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02-05-2010, 13:12
Iím taking this army to a 2500 pts tournament next week. So far my strongest point has been bringing armies that donít play to most peopleís expectations. First it was an army full of fanatics, artillery, and Orc characters. Next it was fielding Archaon and a bunch of Spawn. This time itís going to be High Elves bringing the fight to the enemy.

Characters: 1094 (215 in chariots)

Archmage: General
Lvl 4, Talisman of Saphery, Folariathís Robes, Silver Wand

Commander: battle standard
Battle Banner, dragon armour, greatsword

Lvl 2, Seer staff, dispel scroll, rides Tyranoc chariot
185+85 = 270

Rides Lion Chariot
140+130 = 270

Core: 450

20 spearmen
Full command, lion standard

15 Sea Guard
Full command


5 Dragon Princes
Standard (Banner of Ellyrion), champion (Gem of Courage)

15 Swordmasters
Full command, Banner of Sorcery, +1 for first turn (sorry, canít recall the name off hand)

6 Shadow Warriors

Rare: 300

3 Repeater Bolt Throwers

Total: 2497


The first thing is that this is a small army. With the item that gives +1 to first turn (I canít recall its name and donít have my book on me) and only 6 things for placing order (3 units of infantry, 1 of cavalry, war machines, characters), I will have a +2 advantage over pretty much all foes. The obvious problem is that with so few troops I can be easily destroyed by missile fire and magic. Weíll just have to hope the rest works.

The characters have simple roles. The archmage is accepting challenges and the Battle Standard is in his unit. This will hold off what will likely be the strongest fighter while providing a static resolution up to 12 (3 ranks, outnumber, standard, battle standard, 6 for Battle Banner. Hey, itís possible).

My mage has 3 jobs. 1: he is going to be charging at any units of archers or war machines that deploy right on the enemyís line. He can move 27Ē in 2 turns, so it should work. 2: he will be using his US of 5 to assist charge ranked units. He should be able to cause some serious harm. 3: he will be casting drain magic every turn that Shield of Saphery or Curse of Arrow Attraction arenít a better choice. Heís level 2 just to make it easier to cast that Ďfreeí spell.

Korhil is going to be holding a place of my choosing, hopefully against an important character, with his stubborn, fear causing (and thus immune) Ld 9. 3 S6 killing blow attacks plus 5 S5 attacks (4 in a challenge) are nothing to sneeze at as a tomb king or two have found out.

The spearmen are the unit of choice for my archmage and battle standard. The swordmasters are what I have for elites (Iíd rather have phoenix guard for their role, but I work with what Iíve got) and will be trying to deliver some pain while holding that banner of theirs. The seaguard are the weak link and are there as a fill in as I need every unit to be able to fight. Still, any Large targets with a soft spot will be seeing a hail of arrow fire.

The dragon princes are my coup de gras. The Banner of Ellyrion providing that ever so convenient charge through a forest/other difficult terrain option. A charge last time against the front of a unit of gnoblars showed me that they should be able to handle most ranked up units head on if I still have all 5. Hopefully some daemon with fire attacks will meet them.

The Shadow Warriors have yet to do me wrong. As scouts, they can disrupt enemy plans just by existing. While I donít expect 6 arrow shots to do much, 7 attacks with hatred at some weakened unit can make a difference.

Finally, the bolt throwers provide my anti-armour/anti-big creature support. By giving my chariot mage Curse of Arrow Attraction, I should be able to at least cause him some concern as well.

Just to note on selection: I have 20 archers, a few more Shadow Warriors (6 more, I think), a dragon with either rider, my archmage will be represented by Teclisís model, Alith Anar, and I think 4 more assorted character models, and a unit of 8 Ellyrian Reavers Iím working on finishing converting. I will not be able to buy more models before the tournament, so donít go asking me to go get something I donít have.

Comments? Criticism? Requests for me to bring wine to go with all this cheese?

02-05-2010, 19:00
I have that exact same unit of dragon princes, except I BSB a battle banner in there too.

02-05-2010, 19:04
and I like the rest of the list too.

06-05-2010, 03:51
I have that exact same unit of dragon princes, except I BSB a battle banner in there too.

Hmm... another time, then. I like it.