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Commissar Molotov
02-05-2010, 20:22
It's not a topic that'll interest everyone, but hey, we're all geeks here, right?

I was in the Leicester Forbidden Planet store when I managed to pick up a bunch of Star Trek key-rings:


These are the two I picked up - they were manufactured in the wake of the recent Star Trek film, and they do a new-style Enterprise, but I managed to take their remaining stock of two Constitution-Class Cruisers and four Klingon D-7 Cruisers.


I'm currently working on removing the chains from them, and then I'm going to look at basing them on flying stands and playing some games with them - which will necessitate some scenery and other such stuff.

Ideally I'd like to have a few more ships, but the store didn't have any more. Particularly I'd like to have some more of the Federation ships because then I could kitbash some different classes, but they didn't have some. I'd also like to have some wrecked ships like the USS Constellation here:


At the moment it seems as though I could have two Constitution-Class ships against three Klingon D-7s, with the Federation having the quality and the Klingons having the quantity. The fourth D-7 I might model up as a wreck. I'd like to get my hands on my Constitution-Class vessels, but the Forbidden Planet website doesn't have any more so I'm not sure what to do.

I'd like to model some Freighters and some pirate vessels, along with a Starbase.

Ideas and input are welcome!

Commissar Molotov
03-05-2010, 09:47
Double Post; here's the Starfleet and Klingon vessels freed from their chains. I've also stuck up a size comparison picture.


03-05-2010, 10:38
I love the Trek... It puzzles me why there are no Star Trek tabletop games. There's definately a market for them. Are there no bona fide Star Trek games out there?

I think micro machines had some star trek stuff.

Commissar Molotov
03-05-2010, 12:26
Thanks for the comment! I was worried I was going to be shunned for admitting to my trek-a-philia!

From what I understand there's the Star Fleet Battles game, which was eventually turned into the Starfleet Command series of games. It had its own canon and a lot of Starfleet ships were created for it (carriers and the like). It relied on a lot of book-keeping and was hex-based (from what I understand, if there's someone out there who played it, please feel free to correct me!)

I'm not sure what rules I'll be using yet but I figured some bastardisation of Battle Fleet Gothic might be appropriate. What I'd like to do is to get some more of the Enterprise so I can kitbash together some other classes of Federation ships.

My goals at the moment are:

- Basing my Constitution-Classes and my D-7s.
- Turning one of the D-7s into a drifting wreck.
- Creating some freighters
- Creating some pirate ships
- Creating some celestial phenomena - asteroids and the like.

I have been trawling through eBay, though - there are some nice Micro Machines (and indeed I had some as a kid!) available, though there is the issue of scale. This picture shows one of the new keyrings against a micro machine:


It still might work, I can call them "D-3 Warbirds" instead, or something - and I'd quite like to get a USS Reliant or something. (Some early Miranda-class ships would be awesome.)

04-05-2010, 00:43
This has my attention. First three movies and a couple of tos episodes were shown last Saturday. I love that stuff. Over and over again.
Keep it up!


04-05-2010, 11:21
Gotta get hold of some Romulan ships!

Commissar Molotov
04-05-2010, 12:42
I actually bought some micro-machine Romulan Birds-of-Prey yesterday to provide something different. Plus, I can use some of the D7 cruisers to represent Romulan ships, too!

04-05-2010, 16:57
That's pretty cool, Star Trek is one of the rare sci-fi universes where I like the space ships. Are you going to repaint them (or do something) or just fill in the holes and put them on flying bases ?

Oh, and do you think you'll have vulcan ships ? I love vulcan ships ! :D

05-05-2010, 12:27
There have been a couple of Star Trek miniatures games over the years.

Star Fleet Battles was inspired by it, and used a lot of the designs, is the best known.

FASA had the rights to publish the RPG in the universe (play as a fed, or a klingon - possibly more - I only had the Klingon stuff ) and they did a "tactical combat simulator" miniatures game as well (starship scale).
It had models for the feds, Klingons, Romulans, and a few other groups. They were cast in pewter and a D-7 was around 2" long (largest ships I had were a D-10 heavy and an Excelsior class (closer to 3").

