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01-05-2010, 04:15
i am helping a friend make a dark elves list.

i am thingking of using a lv4 on pegasus with the bow and reverse ward. a lv2 in unit of warriors with dagger and immune to psychology item. another lv2 in some archers with scrolls and something else. and either a master(not sure of name) in coldones or the specila character assassain.

the core would be 3x10 archers. 29 warriors for dagger. 5 fast cav

special 5 coldones. 10 shades with GW and assassin throwing star manbane.

rare 2 bolts

i will not use hydra as he does not own any. and no ring. this will be a comp tourney. i am not sure of points. but what would you recomend for a magic/shooting army that does not go into close combat?

01-05-2010, 07:16
It looks like a really good list. My friend plays DE and he runs a very similar setup. If your friend is running this at a tourney, then I would suggest dropping the reverse ward save from the level 4 to put on the Master.

My friend runs an anti-Bloodthirster BSB Setup: Master - BSB, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Dark Steed, Sword of Might, Pendant of Khaeleth. This ensures that the BT will almost never wound and his Outnumber is negated by the Standard.

I'd also drop one unit of Crossbows and buff one up to 14 strong and put a sorceress with the Guiding Eye and Dispel scroll in that unit. Buff the other unit of Crossbows up to 15, that way if your opponent gets within charge range you can bulk up to get 2 ranks.

Also for the level 4 either the black amulet and lifetaker, if he isn't very good at positioning units or the black staff and lifetaker if he is good with positioning.

I'd drop the block of warriors down to 24 w/ std, mus and try and sneak in the Standard of slaughter or Murder on your Coldone Knights, this will give them an extra oomf on the charge to break everything that they touch.

02-05-2010, 04:22
I agree that 3 units of 10 bow is to much. I'd drop two and find other uses. I potentially like making the 1 unit larger. I also like the idea of at least one other unit of fast cav with xbows. And, I'll be the one to say it: in order to make the shades the true death star they are suppose to be, make the master into a bsb, carrying the Hag Graef banner, and put him with the shades. That's what's been getting it done. With these few tweaks your buddy's gonna have a grade-A, top spot a$$-stumping DE army.