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18-02-2006, 19:18
Ok so i took my first visit to a GW in 6 months today with my mate and came away drooling over the prospect of a 40k army i could actually use in store (my ig army is made of urban war models :D)

so after a lengthy discussion with my friend about our armies, i came to the conclusion that between us we have enough terminator models for a reasonable sized deathwing. also happened that i had a load of old tallarn models he desperately needed. sufficed to say i came away with 2 nearly brand new termi squads and a dread! yay!

i have decided to paint them as the ultramarine first company but use the deathwing rules.
the picture you see befoe you is all of my units, the front row is painting in progress.

but get this! i plan to finish the whole lot including bases and iconography before next saturday! meaning i can take them down and play a game next saturday morning with them. but as you will soon see, they will be very nicely painted indeed.

wish me luck.


18-02-2006, 19:36
Barter is the answer for GW price hikes:p ! Everyone seems to have that paint station. I guess when my bonus comes I will make it one of my priotities. That Army should be pretty fast to paint:D .

18-02-2006, 19:39
the paint station is the result of alocal indy stores closing down sale. im too much of a tightwad to pay for new :D

i may try and source a land raider from the bay for next week. ill see what happens.

18-02-2006, 19:45
my painting station and computer desk are one in the same... ultra messy but it gets the job done.. and i can browse/bs on the net

old guard
18-02-2006, 23:40
A sheet of MDF, a router and some PVA and I made two! cant get much tighter than that! By the way, shame on you painting deathwing heroes one and all ...... swallows back the taste of sick in his mouth, as Ultramarines!?!?!?!?.

That said good luck and I look forward to seing your efforts.

19-02-2006, 18:20
Ok guys, thanks for waiting patiently. I am pleased to report that my first squad (strangely enough, the command squad) is finished completely. I apologise for the pictures but i think they are clear enough to show my painting standard.

Group shot

Master of the "Ultrawing"

next up to be painted:

1: Termi squad
2: FW dread
3: Termi assault squad
4: GW dread

19-02-2006, 18:49
If you can finish em up by your deadline at that standard, you are indeed...the man.

Nice, good TT standard.


19-02-2006, 18:54
cheers fearFrost. should be easy to do them as long as i stay commited.

next saterday i'll turn up at GW leciseter with 4 squads and 2 dreads, should be about 1600 points.
did i mention my first battle will be against tyranids ;)

19-02-2006, 21:15
lovely models, clean paint job in a short time? nice one.

A small elite army against a horde of gibbering aliens? let us know how it goes heh

19-02-2006, 22:19
Well, if you lose, at least it will be considered fluffy ;)

19-02-2006, 22:35
lol, i am halfway through my second squad and have nearly finished my FW dread :D

ill have photos of the finished dread for tomorow evening (i gots work tomoz :()

BTW, aint gonna lose :D My brother has never faced the wrath of a deathwing army before, i cant actually remember if he's ever even killed one terminator before lol. if they let me take photos of the game i will post them up (dont hold your breath though)


tell a lie! i actually meant i would have a 99% complete model photo up by today


20-02-2006, 06:47
Nice, hold that polar defense fortress for the good ole' boys! Don't repeat history. haha...


20-02-2006, 09:08
lol i did consider painting the bases in glacier/tundra but A: theres some sort of big city campaign this summer and B: gw's snow scatter is terrible to work with and looks crap

the second squad just needs detailing now.

20-02-2006, 09:16
Lookin' good Luke!

20-02-2006, 09:20
cheers mate :)

the photos do not do the models justice. but i do take them on a camera phone (w800i) though the painting is still fairly rough, i ensure they are fully painted.

Captain Ardias
20-02-2006, 09:23
Looks great Luke:).

20-02-2006, 10:53
looking very nice Luke.....

20-02-2006, 22:25
Thanks for the response guys, i have some more goodies to show you! I was at work today and yesterday but managed to start and finish my second squad (as well as the dread lol)

BTW, my assault squad includes 4 pairs of lightning claws, what colours do you think the claws should be? Metalic silver or green like my power swords?