The micro-machines fleet ships work well, though. When you can get them.

[The star wars ones work well in that game, too - as the moulds the newer ones were taken from are the same]

07-05-2010, 17:43
I love the Trek... It puzzles me why there are no Star Trek tabletop games. There's definately a market for them. Are there no bona fide Star Trek games out there?

I think micro machines had some star trek stuff.

I remember there was a Star Trek table top game out there, it was amazing! It enabled players to do 3d warfare, rather than the 2d warfare we see in games such as BFG.

07-05-2010, 19:20
Ideally I'd like to have a few more ships, but the store didn't have any more.
Those actually look like the old Zocchi plastic miniatures, with holes for the key chains. Amarillo Design Bureau (http://www.starfleetgames.com/)still sells the plastics for the Fed Destroyer, Heavy Cruiser (i.e. Enterprise), Dreadnaught, and Tug. They also sell ships for all the cannon races from the original series (Klingon, Romulan, Gorn, Tholian and Kzinti) as well as several new races of their own creation.

I love the Trek... It puzzles me why there are no Star Trek tabletop games.
Er... Amarillo Design Bureau (http://www.starfleetgames.com/) makes several Star Trek tabletop/miniature games (these are all based on the original series, however, and do not include anything from the movies or TV sequels due to the limitations of their licence):

Federation and Empire - Strategic level board game of galactic war.
Klingon Armada/Romulan Armada - A fairly streamlined ruleset for up to fleet level combat.
Federation Commander - A somewhat more complex ruleset for up to squadron level combat*
Star Fleet Battles - A very complex rulesset best at single-ship or small squadron combat*
*Certainly both FC and SFB can be used for large, fleet level games. The level of complexity of the rules, however, (especially SFB) tend to bog down large games quickly. Believe me, I've run and played a number SFB games with a half dozen players having scores of ships and at times hundreds of fighters, pseudofighters and missiles on the board, and I never was able to finish one of them. :rolleyes:

There was also another game made by FASA(?) for Star Trek, which I belive did incorporate some stuff from the early movies. Unfortunalty it is long OOP and the rules and miniatures are very hard to find anymore.

I believe both these games (SFB for sure) were licenced from Paramount during the long hiatus between the original TV series and the first movies, when the Star Trek IP was not considered all that valuable, and a small gaming company could afford to licence it. Now, I'm sure the success of all the movies and subsequent series has run the price for any new game licence up so high, that no miniature gaming company could afford it anymore. Its just lucky that Paramount was short-sighted enough to give ADB what appears to be a life-time licence to produce their game, even though it is limited to TOS.

07-05-2010, 19:25
I was worried I was going to be shunned for admitting to my trek-a-philia!

If you can't be geeky on a geeky site.....

Love what you are doing. I'm one of those Trekkies that hungered for might fight scenes, so it's always nice to see ships prepped for a battle.

08-05-2010, 14:43
I was looking for Trekkie wargames yesterday. There's a company I found last year who import metal Star Trek fleets from Japan, where you get quite a lot of models for about 15. I can't remember the scale or even size, but they're based upon a range produced either in the 1970s or 1990s, who the Japanese producers bought the moulds from.

09-05-2010, 05:49
I don't see how trekkies should be ashamed. I'm no fanatic but I'll watch Star Trek if it's on TV. I've always been a fan of space battles and a good star trek ruleset seems a good place to start.

How 'bout making a model DS9? I've always wanted to blow that up as well as Janeway on Voyager. In fact I'd make a good scenario to eliminate Janeway - no chances to escape etc - if I were you.

Commissar Molotov
09-05-2010, 23:42
Thanks for the upsurge in comments, guys! I'm always really very appreciative. It's nice to see some Trek love, too. :)

jimb_123 - I think you might be talking about these (http://www.micronationshop.com/servlet/the-Sci-Fi-cln-Star-Trek/Categories) ships? Mughi3 linked me to them in my other Warseer thread.

Anyway, I'm back because I figured I ought to put up some pictures to show I'm not completely dead. I've won a couple of ebay auctions and so I've managed to assemble a few bits, listed here:

First up, I've managed to win a couple of Micro Machines USS Enterprises. Here's one next to one of the BFI keychains. They're pretty similar, particularly when it comes to scale, which is great for my purposes.


Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. The BFI one is perhaps a better cast, but lacks some of the surface detail on the saucer. It has got a thinner saucer and sleeker nacelles, along with slightly different proportions on the secondary hull. Nothing major, however.

I've also managed to win two Romulan Birds-of-Prey:


These are quite nice ships, and I love the eagle design painted onto the underside. I imagine the Romulans are going to be a formidable force in the game, what with their cloaking devices and their plasma torpedoes.

These two pics show the assembled fleets thus far:


Having managed to get so many Constitution-Class ships, I'm going to be looking at chopping some up to make some smaller vessels. I've begun thinking about an earlier version of the Miranda-Class (tentatively named the 'Artemis-Class') which would provide the Federation with a frigate/destroyer type ship.

Commissar Molotov
09-05-2010, 23:43
The other thing I managed to win off eBay was a Micro Machines version of the Bespin Cloud City from Star Wars. It makes a pretty good Space Station, and whilst it might receive a slight repaint it's pretty good to go:




11-05-2010, 08:09
Nice thread.

I own some Micromachine ST vessels (Galaxy/Enterprise, Cardassian, Romulan Warbird, Klingon Vor'cha, Deep Space Nine (which is used as a space station in BFG)).

11-05-2010, 10:12
Are they not Romulan Warbirds? Rather than birds-of-prey? Perhaps my trek trivia ain't what it once was.

Commissar Molotov
11-05-2010, 12:27
The Bird of Prey (http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/Romulan_Bird-of-Prey_(23rd_century)) is the vessel seen in the original series from the 23rd Century, whilst the D'Deridex Class Warbird (http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/D%27deridex_class) comes around a century later. (There are other classes of Romulan Warbird, but the ships I've bought are Birds-of-Prey.)

12-05-2010, 01:35
Very well. I bow to your superior trekky trivia.

Commissar Molotov
30-05-2010, 14:53
So, today I assembled a flying stand. I've managed to find an appropriately-sized drill bit to get my ships based:



Using an old piece of MDF I had lying around, I've undercoated it black and added stars:



Whilst it's a little barebones, it'll help us have a starfield to fight over. I'm now looking at putting together some asteroids and maybe a planet!

31-05-2010, 00:47
Make sure the planet is made of foam. It should look more realistic than the actual show.

Is that Pike or Kirk in the captains chair?

Commissar Molotov
02-06-2010, 20:09
Thanks for the comment! My campaign is going to be set in 2269, so it would be Kirk aboard the Enterprise - though I'm going to be having a different Constitution-Class vessel (the USS Republic) taking centre stage.

Some progress:

I've managed to get some flying stands, so you can see the progress of my Klingon squadron - they do need some more work doing to them, but they're getting there.


I also found a cool little art shop in Leicester that had all sorts of Polystyrene balls, which will form the basis of an asteroid field (for the most part).


The largest ones, however, will have other uses:


With a bit of work, they ought to make serviceable planets for us to fight around (and over!)

03-06-2010, 10:34
Great work thus far. I really am surprised how few comments you have received. I expecially like the stars on the bases. Your photos don't realy show the ships well enough though...

I was right about the planets then? Foam! Ask the ST Original special effects dept for some modelling tips. But seriously though, the planets will be hard to model IMO. You're probably best off making them M class planets with continents and stuff. What are your plans there?

07-06-2010, 07:34
Nice to see work progressing here; are you planning to 'texturize' the asteroids in any way?

How do you plan to differentiate the Klingon ships?

26-07-2010, 15:27
I used to have some SW Micromachines. And I remember the Star Trek ones. They'd be ideal for your needs.
A fun collection you have so far in any case. Keep it up! ^__^

Horus Aximand
27-07-2010, 23:02
Are you considering any scratch-built TOS ships, or expanding into other series such as TNG or DS9? I remember DS9 to be fulled to the brim with massive fleet actions for the last few series, and some purple Jem'Hadar and the USS Defiant would look beautiful here. What about rulesets?

