design of the army makes them pretty unforgiving (the lack of armor, in a game where you're almost assured of at least a 1 in 6 chance of damaging your target, makes every unit in the army quite fragile). They perform well against balanced armies, but their performance drops off disproportionately against more specialized/power builds. They're a fun army, but their viability really depends on the composition of your local play group.