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Warlord Gnashgrod
30-04-2010, 23:14
This will be a report of how well I have done at a 2000pt 3 game tourney with my Skaven army.

There werw some special rules for these games. Instead of just simple pitched batles, we each got a number of cards with special rules on them that would change a certain aspect of the game. Before deployment we would each choose one of our own in secret. They're revealed after depleyment and they would both effect the game. For example, one was "high winds", which puts a -1 to all shooting, and makes templets hit on 5s, etc.

My Army list:

Grey Seer: foul pendant, dispel scroll

Plague Priest: Lvl 2, plague censer, 2 dispell scrolls

Chieftain BSB War Banner, HA Shield, HW

Warlock Engineer: Lvl 2, dispell scroll, WE condenser

2 X 29 clanrats, Full command, LA, S, HW. One with WFT

1 X 30 clanrats, full command, LA, S, HW with RG

3 X 20 slaves, HW, musician

1 X 25 stormvermin: full command, Grand banner of clan superiority

1 X 25 plague monks, full command, Banner of the Under-Empire

Unit 6 Plague Censer Bearers

First battle report next post

Warlord Gnashgrod
30-04-2010, 23:56
Battle 1: Lizardmen He chooses Assassins special card(gets extra vps for wounding chars in hth) I choose Magic Flux(severly weakens the ability to cast magic)

He had: Slann

Skink shaman Lvl 2 on Engine of the Gods

Skink chieftain on Anciendt Steg with giant blowpipes.

20 Temple Guard, full command

2 units of 10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes

unit of 20 or so skinks with 2 Kroxigors.

He deployed with both skirmishers on his flanks, Then from L-R from my facing; Slann with Temple Guard, EOTG, Ancient Steg, and other Sking unit. I deployed from my L-R, Slaves with unit 29 clanrats behind, with the BSB leading them. Slaves with unit of Clanrats behind Grey Seer inside, RG on the left side of unit, unit of 6 Censer Bearers, a bit back from front line. Slaves with Clanrats behind, Engineer inside, WFT on the Right of unit, then Stormvermin and Plague Monks with Plague Priest inside. He took Fire magic for Slann, and Heavens for the shaman, Didn't get Comet. I took Spells ruin for Seer and Engineer(don't remember what all had, but had Dreaded 13th for Seer and WL for Engineer for sure) and Plague spells for Priest. He went first.

Turn 1 Lizardmen: He moves up with everything. Tries to cast some magic. First uses EOTGs to make Fire magic easier to cast. But nothing is actually cast, thanks to magic defense and the Magic Flux rules(for the most part, magic doesn't play a part in the whole game. From now on I'll only mention it when it does). No shooting, no hth.

Skaven turn 1: I move forward, putting the far right Slaves directly in front of the ancient Steg, begging him to charge it. Other slaves all march forward, clanrats behind them somewhat less for possible 'bait & flee'. RG and WFT both move to get into good positons. PCBs move up to rear right of slaves awaiting charge from steg, for either a counter charge next turn or to charge skirmishers nearby.

Lizarmen 2: he charges my waiting slaves with his ancient steg. They pass their terror check and hold. Skirmishers move up for shooting, Skinks w/Krox move into a position to intercept Plague Monks and Stormvermin, who have been moving at an angle for possible flank charges. EOTGs moves a bit to left for better positoning. He tries cast spell through skink w/telepathy. misscasts and shaman takes a wound. he shoots middle slave unit with skinks,, kills 2 or 3. Hth sees defeat of Slaves, cornered rats does nothing but take out one more slave from unit shot at. He elects not to overrun with Steg.

Skaven 2: I charge ancient Steg with shot uni9t of slaves(into it's flank) and with PCBs into front. Slaves were declard 1st, so he had shoot them. not much done from stand&shoot. Stormvermin wanted to charge too, but they failed terror test for Steg and ran. I charge skimishers on left flank with slaves, they run, charge fails. Everything else moves forward a bit other than the weapon teams, who don't move. I cast WL at rightmost skirmishers, kill enough for panic test, which they fail. nothing else magic. Shooting I shoot at the EOTGs with RG. manage to kill the shaman. In hth 2 PCBs and 1 slave die to fumes. I do some damage to the crew. He hurts a bunch of slaves. I win combat, but he holds.

Lizardmen 3: charges Plague monks with skink/Krox unit. They hold. both fleeing skink units rally. Magic, Slann miscast, but has ability/item to force my Seer takes effect. He takes a wound, fails ward, & thanks to other Slann item, it becomes 2 wounds. hth: he wins combat b/n steg and slaves PCBs, PCBs wiped out, but first I manage to kill chieftain. b/m Krox&skinks and Monks; banner does some dagage. He does a little damage with Krox, but first I kill a bunch of skinks. I win he holds.

Skaven 3: I charge EOTGs with clanrats+BSB. Stormvermin continue run but still on table. Other 2 clanrats stay put, maybe back up little to try not be in charge range of ancient Steg. Shooting. I try shoot at left Skinks w/RG, shoot clanrats instead. I shoot at steg w/WFT, hits it, wounds it twice. hth: I win again against krox+Skinks, but Plague Priest takes wound from flail. They break and I run them down. Other combat, I kill a few crew, he tries hurt BSB and misses. I win by a lot, but thnx to stubborn EOTG holds.

Lizarmen 4: not much happens. He moves Leftmost skinks away to get out of range RG, and that's about it. Hth sees the crew all killed for EOTG, he kills my BSB. I win, he holds.

Skaven 4: Stormvermin Rally fortunately. combat continues about the same b/n EOTG and clanrats. End of game due to time limitl

End result: Draw by @ 150pts difference. His assassins choice helped him out there, getting extra points for my Seer, Priest and BSB.

Post game thoughts: I guess it does seem strange for me to choose Magic Flux as my list is heavy magic, but I know Lizardmen can have nasty magic, which I wanted to avoid. It hurt him worse because he didn't have a lot of other troops. I was also suprised he didn't overrun with his Ancient Steg, but wasn't complaining! It would've caused a lot more damage if he had. I definitely learned one thing though: I will no longer have my Stormvermin out of range of my general. the LD8 just isn't enough for such an expensive unit. I was lucky they rallied.

A good game. Game 2 vs Dark Elves coming soon.

01-05-2010, 00:35
I like your army. no-one would call it overpowered, but that many rats sure makes it tough to run over.

Warlord Gnashgrod
01-05-2010, 01:55
Game 2: Dark Elves:

Don't remember exacly what he had, for units, but I rmember: lvl4 Sorceress: scoll, casting familiar(can cast spells from point 6 inches away for distance and LOS), Reverse ward save, dark Steed.

Lvl 2 sorceress. dispell scroll.

Assassin, manbane

Dark Elf Noble, Executioner's axe.

Unit 8 or so Executioners.

unit corsairs: 15 or so strike first banner.

He also had another unit, not sure what they were. were either ITP or frenzied. full command

2 units 10 repeater crossbowelves

2 RBTs

1 War Hydra.

6 harpies

He chose sheet Capture: center of table objective. There is diff terrain 8 inches all around it. At end game, units wholly w/in 8 inches add their full(current) unit strengh. Half for those units partly in. Whoever has higher unit strength gets extra 350pts. I chose Assassins, used by Lizzies game 1.

Deplyment from my L-R. He had RBT on hill, war Hydra, Harpies, Executioneers, corsairs with Noble, unit repeater crossbows with lvl 2 attatched, lvl 4 standing behind, unit ITP, assassin hiding within. other RBT and other unit repeating crossbowelves on hill far right. Mine L-R was : 29 clanrats, 30 clanrats with Engineer and BSB inside. WFT on the left, slave unit in front of it. Slave unit with other clanrat unit behind, Seer in unit, RG on units left. Stormvermin, PCBS hining in forest, and Plague Monks w/Priest. He didn't get Black Horror. I took similar spells. had dreaded 13th, WL, scorch and Death Frenzy on Seer, Death frenzy & WL on Engineer, and bless with filth and pestilent breath on Priest. I traded crack's call for dreaded 13th. Cracks call useless vs Elves. He won first turn.

DE 1: whole army moves forward. Harpies fly along far left, waiting for a good opportunity for later charge. Hydra moves way forward start using fire breath on far left clanrats. units in center move towards objective, but slowed by terrain. Magic nothing much happens dispell most of it. He destroys my WFT with shooting.

Skaven 1: no charges. everything moves up, center is slowed by objective terrain rules. clanrats w/BSB and WE turn a bit to have LOS on both harpies and hydra for magic spells. RG moves to place get out of LOS of his shooting. Magic I kill 3 of the center crossbowelves with scorch. They hold. I try to cast WL at them, but seer miscasts phase ends and seer takes wound, but foul pendant saves him. no shooting or hth.

DE 2: no charges. Harpies continue to fly forward along my left flank. Hydra moves into position to flame leftmost clanrats and cause a fear test. other units move up a bit. the ITP unit moving towards monks. Miagic nothing of significance. Kills bunch of clanrats with breath weapon. They pass panic.

Skaven 2: far left clanrats flee off board from terror(I wanted to Death frenzy them with Engineer, but miscast last turn ended magic phase). Monks charge ITP unit, who hold. units in center move up a bit, PCBs move up behind and to left Monks getting ready for charge next turn. Magic: cast death frenzy on clanrats w/BSB and Engineer with IF. cast bless with filth on monk unit. Combat sees assassin leap out and challenging. my champion accepts taking 6 wounds total. Priest's censer kills a few DEs with T test, and some in hth, as does unit and their banner. but he wins thanx to challenge. I hold.

DE 3: Exechtioners charge my leftmost slaves, who hold. Harpies now flying around near back of my army, just starging in back left of board. Hydra moves into positon to flame Frenzied clanrats and stay out of their LOS. he tries to charge me with his corsairs, turns out to just be out of range, was hard to tell, both units were in difficult ground from objective. Right flank shoots at PCBs, killing 2 of them. He flames clanrats with Hydra, does a good amount of damage but they're frenzied. hth: monks banner does some damage, as does Priest's flail, which also puts a wound on assassin. He wins combat, I break and flee. He pursues and catches them but overruns into PCB unit. combat between slaves and Executioners becomes a draw, which I win from musician. He holds.

Skaven 3: I charge corsairs, who hold, clanrats on far left turn to have LOS on hydra. Shooting: I can just see one Executioner with my RG. shoots into hth, does some damage to both units, but worse for Executioners as they're a small unit. hth: assassin dies to fumes from the PCBs, a few other of the unit dies as well. they kill one of the PCBs. I lose but hold. This DE unit is now down to around 4-5 models. Slaves win combat against Executioneers who flee. I pursue but don't catch them. Combat with corsairs and slaves has no real results and continues. A few frenzied clanrats die end of turn.

DE 4: no charges. Executioneers rally. Hydra moves out of LOS to breathe on Frenzied clanrats again. Clanrat unit is staring to get small now. Lvl 4 Sorceress stays near back of units, being careful so can't be charged. Harpes move behind my lines. But manage to stay out of LOS of RG. they prepare to charge the rear of one of my units next turn. Hydra kills a bunch of clanrats again with breath weapon. combat sees corsairs win and Slaves panic. Cornered rats does little. The ITP DE unit takes some more damage. Combat continues but there's little of both units left.

Skaven 4: Slaves charge rallied Executioners who hold. I continue to try to positon Clanrats to see hydra on hope I can blast it with magic. units in center move a bit to get into range of center objective. I shoot at Corsairs with RG, kill a few. No panic. Hth Slaves kill last of executioners, but don't overrun so they can charge left flank RBT. Combat sees PCBs and other unit nearing end due to lack of models both sides, but still continues. rest of clanrats die in frenzied unit. Only chars remain.

DE 5: Harpies charge rear of Stormvermin. Hydra moves to breathe on clanrats and RG, hoping to get Seer's unit to either panic from the shooting or from terror test my turn 5. He forgets to move his Lvl 4 sorceress into a safer positon. He shoots my far left slaves with nearby RBT, Slaves panic and are done for game, below 25%. Hth finally sees end of his one DE unit, and only 1 unfrenzied PCB remains. Stormvermin beat Harpies who run, but I restrain from pursuit. They run off board.

Skaven 5. I see opportunity in vulnerable Lvl 4 Sorceress and charge her with remaining PCB. chars move away from Hydra. I pass terror test for RG and Seer's unit. they move slightly to get nearer center objective. Shooting: I shoot RG at Hydra, cause only 2 wounds. I cast death frenzy on PCB, so that will get extra attacks since he lost frenzy before. Hth sees Sorceress fail T test, and since attack has no S value, reverse ward does nothing. PCB held pesses T test(held breath ;)). Sorcess fails to save one other wound and not kill PCB. Fails break test and runs. Of course PCB dies at end turn and is end of game.

I win with marginal victory. I held the center objective and the running of the Sorceress general netted me, IIRC, 563pts alone.

Final thoughts. Tough game. He was smart in the way he used Hydra. I've played him a bunch of games before and he usually just charges with it, and it loses from Static combat res. It was very smart trying to get my general's unit to panic too, but I was lucky and passes the terror test. As for the PCB, I think it was worth putting Death frenzy on him, as his loss(which gave the DE player 48 extra pts for the 2nd half of PCBs) was more than worth the 563pts from his general. He realzied too late that he should've moved her out of the way. But shoe only lost by one and rolled high on LD test. A very good game.

Admittedly I think I wrote the wrong results for the combat between the one DE unit vs the monks Monks and later the PCBs. It didn't last as many turns as above, but the end result was the same with that DE unit destroyed in hth and only 1 PCB surviving. It's funny though as he overrun into the PCBs he declared "Oh no, I don't want to overrun into them!" Turns out he was right as that finished off the unit.

Game 3 was VS Vampire Counts. Will report it soon.

Warlord Gnashgrod
01-05-2010, 01:58
I like your army. no-one would call it overpowered, but that many rats sure makes it tough to run over.

Thank you. The Skaven army's strength really resides in having large numbers, even more than OnG's, since Skaven LD depends on it. At least I think it resides in having large numbers. Usually I don't use the Grey Seer, prefering the cheaper Warlord. But now that they both have the same LD and thanks to some of the nasty new spells, I thought I'd give it a try.

Not that the other army would be much different. I would have a unit of Globadiers and have more clanrats in my 3 clanrat units.

I need a break right now. But I will put up battle 3 soon.

Warlord Gnashgrod
01-05-2010, 04:10
Battle 3 Vs Vampire counts. He chose magic flux, I chose 'Boggy ground'. it has ruses where all cavalry and moster units have to roll a die after charges are declared but before reactions. on a roll of a 1 they count as in difficult ground.

His List: LVL 1 Vampire: General, Helm of Commandment. Heavy armor.

LvL 1 Vampire: the Flight bloodline power.

Necromancer riding a corpse cart, with the item that makes it harder to cast spells.

Unit 20-25 Skelleton warriors: LA, S, spears, full command.

2 X unit of 20 Ghouls

Unit of 10 Black Knights, with banner of double unit strength.

unit of 20 Grave Guard full command.

unit 4 wraiths with Banshee


His setup L-R my perspecitive: Black Knights, and Flying Vampire on left Flank. In center Skelleton Warriors, 1 unit Ghouls, Grave Guard, Corpse Cart and General behind these units General not in unit, wraiths and Varghulf on right Flank. My setup: unit 29 clanrats without weapon team. PCB hiding in woods on my left flank. In Center Slaves with Stormvermin behind them, BSB in unit. Slaves with larger unit Clanrats behind them. Seer in clanrats, RG on right of unit. Slaves iwth Clanrats behind them, Engineer with Clanrats, and on right Flank Plague Monks with Priest. He chose to have the lvl 1 spell to raise more undead. I once again made sure I had Dreaded 13th for Seer and WL for Engineer. I also Got Scorch, Cracks Call and WL on Seer. Also got Scorch for Engineer, and Pestilent Breath and Pestilent Cloud for the Priest. He went first.

Vampire 1: everything moves forward, the Knights get inot position to charge my leftmost Clanrats, other units move up. No shooting, and I pretty much shut his magic down completely the whole game.

Skaven 1: My Censer Bearers move in front of my Left clanrats so that he will have to charge them instead. All my slaves move up as far as they can, The ones on the far right angling towards his wraiths and Varghulf. The other units move a bit lessm but forward. There was a hill just off center and a little ahead of my deployment area. Both the RG and WFT move to be on it so they can have a good vantage point for shooting following turns. Magic: I cast Scorch with my Seer on the Grave Guard. Hit 16 of them and destroy around 4-5(this is a very nasty spell, I've found). Don't get to cast much else due to magic Flux.

Vampire 2: He charges my PCBs with the Knights, who stand. He also charges my leftmost Slaves with Skeleton warriors, they hold and pass fear test. He also charges my middle slaves with ghouls, who also hold. And he charges my rightmost slaves with both the Wraiths and Varghulf. These Slaves flee, and escape, leaving his Varghulf in a perfect position for a charge from the Monks. The Black Guard start to angle towards my 3 flank away from the center. HTH: He manages to defeat the PCBs, but not before they reduce the Knights to half their starting number. The PCBs flee, but the Knights don't pursue. The combat between the slaves and the Skeletons see the skeletons kill one slave to no damage back. The Skellies win and outnumber the slaves, who don't get insane courage. The distance for courned rats is a 6, and it does 2+D3 hits on the whole center. The skellies, the other unit of slaves, the clanrats and stormvermin behind, both of his ghoul units, the corpse cart, his general alone on foot and his Black Guard are all inrange. And the only thing that doesn't take at least one wound or lose 1 model is the Grave Guard. His general was wounded. Everthing else was affected. That is so far the most I've seen happen from the cornered rat's rule. the skellies overrun but don't reach the stormvermin. The other fight sees the slaves beat the Ghouls, partly thanks to the fact they don't have any rank bonus now. He Loses a few ghouls.

