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18-02-2006, 09:57
I have now decided upon collecting Tomb kings as with chaos there is too much choice and none particularily call to me. So to get to the point how can I improve this list against ogres? I want a close combatty army though I might consider some ranged firepower.


190pts Tomb Prince
Chariot and Flail of skulls


123pts Liche Preist


164pts 16 Skeletons
w/ Spears and sheilds, Champion and Standard bearer

156pts 8 Skeleton heavy horsemen
champion and satndard bearer


170pts 3 Chariots
Champion, Standard and musician


195pts 3 Ushabti

What do you think? I need help to improve this list and tactics for fighting orges! Any help is appreciated.

18-02-2006, 12:46
Personaly when i have played against an ogre army i find it easier to shoot them down... that is if you have enough shooting, but if you want to go close combatish than make your squads have ranks so you can have outnumber and rank bonus and remember that most ogres are only ws 3 so it shouldnt be that hard to hit them

18-02-2006, 14:00
first i would get rid of the steed on your heirophant and put him with your skeletons as that way he is safer from shooting and his magic is where it can be used to its fullist

i cannot remember what the flail does but if it is the multiple wounds thing then id say get rid of it for a great weapon as that shall make him cheaper as i don't think that the flail of skulls gives you the flail bonus' and wounding on a 2+ is better than on a 4+

change the heavy horsemen to light horsemen as heavy horse men are useless so at least the light horsemen have the ability to shoot as well

i would suggest that you charge the chariots (unless there is a bruiser with great weapon) and ushabti in at the same time but you will need to be careful of what is out there so if there is a unit of ironguts then stay away.

also i would recommend finding some points to get the screaming skull catapult with the enemy heads thing as ogres do not like panis tests especially at minous 1 where even the bruiser is at leadership 7

18-02-2006, 14:33
i agree tht you should make the heirophant not mounted. I also think you should drop the Ushabti and make the heavy horsemen into a unit of 5 light horsmen then get a bone giant with your left over points.

20-02-2006, 08:35
I kind of forgot about this thread for a while :( But now I have remembered it so from your advice and others this is what i gather the list should roughly look like:
(I won't write the actual list up just yet, I just want to check i have got the idea of what it should consist of)

2 large units of skeleton warriors (around 25 strong) to get good rank bonuses. (probably with spear and sheilds)

2 liche preists to join those two units and help them - mainly by ressurecting the already dead dead guys to have an endless tide of men.

For some fast support and flanking:

Tomb prince in a chariot joined with a unit of 3 chariots

Some light cavalry

Is this about right? The nice thing is if it is this will still suit my origonal idea of the army just fine - lots of shambling undead rising again as they fight/move with some fast close combat units to get their units stuck in combat.