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02-05-2010, 19:35
[310] Gorbad Ironclaw (LD10 18" range, BSB and General, 3+ armor T5, no ward, if he suffers 1 wound his 18" range goes to 6", I5 ASF no armor save axe)

[165] Goblin Shaman on Goblin Wolf Chariot - Level 1 Wizard, Staff of Sneaky Stealing
[165] Goblin Shaman on Goblin Wolf Chariot - Level 1 Wizard, Dispel Scroll x2
[139] Goblin Big Boss on Goblin Wolf Chariot - Light Armour, Shield, Tricksy Trinket, Wollopa's One Hit Wunda

[176] 32 Night Goblins - Musician, Boss, Standard Bearer, Fanatic x1, Netters (Gorbad Here)
[195] 30 Night Goblins - Musician, Boss, Standard Bearer, Fanatics x2, Netters
[097] 20 Night Goblins - Musician, Boss, Fanatic x1, Short Bows
[097] 20 Night Goblins - Musician, Boss, Fanatic x1, Short Bows
[083] 5 Spider Riders - Musician, Boss
[083] 5 Spider Riders - Musician, Boss
[083] 5 Spider Riders - Musician, Boss
[083] 5 Spider Riders - Musician, Boss
[083] 5 Spider Riders - Musician, Boss

[070] 2 Goblin Spear Chukkas
[070] 2 Goblin Spear Chukkas
[180] Night Goblin Squig Herd - 6 Teams
[180] Night Goblin Squig Herd - 6 Teams

[120] 3 Trolls
[120] 3 Trolls

2499 Points total
213 Models + Fanatics + Characters on foot if chariot goes boom for 221 models total on the display board
14 Deployments
4 Power Dice
5 Dispel Dice & 2 Dispel Scrolls

So what could be the problems I would face with this army? My plan is to support each infantry block with one another - squig teams bringing the pain (2 S5 attacks) while night gobbos bring in static CR and nets and chariots bring in more active CR.

Of course Animosity is going to hinder me but I play this army knowing that.

Will I have a hard time dealing with certain armies, certain units? A High LD at such a large range - as long as I keep Gorbad away from things like Slann that can snipe him with spells - makes the army that much more reliable.

Should I drop all the fanatics and get more stuff? I just had a game where my snotlings trigger 1 fanatic which was sent toward my night gobs triggering my 3 fanatics which I sent toward his battle line which triggered 2 more fanatics

Middle field was no-gobbo land for 2 turns! Too deadly in there.
They can be devastating and I have the numbers to ignore if I get hit back but I could field much more stuff (plus turn 1 release due to harpies and whatnot sucks)

02-05-2010, 20:10
As a experienced night goblin player I found that fanatics are invaluable. People are really scared of those buggers.

Some things I would change:
- I would drop the bosses on the archers... they are supposed to shoot and not to fight ;)
- Drop 3 of the units of spider riders, and drop the bosses on the other two units. You don need that many units of fast Cav. They can block marges and support charge in the side or rare. The boss doesn´t really at anything to this purpose.

You might want to use these points to upgrade your shamans so you do more damage with Magic for O & G have a lot of offensive and high-casting value magic.
OR use the points for more fanatics and goblins.

What problems you may face:

When fighting fear causing enemy's keep your units close to Gorbad.

Keep your trolls always close to Gorbad cause Ld 4 Stupid isn't going to do you much good :S
Fight with Trolls against heavy armoured unit's for their Trol-vomit will dot miracles.

Your Squig herds have to get the charge for they attack really hard they aren't really tough with T 3

The only problem I see with gorbad is that everybody is going to focus on wounding him so you need to keep him out of harms way as long as possible and pick your fights carefully!!

02-05-2010, 20:35
Those bosses were for flavor more than anything else but yeah I might revise my list yet again.

As for fast Cavalry.. hmm, I dunno. I like at least 4 units actually, they can redirect and if they survive long enough, capture me a table quarter with ease.

So I'm not sure I want to drop those fast cavalries yet, of course more gobbos blocks would be nice too~ ugh hard to decide!

As for upgrading Shaman, hmm, I could try but I never found magic all that effective - My current Orcs and goblins army uses the Mork totem banner and not even a scroll caddie - won against VC and other magic armies.

I might try as many spells can reduce the burden on my poor lil gobbos.

Decisions decisions!

03-05-2010, 15:36
I found some decent magic helps a lot for goblins don't really pack a punch in combat. :( so by shooting and magic-ing de crap out of the enemy, they will come to you damaged so you might stand a change :P

but that is just my experience.

03-05-2010, 16:15
i think for the 83 points of 1 spider unit, you can get 2 units of 2 snotling bases and come out ahead, since you'd still have 4 fastcav. also, aren't you reluctant to charge your defenseless magic defense into combats? if you axed just 1 of those chariots, you could upgrade one of your trolls to river trolls ;)