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30-04-2010, 12:43
Hello fellow Warseerites!

Today I'll be bringing you an overdue report played earlier this month. Reason for the delay is that my computer has died (still waiting on the new one) so I'm writing on a public computer today and will attempt to get the whole report down in one fell swoop. Luckily I already had the pictures uploaded on photobucket (thank god for small blessings ;)) This however means that the army lists won't be as complete as usual as I'll have to go from memory (which is kinda sucky) Also all pictures will be in links today because uploading them in attachments would take about a year on these computers lol :D


Grimdag was in a pretty good mood today, his shoulder was feeling a lot better after the dwarf bullet had been removed from it and the dead boar had tasted very well. He had brought his lads deep into a dense forest in hope of finding some more food for the hungry bunch. He wished that they fought as well as they ate, but oh well, life wasn't perfect. He heard a whizzling noise and soon an arrow landed next to him with a message attached to it. He looked at the text written at it "you are not welcome here, leave or suffer the consequences" unfortunately Grimdag couldn't read so he just ate the paper and then picked his teeth with the arrow. Apparantely this angered someone because soon a hail of arrows fell amongst his boys as a bunch of elves came from the woods. Sweet, fighting squishes, this should be fun!

Orc Big Boss
Night Goblin Shaman w/spell 2&3
Night Goblin Big Boss
20 Night Goblins w/spears and nets
20 Night Goblins w/spears
20 Night Goblins w/bow
10 Orc Boyz w/add choppas
10 Orc Arrer Boyz
10 Orc Arrer Boyz
Orc Boar Chariot
Goblin Wolf Chariot
4 Trolls

Noble on eagle with sniping wepon and sniping shrike
Spellsinger w/spell 1&2
10 Dryads w/champion
10 Glade Guards w/champion and standard
10 Glade Guards w/champion and standard

Turn 1 - Orcs & Goblins

Total advance, forward all laddies! Nothing to eventful, shot and magiced down two glade guards.

Turn 1 – Wood Elves

Treeman and dryads hid behind forest, glade guards shoot down 3 orc boyz, magic put a couple wounds on boar chariot. noble flies up and put a wound on my shaman.

Turn 2 – Orcs & Goblins

A couple of failed animosity tests makes my battle line look very funny, kinda like a smile :D Nothing really happens this turn, just advancement and some failed shooting :p

Turn 2 – Wood Elves

Dryads charge my night goblins w/spear (but without nets) and kill 6 of them with no wounds in return (surprise, surprise lol) and therefore win by 1 but my Night Goblins roll insane courage! (WOOT!) Shooting kills another orc boy but the noble miss both his attacks against my shaman (DOUBLE WOOT!)

Turn 3 – Orcs & Goblins

CHARGE! My night goblins with nets charge his noble that hold and my boar chariot charge his glad guards with spellsinger. The goblins break his noble (THIRD WOOT!) but fail to catch him (kinda expected) and he lands behind the battle between the boar chariot and glade guards (:evilgrin:). My boar chariot slaughters his glade guards and they break and end up on the very table edge (I kid you not, on the very edge lol) and my board chariot one inch behind them (DOH!) but in the process he chased the noble of the board (FORTH WOOT!). His dryads completely whiff their attacks and my night goblins butcher them back (really! they killed like 3 dryads!) and then run them down (BIGGEST WOOT IN THE HISTORY OF WOOTS!!!!!) Epic goblin power!!!! (from here on out, even if I get slaughtered, I will leave this board happy :D)

Turn 3 – Wood Elves
His spellsinger and glade guards rally and his spellsinger blast my chariot to very tiny pieces. His treeman comes out of the forest and use the root stuff on my trolls, roll an 8, does 5 wounds and I fail 3 regeneration saves and lose a troll... panic and straight into the ruins lol. (One order of mashed trolls coming up =p) Glade guards shoot and kill a couple night goblins)

Turn 4 – Orcs & Goblins

My goblin wolf chariot charge his treeman and actually pass terror, but runs straight into a brick wall, doing no wounds and getting completely smashed in return. Oh well =)

Turn 4 - Wood Elves

The treeman leg it quickly down next to my guys and root my arrer boys, rolling another 8 and kills four of them, but they pass panic! Glade guards shoot down a bunch of the other arrer boys. Spellsinger mage down a few night goblins.

Turn 5 - Orcs & Goblins
Night goblins with bows shoot the treeman without success and the arrer boys shoot down a glade guard I think. arrer boys also pass their terror (sweet!)

Turn 5 - Wood Elves

His treeman moves down so he is within terror range of my night goblins with bows and shoot on my arrer boys again but roll a misfire (phew!)

Turn 6 - Orc & Goblins
My night goblins with bows fail their terrortest and runs for the hills (NOOOOO!) meaning that I can't rally them and they won't be able to tie up the treeman to prevent him from shooting the arrer boys again (this is bad). But I do kill a bunch of glade guards!

Turn 6 - Wood Elves

His treeman goes into action and rolls a 10 on the fire roll and kills all but 1 arrer boy and my orc big boss but they fail their panic and flee.

The battle ended with a draw!

Post-Battle Comments
Even though I must admit that I was a little bit frustrated by having my victory killed by two failed ld8 tests in the last round I still had a blast in this game! It really was a lot of fun and that treeman was an unexpected thing to face which I was ill prepared for, but I have learned my lesson, next time it comes I will bring it down! =p. Man of the match was of course for me the night goblins that killed the dryads. As I said, even though the battle went downhill later, I still left the board with a very big smile! =D When I paint those night goblins I will buy a dryad head and put on the top of their banner in memory of this battle =p!

Things learned:
Treemen are evil, pure evil! But when (if) I bring one down I will be very happy! =D
You don't expect a lot from goblins, but when they perform well it will make up for anything!
Never leave home without a spear chukka! Never!

Grimdag decided that the forest was not a healthy place for an orc. That big tree that scared of the little uns' was pretty ugly and smelled very badly. And refused to be chopped by his axe. Stupid tree. So at the head of his (somewhat tattered) brave lads he bravely ran for the hills where he would soon find something else fun to bash (or be bashed by). Long live the orcs! (and perhaps goblins to a lesser extent, apparently they could do something good sometimes Grimdag thought to himself).

30-04-2010, 13:11
Nice battle Toshiro.

Treemen and other big monster can be pretty dangerous in smaller games.

30-04-2010, 14:07
Yeah, Treemen can be a little tricky for OnG, particularly if you don't take something big yourself.

It's a shame that Greenskins don't have something nice and firey to take out critters like that.

Good battle though, maybe next time your boys will taste a bit of elf-flesh (or wood...)!

30-04-2010, 17:33
Thanks guys! :D

It was still a very fun battle, in spite of the Treeman wrecking complete havoc in my lines (besides the orc boar chariot and half the shaman he pulled in pretty much every victory point for my opponent :p) Especially the night goblins kickin' some dryad butt completely made my day, I will live on that one for a long time :D