View Full Version : I just can't make an elf lists i'm satisfied with-Help!

02-05-2010, 19:03
I've made this thread because every time I see an elf army in full swing a part of me longs to play them but everytime I pick up the books and write a list i'm just not happy with it.

I think part of the problem is that previously i've played warriors of chaos so whenever I make my list I wonder what each unit would do against chaos knights and feel the need to build each unit to hold agaist them.

This stands for both dark elfs and high elves but paticulaly high elfs because I like the idea of them more than dark elfs but feel that they are less effective. So, how do you beat these sorts of opponents with the t3 pansies which I hate to love. Combo's, formations and even armylist suggestions wanted. Thx in advance.

Desert Rain
02-05-2010, 20:02
Against Chaos Knights a usually try to hit them with Rule of Burning Iron and Spirit of the Forge from my Archmage. If that fails to kill them I use Ellyrian Reavers, Great Eagles etc. to redirect them. If I can't avoid getting into combat with them I prefer that they hit my White Lions or Swordmasters since they can kill some Knights with their high S or A.
That goes for everything fast and heavily armoured by the way.

The trick with elves is to use your expandable troops (Eagles, Reavers, Shadow Warriors) to divert and delay the enemy so that you can engage them on your own terms when you want it. Or you could bring a dragon, but that isn't as fun as the other way.

02-05-2010, 20:52
I missed the "expandable" rule on them lol.

thx for the tips, keep um coming.

02-05-2010, 20:56
My elf army was based on a block of 35 swordmasters, 7 wide 5 deep with a noble with the banner of magical stoppage and the banner of sorcery. then just 3 mages with bolt throwers and lothern seaguard galore. love the shooty aspect of elves and combined with the ability to pull out a load of spears, in 3 ranks and poke those lesser races to death just sounds like fun to me...

02-05-2010, 20:58
I have done much better with my high elves against WoC since discovering Spirit of the Forge :evilgrin: (ask Selone). In general though elves have good magic and shooting so use them. White lions with the Standard of Balance banner is another good thing to have, although I am biased as I like White Lions in general but a lot of people seem to recommend this combination :D

02-05-2010, 22:30
I just wrote a list which I am a bit happier than any lists before, mainly I think due to the increased bodies of dp's

Archmage, silver wand, duel of dusk, dispel scroll=350
mage, lv 2, seer staff=165
Noble, bsb, dragon armour, lance, shield, barbed elven steed, battle banner=218
Noble, dragon armour, shield, barbed elven steed, star lance, talisman of loec=159
10 archers=110
10 archers=110
14 white lions, command, banner of sorcery=290
bolt thrower=100
bolt thrower=100
5 dragon princes, standard, banner of elleryian=190
5 dragon princes=150
5 dragon princes, champion, standard, war banner=215

On paper I think this list is quite good but do you think it will work in practise or do I need more re-directors?