20-02-2006, 22:48
green would fit best with power swords, silver.. would break the trend so to speak

20-02-2006, 22:49
cool. it would provide a very nice clear cut contrast. but would be a total bugger to paint :D


on a similar note, i do not consider (for some reason) dread cc weapons to be power weapons. dunno why, i just figure they use their immense strength and weight to make their punches hurt some.

20-02-2006, 22:49
Good lord!

You're a painting machine :D

Now you just need some army list guidance ;)

20-02-2006, 22:55
on a similar note, i do not consider (for some reason) dread cc weapons to be power weapons. dunno why, i just figure they use their immense strength and weight to make their punches hurt some.

yeah, though these "punches" would easily cleave you into many peices :p

punch, is a bit to "weak" sounding for those mosters IMO

20-02-2006, 22:56
lol, cheers. i was having trouble figurig whether or not i could take a master of sanctity instead of a master. the da faq isnt too clear imo.

i may toddle along to the deathwing tactica thread later

@ mightypanhead: lol, yeah. i dunno what word you could use to describe a dreads punch :D

except for painful

20-02-2006, 23:05
Luke, I am most sincerely impressed, you go on about not being good at painting - this is a blatent lie :p.

Jolly good :).


20-02-2006, 23:49
:D thanks TG

I'll try and blast out the assault terminators tomorow as i have a day off.
I gotta get this thing done as quick as possible as although I do love the First company, my tolerance for painting models deteriates very quickly.
2 weeks of one army and I get bored :rolleyes:

21-02-2006, 00:01
Luke they are looking good! Nice TT standard there, and your god damn fast at painting! Faster than me lol.

Anvils Hammer
21-02-2006, 00:05
looking quite nice luke,

You mentioned GW's snow flock doesnt look good. Try mixing the PVA glue with white paint in a 2:1 ratio, it will improve the look of the snow massivly.

21-02-2006, 00:15
@ kayvaanshrike: cheers :) i learned to paint fast as i have no patience lol. out of interest, since i dont follow your work much, do you paint fast?

@ anvils hammer: I had heard about the white paint pva thing and tried that. my problem comes from the fact that the snow scatter is realisticly scaled, by this i mean it doesnt look like snow on the heroic scale
i thought abuot a light drybrush of SWG or even Skull white but then thought better of it.

21-02-2006, 01:43
its true he paints very quickly, and to a high standard its impressive to watch.
i usually get bored and watch tv when all the models begin to look the same,gaunts especially.

21-02-2006, 10:55
Ok folks, I'm really tired and lethargic today so dont expect piccies up until this evening.

the assault termies are currently recieving their undercoat. plus i have added a missile launcher to one of the regular termies in the last unpainted squad. he will go with the 2nd squad so i have 2 missile launchers in that squad.

21-02-2006, 13:44
To answer you Luke, no I don't have a technique for fast painting, I'm not slow, but it seems it because I rarely get the chance to paint for a few months at a time since I am at Uni, and its a hassle to get all my paints out etc, so I just wait til I am back home in the hols, which is soon yay!!! Means I can get mors of my Crons painted up.

Anyway yeh yours look really good for the speed at which you paint them. Well done

21-02-2006, 21:52

ok so after a long lazy day of painting I started and finished my fourth unit in my ultrawing. A squad of 5 assault terminators.

and even i am begining to be impressed by my army (making it my first ever good army in over 10 years of painting! lol)

still have the following 2 units left to paint:

i think ill do the dread next, as a treat!

21-02-2006, 22:21
Looking good luke, keep it up.

P.S. i love the dynamic pose of that termie captain you're about to paint.

21-02-2006, 22:27
Capital letters :eek:? Do my eyes decieve me? :p.

:D thanks TG
You're more than welcome, it is shaping into a very impressive force.

Great work so far, keep it up :).


21-02-2006, 22:28
hey! those are silver!!! :eek:

what happened to the green? :cries:

still, looks better than i thought it would, keep up the pace!

21-02-2006, 22:45
I agree with your choice to do the LCs metal instead of green. The green would have been a little to overwhelming IMO. Are you going to thin the paint on those DW or just go over it?
Force is coming along great, its playable now, isn't it?

Crusader:D :D

21-02-2006, 23:34
Cheers guys. the force is indeed playable, maybe clocking up about 800 points. Though i have a problem with the fact that my command squad needs a sergeant figure :(

i am just gonna paint over the dw termis as they aren't very thickly painetd at all and i do not have the time, resources or patience to strip plastic :D

21-02-2006, 23:49
Cheers guys. the force is indeed playable, maybe clocking up about 800 points. Though i have a problem with the fact that my command squad needs a sergeant figure :(

you could buy him a 'fist, and just say your normal termi is the seargent... ;)

21-02-2006, 23:51
well thats going to have to be the plan for my first game, though an order through wargames workshop for a box of regular termis seems to be the solution for the coming week. taking each squad to 6 men and also giving the command squad a power sword armed sergeant.

may have to scounge a pair of lc's off my mate to add a 6th man to the assault squad.

plus the dread now has a twin linked lascannon instead of an assault cannon. me and darkseer decided i needed some ranged anti tank weaponry:D

22-02-2006, 16:03
I'd knock up the 6th assault guy with another thunder hammer. They're better than you'd think looking at the rules.

22-02-2006, 16:30
hmm, me and my mentor (:D darkseer) have been discussing my army list and so i have spent the majority of the day converting the models and repainting stuff.

the new army does not have an assault squad but instead has each sergeant with 2 lightning claws.

may not have any pics for tonight but defo have the entire army finished for tomorow (thursday) night

22-02-2006, 17:19
very cool! terminators are so quick to paint... I did a squad in a day.. very nice army so far

23-02-2006, 07:56
Yes work up ma jiggy to the 1st company! Also did you read any fluff before making the army??? If you did caould I please have some linkys? And personally I'd give the dread an ass cannon with tank hunters. Rending and s7...

23-02-2006, 08:30
Luke, have you thought about 'blinging' up the army once the basics are done?

Tyranid trophies spring to mind.

24-02-2006, 20:48
Ok guys, as promised! I said i would paint an entire army in just 6 days and i did! Now all thats left to do is take them to GW tomorow for their first game!

I absolutely hate trophies, i even dislike the very notion that the tyranid hunters would decorate themselves with tyranid parts and iconography. hence there will be no trophies on my models.
They will be pristine and well maintained. As the sons of Guilliman should be! The next step is either a third squad of 6 or another fire support dread

Group shot
Master & command squad
Squad 1
Squad 2

24-02-2006, 20:49
Venerable Fire support Dreadnought
Standard Dreadnought

24-02-2006, 23:18
Nice work dude, that's a massive effort for such a short time

24-02-2006, 23:24
Thanks Siromcyre. I had to get it done quick, i would have lost patience with it had i left it longer than a week. That is why my original Deathwing didn't get past 2 squads and a dread :D

24-02-2006, 23:28
Indeed, bloody great balls of kudos to you, superb work, and in such a short time, downright awesome.


25-02-2006, 00:16
Excellent work Luke

25-02-2006, 01:17
Dont forget a battle report!

25-02-2006, 14:18
cheers guys, I'll run Brimmy's gauntlet and tell you how well i did thsi morning :D

first battle 1100 points vs Bardocks Nid army (http://photobucket.com/albums/c146/nsrdude/bens/?action=view&current=armylongshot.jpg). Started poorly as my 2 missile launcher termis failed to score any hits on the zoanthropes for 3 turns! The nids prety much just rolled down the board, a warrior squad was crippled on turn 4 to an assault cannon which hit and wounded with all 4 shots. The fire support dread took 2 wounds off the fex and a lightning claw armed sergeant took the last 3 on the charge! unfortunately, even though did kill 14 gaunts in one turn with my command squad, there were far too many left, supported by the broodlord and ripper swarms which proceeded to munch through everything. The zoanthropes seemed preoccupied with smashing my missile termis.

End result? I lost every single figure and killed only about 600 points in return.

2nd battle was 1000 points vs an alaitoc starcannon force on an open battlefield. By turn three i had nothing left and deepstriked my last termi squad 11 inches into a guardian squad. result? I was massacred in about 2 turns.

But at least i can said i had the best painted army down there! :D

25-02-2006, 19:11
why did you deep strike against altioc?


25-02-2006, 19:27
i took one look at the 7 starcannons, 2 bright lances and 3 ranger squads across the 3 foot wide featurless board and decided i had nothing to lose.

25-02-2006, 20:01
i took one look at the 7 starcannons, 2 bright lances and 3 ranger squads across the 3 foot wide featurless board and decided i had nothing to lose.

The featureless board will not be nice to your army, ever. Demand some terrain next time.

3 foot wide total, or 3 feet between you and your opponent? It should be around 24 inches between deployment zones...


25-02-2006, 20:15
He looked like he would cry when i moved one ruin in the middle, since i didnt want to alienate him i let him have his jollies.

the tables down our local are all 6 by 3 and split into 2. its not great but its do-able.

Plus the staff are a mixed bag. The manager is ok but most of the redshirts are total bung-holes

"meh, can i see and army list NOW!" etc etc.

The Dragon Reborn
25-02-2006, 20:40
how did you shoot at warriors turn 4? they should be in combat by turn 2 nearly always

sweet army, odd that you only have 1 assualt cannon in that squad why?

good work

25-02-2006, 20:45
Are you guys at least using shorter deployment zones?

If he is going to cry because you place terrain, maybe you should let him know about a game called "checkers"...it doenst have terrain either.

Serious, small elite armies HAVE to have adequate cover.

Anvils Hammer
25-02-2006, 20:50
you play games on 3x3 tables!!!! are you insane...

get over to darkseers house, he has a very nice gaming board :)

25-02-2006, 20:58
Hey, a saturday morning in GW leceister, surrounded by squabbling kids with badly painted armies on tiny tables is all i can manage atm.

The single assault cannon is a product of my limited model range. I worked with what i had.

25-02-2006, 21:00
I used to work at a GW, in the states, so I know what you are talking about, Luke.

Dont get down about your losses, you are still getting the hang our your UltraWing :)

I think you did a great job painting these, btw, especially in a week!?


25-02-2006, 22:30
Cheers. Im glad now that Darkseer has featured me on Deathwing central (see sig) i consider that a great honour :)

my next step would probably be a second command section. A librarian of some rank with a kitted out shooty command squad. and possibly another dread. but for the time being i have a sprakle of a plan for my next army floating around my brain :D

25-02-2006, 22:50
your nicname is better than mine, darkseer has labeled mine the "Dipwing"


26-02-2006, 16:08
Less talk, more dipping! :P

27-02-2006, 06:30
lol, i stripped some deathwing figs today i had in some cleaner. i have to wait till i get some cash before i get the bases tho, i am going to save myself alot of work this time and cast the rest of my bases. i made some masters because my bases for the dipwing are broken up flagstones amoingst gravel, and cutting and screwing up the plasticard, then adding the gravel, then glue on top then paint, it took me longer to do the bases for them 35 models i have than it did to paint them.

and i am working on pics, i tried and got the lighting right with my camera but my camera wont focus enough.


The Dragon Reborn
27-02-2006, 06:41
well at least your guy's have well enough painted armies to be featured,
on the good side I am going to have one heck of a librarian, unless I ruin him with my painting.....

27-02-2006, 08:43
Dont worry (im assuming) your army is like an dark eldar, (bear with me) once you learn how to play ect you will become nigh unstopable. Perhaps, good luck though hope you win many a game. Also keep the reports coming.

27-02-2006, 09:22
they should do well in city fight where the enemy will be unable to bring his numbers to bear, also providing a lot of cover for me. If there is no cover, ill go for a deepstrike

28-02-2006, 09:27
Actually they should do superb in city fight. Lots of cover for your force. Are you thinking of expandind i.e adding in a l.r.c

28-02-2006, 09:33
i didnt plan on taking any land raiders at all, but dependant on how my force continue to perform, i may have no choice but to invest in a crusader.