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02-05-2010, 18:13
Bout a year ago i saw a guy do a cool backstory for his blood angels captain and thought i would try my hand at a little back story. let me know what you think.

Background Information

Shadow Captain Blaizen Carmine
Ravens Guard 4th Company

Blaizen was first recruited by the chaplains on deliverance who saw him repeatedly involved in hit and run gang warfare in one of the many slums of the planet. He was recruited for his ability to seemingly disappear from his pursuers.

After his induction into the scout company he was praised for his effective intelligence and sabotage expertise.

When in the 9th company he developed a love for plasma weapons above all others of the big guns hw was trained with. Although he was not skilled enough to remain active with the weapon in the devastator company.

In the 8th company he was slow to progress into the tactical roles because of his fervor with a chainsword, much unlike his battle brothers that prefer lightning claws as their primarch did. It was said that his attacks would be as precise to be able to carve his heraldry into his foes before their decrepit corpse hit the ground. His prowess with the sword earned him the honor to wield the power sword Black Feather, which he uses today.

Targus VIII -

In the 7th company Blaizen was unimpressive having slowly developing tactical abilities. Unlike his battle brothers however, he never stopped learning, his knowledge becoming greater where other had
plateau’d. After his promotion to squad leader, he was assigned in a support role to kayvaan shrike after a thunder hawk gunship was shot down killing many ravens guard tactical marines. His goal would be to find Shrike’s squad and help to support the guerilla war that was underway. It wasn’t until a year and a half after shrike had been in enemy lines when he was encountered by the relief forces fighting to get into the orc lines as undetected as possible.

The Battle for the orc invaded planet of Targus VIII was long and brutal for the ravens guard caught behind enemy lines. Of these Blaizen was instrumental in the new larger hit and run raids lead by shrike. Where with greater numbers they could make larger ambushes, and larger scale attacks on the enemies bases. This is where Blaizen took charge of the tactical relief squads setting up kill zones and instructing even the skilled ravens guard marines on how to better their positions and camouflage.

The raids went on for several months until the two came upon one of the orc leaders, Grock Hardslam. The death of whom would surely cause chaos to the weak leader chain of the Xeno's. Grock was moving through dead spire ravine in his battlewagon when a squad of assault marines descended on it and destroyed it with well place meltabombs. Grock survived the explosion as did most of his bodyguard, nearly twenty 'ard boys. the rest of the orc force instantly moved on the marines who retreated to the rest of the force waiting for the right time to strike.

When the orcs descended on the marines with rock-its and sluggas it was Blaizen who responded with taking up defensible positions on the ridges of the ravine, buying time for Shadow Captain Shrike to infiltrate to better dispose of his now injured foe. After dispatching the first wave of oncoming orcs they charged with their jump pack brethren into the heart of their foe after the war boss who was now surrounded by almost one hundred of his army. Descended upon them now was shrike, fast and lethal slicing through all who opposed him till he was upon the was boss.

Blaizen every moment being able to get closer to help the captain, but was too late to help him. The fight was fierce shrike only being able to crack what little armour still covered his green skin. This was ended when Grock was able to grab Kayvaan's jump pack, crushing it with his power claw and throwing shrike against the spike ridden walls of the ravine incapacitating him. While his back was turned with the fight with Shrike, Blaizen and his infuriated brothers where disposing of the last of his personal bodyguard. In the last instance of the battle it was Blaizen who impaled black feather through his modified skull. Claiming victory for the ravens guard and restoring Shrike’s honor. This event was pivotal to the campaign taking far fewer years than expected by the imperial tactical experts.

It was for his actions that Blaizen was Promoted to Sergeant in the 4th company and awarded the plasma pistol, expertly crafted especially for him, Corvus Fury.

Baros Secundas -

In the following years he served his captain, in the command squad with distinction and skill until his death at the hands of the tau empire. After a staggering amount of battle brothers being killed by the tanks of the tau, Blaizen was able to lead the beleaguered fourth to victory through uncanny tactical brilliance on Baros Secundas. A planet so small it had only two spaceports and five major cities.

Using his enhanced abilities for remaining undetected he laid traps for the tau. He had scouts put snare mines where tanks were likely to travel disabling them. Instead of boltering the crew of the tank when they emerged from the wreckage, they waited for support to show up and getting the fire warrior squads that came to their aid in the crossfire of many ambushes. Shadowsun herself came to the area with
her retinue, hearing of the great marine commander that was destroying her forces. She had one goal but to finish off this leader and any of his followers. Shadowsun arrived in one of the small towns laid to ruin by the tau heavy support tanks. Crumbling buildings and destroyed tanks lay around every corner, but this is where Blaizen was last seen, they found themselves delving closer into an ambush although unknown to them. Shadowsun immediately retreated as the attack was sprung, Blaizen's men positioned in all directions around the tau, killing most of the fire warrior ground troops and finished with a devastating assault, all of which were possible because they were unseen by using Blaizen’s knack for infiltrations and camouflage.
Shadowsun would get away but not unwounded. As she retreated she was wounded by a skilled plasma bolt shot from Corvus Fury.

After his impressive service record, tactical aptitude and his exploits with Shrike and the defeat of Shadowsun, the ravens guard council was quick to elect Blaizen Carmine as the new captain of the 4th company.

He is known amongst the captains of the ravens guard to use tactical squads in more frequency where others would lead assault squads into the heart of an enemies weakness. Blaizen however uses drop pod insertion of his bolter equipped battle brothers to fly into the fray. Shadow Captain Carmine is not without the will to be in the close quarters combat of the battle as any of his brethren. He can be seen drop podding into the vanguard of his army followed by his command squad of the best marines that the 4th company can provide. Black Feather and Corvus Fury sewing death as his rage is unleashed. :chrome: