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01-05-2010, 18:01
Hi guys,

A flee direction query that came up in my battle today.

This was the second round of a combat. The previous turn the Great Swords and Halberdiers had charged my White Lions. This turn my spear block had charged the Halberd detachment in the rear. As per the diagram below.

The High Elves won the combat and the Halberds failed their break test. As the Spearmen were the largest unit then they would in theory be running way through the White Lions and Greatswords. However, fleeing through part of the combat the unit was involved in didn't seem right so we played it that instead the halberds slid down and fled along the back of the White Lions.

Which direction should they have fled in?

01-05-2010, 18:54
It is noted in the BRB that units will sometimes find themselves having to flee through enemy units, under all circumstances you must flee from the highest unit strength involved in the combat. You do not take penalty for fleeing through the enemy unit in combat, although this does give the unit that you flee through the chance to run you down with a pursuit roll lower than your flee roll

01-05-2010, 20:24
although this does give the unit that you flee through the chance to run you down with a pursuit roll lower than your flee roll

The quoted statement is incorrect. If a pursuing unit rolls lower than the fleeing unit, but due to the units' original positioning the pursuer would reach the final position of the fleeing unit, instead the pursuer stops 1" behind the fleeing unit. Refer to BRB p.44, the last paragraph.

As for the rest of the question, refer to BRB p.43, Diagram 43.1. In your specific situation, the Halberdiers would flee in the direction opposite the enemy unit with the highest unit strength, the Spearelves. If the Spearelves' pursuit roll is greater than or equal to the Halberdiers' flee roll, the Halberdiers are simply removed from play and the Spearelves move their roll distance directly forward. If they would end up inside the on-going combat, continue to move them forward until they are not (so they can end up in base-to-base with friendly models, or 1" away from enemy models).

If the Halberdiers roll higher than the Spearelves, they flee directly away from the side the Spearelves are on. If their flight would have them inside the combat they are fleeing from, continue to move them forward until they are not. Honestly, the rules can break down here a bit (imagine if the Spearelves were a little higher up), but in your situation, they'll just move straight forward since there's nothing blocking their path.

Also, just to clarify the point, you never flee from combat at an angle (you're thinking of fleeing as a charge response, where the flight direction is from center of charging unit through center of fleeing unit). When breaking from combat, a unit will always flee directly away from the side the highest US enemy is on, so the flight will always be directly to the unit's front, back, left or right.

Edit: Here's an example picture of what should happen.

02-05-2010, 00:01
They flee straight back. (option B in your diagram and/or like in the diagram posted by Zaustus).

When in CC, the fleeing unit turns 180 degrees and flees directly back...

the option (A) to flee from the center of the unit with the highest US would only occur if fleeing from a charge.