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30-04-2010, 15:45
In my 26 years I have hardly ever been ill.

Then, in October last year I decided to collect a Nurgle themed army.

Since then I have had more than a month off work (in total) with various illnesses, including a very nasty bout of laryngitis, probably four or five separate incidents of common cold, a bit of toothache, an infected cut on my finger and a couple of cases of the sh!ts.

Today, while seeing the doctor about yet another cold, I asked her about the itching in between two of my toes, which she said was athlete's foot.

I am wondering if these foul pestilences are linked to the outstanding success record of my Nurgle army? Am I truly a recipient of Grandfather Nurgle's blessings?

30-04-2010, 16:11
Indeed and welcome brother, Ive been playing anything nurgle aligned in everygame syatem ive ever played from nurgles rotters in bloodbowl to the plague carnival in mordheim to the death guard and servants of decay in 40k and my pure nurgle daemons in fantasy and 40k and I seem to catch the cold/flu and just recently swine flu every other week.

coincedence I think not

30-04-2010, 18:32
if i may ive used nurgle for the passed 4 year and i have never contacted any illness, grandfather nurgle might have forgotten me but in my opinion he isnt what is causing your illness.:D

30-04-2010, 18:35
grandfather nurgle blesses those who may do him harm or pose a thret.