Skaven 2: I charge the Varghulf with the Monks. and the Skellies with the Stormvermin, who passed their fear check. The slaves rally, but are in position where they can't affect the game anymore. The leftmost clanrats move up a bit to hopefully be able to charge. Magic see's scorch used again and destroying a few more Grave Guard. Shooting, I have a good shot at the Grave guard with my RG and take it, downing a few more. Hth: My BSB challenges his unit champ, but no hits get through. I win the combat and a bunch crumble. I roget to add my BSB and warbanner though, so not as many crumble as should have. The combat between slaves and ghouts continues with one ghoul lost but killing enuogh slaves so maybe a push, but a win for me thanx to musician. The Monks wiht the combat on the Barghulf, but he makes enough regen saves to stay alive. It's has 2 wounds left and my Plague Priest also took a wound from Censer.

Vampire 3: He charges the monks with the Wraiths, the Stormvermin with the leftmost ghouls, and the slaves with the corpse cart. All 3 can only go into the front, and so other than the wraiths, hit the units kitty-corner(corner to corner, so only 1 ghoul can attack). He does a sidestep with his Knights(they turn towards the center and the big battle there, move about 2 inches, and turns to face the clanrats again). Grave Guard continue to move towards right flank to get at my weaker units there, either that or towards my Monks. I don't remember for sure(game was about a week ago). He tries to wail at the monks with the banshee, but rolls badly. Hth: the Varghulf is killed by the banner of the under empire, which also takes out 1 wraith. He does enough damage so he doesn't lose too badly, but he does take a few wounds from crumble. I win the combat by a total of 9 with my stormvermin vs the charging ghouls and skellies(I remembered my BSB this time, LOL). The ghouls are crumble away, there were only 9 left, and the skellies leave only 1 of them left, the unit standard. The other combat doesn't go quite as well for me, the slaves are defeated but the damage from cornered rats isn't as impressive as before. No overrun from the corpse cart.

Skaven 3: I charge the knights with my clanrats, who pass their fear test and are just within range. I successfully charge the righmost ghouls with my Seer's clanrats. My rightmost clanrats turn around to give a better view for my WFT for shooting. I forget to turn them around again though so they're facing the enemy. I move my Plague priest into a positon so he can actually fight the remaining wraith(only 2 were left I think). I cast pestilent breath at the wraiths, killing off the last 2. From shooting and magc I damage the Grave guard a little more. Hth sees me destroy the Knights. the clanrats hold out okay against the Ghouls. and I finish off the last skelly.

Vampire 4: all this time his flying Vampire has been behind his lines as well, and he continues to stay there. The Grave guard move up into a charging positon for the Monks. Not much movement otherwise. The combat continues with a few more ghouls crumbling.

Skaven 4: I charge my stormvermin at the corpse cart, and the plague monks at the Grave Guard. With shooting I shoot my RG at his general, killing him. Crumble starts to take affect after shooting is done. At this point the game is essentially over, as he rolls high on most of his crumble tests. He concedes the game to me.

A victorious Slaughter for me.

Post game thoughts: In his defence, the player was fairly new to the game in general and this was the first time he fought Skaven as well. I did my best to help him by letting him know what all my units could do, etc beforehand. My magic even with the Magic Flux was devestating to him. It would only have been worse without magic flux. And he didn't have enough magic to compete. He has also admitted that his army isn't all that competitive yet either. But he plans to improve it. My choice of Boggy ground turned out to be pointless though as skeletal steeds aren't affected by difficult terrain. But I forgot that unitil it was too late.

So my final score was a draw, a minor victory, and a crushing victory(slaughter or whatever they call it). For the whole tourney, which had 8 players, I got 2nd place. The winner was a friend of mine with an expertly painted Dwarf Army, and was a very strong list as well. I feel good though having done so well. My opponents were all good players and it was a good tournement.

01-05-2010, 10:36
nice reps and congrats on second place.

also you run a proper skaven army, with lots of rats ;)

02-05-2010, 06:44
What? Dual HPA, monsterhammer with skaven isn't fluffy? ;)