28-07-2010, 19:48
Brilliant stuff! Keep it up.

The Firestorm: Armada space fleet rules include an appendix to allow you to design your own ships and fleets using their rules; you'd be able to field your Starfleet Federation Ships against the Terran Federation, the Dindrenzi, the Directorate and the rest of the F:A range using their rules!


Admiral Koppenflak
30-07-2010, 10:53
This is such an epic idea.

I briefly tried designing my own set of rules for WW2 naval combat in my waning days of highschool, for 1/700 scale given the range of ships available... I immediately regretted my large choice of scale, because we ended up guessing shell ranges over the distance of the entire garage floor! Great fun though.

Having refound my love of Trek recently, consider me subscribed and inspired. :)

major soma
17-08-2010, 01:19
Always nice to find another Trek fan. Scale can be an issue when gaming in Trek or Star Wars for that matter. I wish Micro Machines still made the Star Trek models.

major soma
17-08-2010, 01:21
Ouch did you see the Furuta Defiants price?

17-08-2010, 12:48
Oooh, very nice. I have, somewhere, some of the FASA metal ships - a Constitution, Enterprise-A, Excelsior, a D-7, a movie-era Klingon cruiser and a couple of Romulan ships that FASA invented for their game. I even scored the Excelsior in the original packaging, with a translucent blue flight stand. Didn't stay that way for long.

Which reminds me; one reason why there's so little in the way of Star Trek wargaming is that Gene Roddenberry didn't like the idea of setting a wargame in his utopian universe. I believe he was instrumental in restricting FASA's licence and preventing them from releasing the Next Generation sourcebook they'd written. ADB's licence is much older, only covers the original 60's series and is apparently impossible to revoke.

Amusingly, in the late 80s and early 90s, FASA/Ral Partha and Citadel had some sort of arrangement to manufacture each other's miniatures in the US and UK; the Doctor Who and Star Trek ranges were made by both companies. I've got a Klingon bird-of-prey I can legitimately use in games of Battlefleet Gothic in GW stores. :D

I'm getting rather tempted to drag my old minis out of storage and repaint them, now.

major soma
17-08-2010, 23:12
Yup ADB's contract cant be revoked part of that deal was that they only cover TOS and their own creations. Roddenberry had some interesting ideas and squished anything which didnt meet his vision including ruling that starships needed two nacelles to travel.

18-08-2010, 07:09
I used to have some SW Micromachines. And I remember the Star Trek ones. They'd be ideal for your needs.
A fun collection you have so far in any case. Keep it up! ^__^

My wife has a full set of the micromachines Star Trek ship sets. She got them as a birthday present around 10 years ago from her brother (who bought several lots himself) - I got given the Star Wars set :D

They are ideal for this kinda gaming though.

The MM SW sets are identical to the Star Wars fleet battle miniatures as well - I believe the same moulds were used for them.

Awesome work. Can't wait to see the planets and asteroids painted up. Reminds me a lot of the club Full Thrust campaigns I used to play in - and the old Star Trek battle simulator (not SFB).

Commissar Molotov
07-08-2011, 02:28
Hey guys,

I've been playing a game called "Star Trek D-A-C" on XBLA recently, and it reignited my passion for the clunky old Star Trek of my youth. Wobbly sets, polystyrene planets and all!

I've been doing some careful eBaying, and I bought another Constitution-Class Cruiser off the net. However, this one was made by Furuta, a Japanese company.

The model came in various bits, as seen below:


Now, this kit is a snap-together kit, designed to be put together without any glue. However, the instructions weren't very much help for me:


However, in truth it's pretty simple. You can't go that wrong. In fact, the nacelle support struts have cleverly notched pegs to ensure you can't put them the wrong way round.

Putting it together, however, I was struck by something. This is the previous (keyring) Enterprise:


And now, alongside the Furuta Enterprise:


As you can see, it's pretty much twice the size of all the other ships I've got so far! However, that's not immediately a bad thing. I love the presence the model has, and as there are going to be much fewer models per table than BFG, I don't think it's immediately that bad. I've ordered a few more Furuta vessels - oddly enough, I've ordered a couple of Jem'Hadar Attack Ships (from DS9) which with a little bit of work will make usable Orion Pirate ships.

A bigger problem can be seen here:


My Klingon ships are tiny! Whilst these can be passed off as "D5 Warbirds" or the like, I wanted a big D7, and I can't find a Furuta one anywhere. I'm currently waiting for a Johnny Lightning D7 to be sent to me as a test, but at the moment I'm a bit disappointed, as I am hoping for Klingons to be a major feature in my campaign.

More progress will be coming soon!

07-08-2011, 04:57
Those old-school Romulan Birds of Prey brings back good memories. Especially when they had been used as ninja stars.

But man oh man, I am hit with nostalgia! Especially after talking with a buddy and starting up some star trek fleet battles (old system from the 80s, i think, that he has and a new one coming out soon).

I'm half-tempted to dig out my Star Trek 'collectibles' and 'simulate' a battle with them. Please keep this up Commissar Molotov!

major soma
08-08-2011, 13:30
You could use the Klingon ship as a D6 one of the older class ships. Or just measure from the base its fairly easy to work around. I also use the Futura ships for gaming with the SFB system however I'll probably switch to the Call to Arms system once the Star Trek version is launched.

Commissar Molotov
08-08-2011, 22:38
Yeah, we'll probably be measuring from the base (akin to BFG) but still, the models will look smaller. I've also ebayed two Klingon cruisers from the Konami line. They're apparently (according to a youtube video I watched) a similar scale to my newest Constitutions.


I've recently heard about the Call to Arms range - I'll be intrigued, but it's certainly dependant on scale.

Commissar Molotov
10-08-2011, 00:02
As you can see, I got another D7. This one is about a third bigger than my previous ones, and is made by a company called Johnny Lightning. Thing is, this is a Romulan D7, one of the ships the Romulans got after trading cloaking devices to the Klingons. I'm going to be repainting it, but at the moment it's good to have some opposition for the Constitution.

Alongside these two you can see one of the three(!) Jem'Hadar attack ships I bought to serve as Orion Raiders. They're decent enough models.

Finally, in these three you can see the Saladin-Class (http://i1221.photobucket.com/albums/dd464/INQ28/trek/SaladinClass1.jpg?t=1312930864) destroyer I've converted from one of the Furuta Constitutions. It's not perfect, but these models aren't supposed to win awards, simply to be playing pieces.




10-08-2011, 00:13
Lovely stuff!

I might have to look into Furuta minis and get cracking on a fleet for the Terran Empire.

major soma
15-08-2011, 08:52
The Johnny Lightning stuff is good to game with. What bugs me about Trek models is the scale as you've seen is all over the place. Some of the kits which are meant to be in scale aren't the Romulan Bird of Prey is a great example. I think the Call to Arms ships will be a smaller scale although I can't confirm that. Your Saladin looks good BTW.

Commissar Molotov
15-08-2011, 10:12
Thanks for the post! I'm still waiting to receive two Konami D7s from eBay. Then we should have most of the ships we need. I'm just looking for a space station and some freighters - convoy defence would be a brilliant game!

16-08-2011, 00:24
I'm just looking for a space station and some freighters - convoy defence would be a brilliant game!

I think they are way out of scale but I do have the Botany Bay and the space station that orbits Earth from micromachine if you're interested ;)

You could always make one too, perhaps similar to the one seen in the recent Star Trek film. It isn't as massive as the ones seen in the original movies and it is doable.

16-08-2011, 01:23
I used to play a ton of Star Trek Tactical combat Simulator and preferred it over Starfleet battle. I still have my box set somewhere.

Commissar Molotov
17-06-2012, 21:38
I said I wanted a space station...

I managed to find an AMT K7 Space Station for our Trek gaming:


I put it together this morning. What an awful kit! It certainly gave me an appreciation for the precision-tooled GW kits. Comparing this to the GW Valkyrie, for example, leaves both of them worlds apart.

You might recognise K7 from the episodes The Trouble with Tribbles and Trials and Tribble-ations. It's very 60s-retro, which fits for our TOS campaign.

Here's some pictures of the assembled model, with the ships we're planning on using for scale: